It’s not important to you who I am.

It’s not very important to you who I am if you think about it. It’s only important to me who I am. Can I reverse that for you? It’s not necessarily important to me who you are, it’s only important to you who you are – can you see that in your life?

Now, each of us has an identity; each of us has a history; each of us has had a life; each of us has experienced whole groups of things in our entire life – have we not? That’s your life. If someone came along and took all that away and rubbed it all out, you would be very confused, would you not? Where would you be? You’d hope that that wouldn’ thappen.

Because it would create a lot of psychological confusion, trust me. It’s very difficult to actually not be who you are – although many would argue with that! How many of you are still struggling to be who you are? It’s something that we often struggle with. What I am talking about is an identity perspective.

We all have an identity and my identity is no different to yours, in that it’s just my identity. It’s just who I am, it’s just my experience. My life is no more important than yours by the way, no more important than yours. You are just as important to this universe as am I.

We both have the same amount of worth if you like. So, my saying that I am Jesus doesn’t mean that I am saying that I am better than you – can you understand that?  I don’t want you to feel bad about yourself. What I want to be able to do is present some truth to you. You don’t have to listen to that truth, and you don’t even have to believe it is truth.

You don’t have to accept anything; it’s up to you what you accept. If I want to take your money at some time in the future, I am very certain you will also find that out sometime in the future, won’t you? So, you can work through that emotion, if that’s what you want, and feel that I am going to, and leave these truths behind, just because you feel I might do that. That’s up to you. By the way, many have done that in the past, both in the 1st Century when I was on Earth and now, because that what they thought.

Many feel a huge reaction when I say that I am Jesus, just like many people did when I said I was a messiah in the 1st Century. They felt lots and lots of powerful emotions and as a response to that, they couldn’t listen to what I was presenting to them. Just recently, I talked to a group of people, who 2,000 years ago couldn’t listen to something that I said. For 2,000 years, in a different dimensional space than where we are here sitting here, they had stayed locked up with that emotion. So, my suggestion to you is, don’t let what I say lock you up emotionally.

Just allow it to pass through you. If you don’t agree with it, move on with your lives; allow other things to come to you. If you want to experiment with it, then by all means experiment with it, and I’ll do everything that I can. I am already trying to do everything that I can to help you experiment with these truths.

I wanted to do that, to tell you who I am, because from now on you will not hear much about me. What I want to talk mostly about is the Secrets of the Universe. I want to start with one of the best kept secrets of the universe. You will laugh perhaps when I say it’s the best kept secret, but it is actually, because very few people know this secret, the secret of God

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