It’s your free will, I never said it was mine

I am going to use terminology that triggers you emotionally purposefully

I will be referring to the true meanings of the words, rather than your own definition of them If you have an emotional reaction to any word, then you have some emotional work to do This discussion will tempt you to look at and then follow the Laws of God intellectually Many believe they “know” this material, but you will only know when the Law is in your heart When on the Divine Love path, the Laws of God are “written upon the heart” God created all Divine Laws All Laws that govern the Universe are Divine in that they were created by God There is a hierarchy of Divine Laws that govern our physical, spiritual and soul existence God’s Laws are always in operation whether we are ignorant of them or not The fastest way to learn law is to connect to God via His Love
We do not need to understand all Laws intellectually if we understand Laws of Divine Love in our Heart All of God’s Laws are loving in their operation, and have loving consequences upon the soul Our Attitude To Divine Law Most of us never consider Divine Law until a long time after we arrive in the spirit world This is because it is generally not until then that we are conscious of Laws affecting the Soul
Many have termed a process called a “life-review” They think that this process occurs when they “enter” the spirit world “Life-Review” can happen at any time, either on earth or in the spirit world It often does seem to happen only in the spirit world, because we see our true condition then We often have a “need” (erroneous emotional injury) to “break the law” Most of us have a rebellious emotion (an injury from the first parents) regarding reliance on God We believe that our gift of Free Will should mean that we can do anything without penalty We often want to punish others for things that we ourselves want to “get away with” Hopefully this discussion will help you address the emotions within you regarding Divine Law Sin & Error Understanding Sin and Error Sin is violating any one of God’s Laws, or a “missing the mark” of perfection Sin occurs whether we are “conscious” of it or not, although the penalty differs If we are conscious of the error, then the penalty upon the soul is greater Sin is the effect of soul emotions that are disharmonious with Love and Truth (which are the cause)

The consequences of sin are always emotional and penalties are stored in the soul emotionally Penalties or Judgement (Law of Compensation) Judgment is immediate, in that our soul attracts the penalty as soon as we break the Law Many feel that judgement does not exist, or that it only exists when we enter the spirit world It may seem this way, but we soon find out differently when we pass over In reality if we are sensitive, we will feel the immediate penaltyThere is a large tendency for those on earth to ignore the soul’s pain and suffering But the material and spirit bodies reflect constantly our changing soul conditionIf we have a “fit and healthy” material body, this does not mean we have good soul condition Our spirit body is a true reflection of our soul condition, and the soul condition of all spirits Hierarchy Of God’s Laws Physical or Metaphysical (Spirit World) Laws From God’s perspective, these are the LOWEST Laws governing our lives Most of us are very fixated on these laws, and know of no other laws governing us Most of us have little complaint about “having” to be governed by these laws Most emotional pain (and physical pain in our body) is the result of breaking these laws Laws that control the operation of the physical universes (this includes all spheres of the spirit world) These laws affect our material and spiritual bodies, and the interaction of all particles in creation Most people are fascinated with these Laws, and impressed with others who can manipulate them:

Physicists, scientists etc are fascinated with the physical Laws they can investigateMeta-Physicists etc are fascinated with the spiritual Laws they can investigateEg. Mediumship, we are often fascinated and impressed thinking the medium is wonderful Eg. Guru manifesting a gold coin impresses us (regardless of what else he does) Eg. We measure peoples worth in terms of what they can “do”, God does not see things like this Eg. Physical: Law of Gravity, Law of Aerodynamics, Law of Electro-Magnetics, Photosynthesis etc Eg. Meta-physical: Chakras, Auras, Astral travel, near-death experiences, spirit over-cloaking

Laws of Natural Love From God’s perspective, these are the MID-RANGE Laws governing our lives Most of us have little or no knowledge of these Laws. Most of us severely complain when we learn the truth about these Laws. These are moral and spiritual laws that govern the soul (but appear to govern the spirit body) These laws affect our soul; our overall soul condition is influenced significantly by these Laws Most people are very upset with, and wish to completely ignore, these Laws. Law of Attraction, Law of Cause & Effect, Law of Compensation, Law of Desire. Laws governing Love of Others, Laws governing Love of Self Portions of these Laws (often inaccurate) are reflected in almost all spiritual/religious forms Eg. You must not murder, Karma (Law of Compensation), Dharma (Law of Moral Conduct) Eg. We very rarely value people on earth or in lower regions of spirit world who follow these laws Laws of Divine Love From God’s perspective, these are the HIGHEST Laws governing our lives Most of us have no knowledge of these Laws, because understanding them requires soul perception

Those who intellectually “know” these Laws believe they are in a good state with these Laws, but are almost totally self-delusional Most of us have major emotional injuries regarding these Laws These Laws govern our connection with God, & our soul transforming into the Divine & Immortal Eg. Belief in God, belief in repentance and forgiveness, self-reliance, disillusionment with Love Eg. Beliefs in self-defence, belief in justice (eye for an eye), belief in vengeance, lack of faith These are the highest laws that govern the soul (but appear to govern the spirit body) These laws affect our soul the most; our overall soul condition is influenced totally by these Laws None of these Laws can be understood intellectually; we only think we understand All of these Laws can only be understood emotionally at the soul perception level Most people feel these Laws are “religious” and “un-scientific” in nature, and therefore invalid: Law of Divine Love, Law of Repentance, Law of Grace, Law of Forgiveness, Law of Divine Truth Laws governing Love of God & the reception of Divine Love into the soul, Law of New Birth, Laws governing the operation of the Holy Spirit Portions of these Laws are occasionally reflected in almost all spiritual/religious formsEg. “Born-again Christian”, “receiving the Holy Spirit”, “Christ-consciousness”None of these terms are really accurately understood by almost all people using themLaw Hierarchy Lowest – Physical/Meta-Physical Laws Highest on Natural Love Path – Laws of Natural Love affecting the Soul Highest of ALL Laws – Laws of Divine Love God’s Laws – An Overview We will present many of these Laws over the coming months, and how you can use them in your life Some of the ones we will cover are: Law Of Attraction

Law of Cause & Effect Law of Compensation Laws of Morality Law of Desire Law Free Will Law of Faith Laws of Divine Love Law of Repentance Law of Forgiveness Laws of Love of Self Laws of Love of OthersHow Pain & Suffering Come Into Existence Pain is the immediate result of the breaking of Divine Law As an adult, all personal pain is the result of our PERSONAL breaking of the Law Eg. Someone should treat me lovingly, my soul is breaking the Law of Free Will Eg.
I am angry and hurt; I am breaking laws surrounding love of self Eg. All pain is the result of emotional beliefs, and can only be changed by emotional release Suffering is the Long-Term result of breaking Divine Law Long Term Suffering results from continuing to break the law without repentance or change Eg. Long term suffering of any kind (physical or emotional) is the result of our own refusal to feel Eg. We hurt from parents actions; our suffering can be the result of expecting our parents to change, wanting to punish them, wanting them to be sorry, wanting them to supply what we “need” All God’s Laws Are LovingPracticing the highest Laws perfectly (Laws of Divine Love) result in:Our never having to experience any pain at ANY level Our soul always progressing without limitation or restriction Our becoming completely emotionally aware of our own immortality Our being able to instantly satisfy all of our own desires (because they are all in harmony with God’s) Our being able to eventually join (physically, emotionally and soul) with our soul-mate Our being able to have an individual, personal and deeply satisfying relationship (At-Onement) with God Practicing the Laws of Natural Love perfectly result in: Our never having to experience any pain at a physical level Our soul will progress until we reach a 6th sphere condition of development Our becoming completely intellectually aware of a benevolent creator Our being able to instantly satisfy all physical and most emotional desires Living solely by Physical Laws results in: An understanding of the physical laws Does not result in any soul progression in itself We can learn to love our own body and environment to a degree Physical Laws can teach us a lot about ourselves, others and God (teach us the higher laws) All God’s Laws Expose Emotional Truth & Provide Correction Each Law has multiple purposes: To lead us to our emotional truth (“personal truth”) To lead us to external truth (“Divine Truth”) To lead us into a loving relationship with ourselves To lead us into a loving relationship with others To lead us into a loving relationship with God Eg. Law of Attraction – Attracts events into our lives to provide correction for the error within our soul Eg. Law of Cause and Effect – exposes the soul reason within ourselves for something happening to us All God’s Laws Work In Harmony to Create A Harmonious Universe All of God’s Laws can be investigated through experimentation

All of God’s Laws can be learned directly through your direct connection with God
All of God’s Laws provide for a completely harmonious universe: Without Divine Law, there would be complete anarchy God’s Laws all provide God with unlimited time to have a personal loving relationship with you If we focus on the Laws of Divine Love in our life, all other things will be added to us We will be able to live a completely happy life, no matter what others do, say, think or feel We will have a relationship with our own creator for the rest of our existence References.