Secrets Scientific I dare you to try them –

All right, so. God’s has these qualities – masculine and feminine traits, and these big major qualities of Divine Truth and Divine Love. What does God do with them? What God has done with them is desired. She desired to actually have  children to express Her Love to. So what happened was, that there were these heaps of tiny little – you could call themsouls, that were created and as the saying goes from the Bible – they were

Each one of these little souls has masculine and feminine traits of which there are billions of them being created. When God desires to do something, She doesn’t laze around and She doesn’t wait very often. In fact, what She has a tendency to do, is to keep going, keep creating. The way this universe is designed is in exactly the same way, (and we’ll see that when we get down to the technicalities of the universe)

God creates children in Her image to experience Her Love
Now, God, this creator, the source of all existence, created these little beings to experience Her Love, but she gave them the choice to do so. You have all heard of that – it’s called “free will”. Most of you would have heard of free will. You all
have free will, the ability to make choice, although some times in this world it doesn’t feel like free will very much doesit? Like when it is taxation time – not much free will is going on there, that’s how it, feels. In reality, we all have complete autonomy, complete free will – that’s how God created us.

But when God created us in this state – the complete soul state, God as yet didn’t give us the ability to know ourselves. God just created everything and then set in motion a series of processes. The first process was a process of incarnation, of which we’ll talk about as we go on.

God Created Laws of the Universe – God also created a universe, but God was very clever in the way She created the universe. She didn’t actually physically create the universe, in fact she physically created very little of the universe. What she did instead, was to create all the laws that created the universe. She created a heap of laws that allow us, the human soul, to be involved in creation. So we have God, the origin of this entire Universe and now we have these little souls.
We’ll draw them here – these little souls with masculine and feminine traits, all over here in a place, waiting to do something I want to state a few things about those souls. Firstly, they don’t yet know that they exist, so they are not conscious of self in this state. You had no awareness of the very first time you were created. When you go way back to your first incarnation, you can’t remember before then. We’ll talk about when that was later. We can’t remember where we were because we weren’t conscious of ourselves.

We also did not know how to express free will, so we did not express free will. To express our free will we have to be conscious of ourselves, the two are dependent upon each other. If we are not conscious of ourselves how do we know we have even got a will? We don’t. So, in this state we are not even conscious of ourselves, we don’t know we have a will.

In this state though, there are a number of things we do have even though we are not conscious of them. For example we have a characteristic called sexuality. This is instinctual of the soul. I am not talking about the body; I’m talking about this
creation of God called the soul.

We have a connection with the universe that we are unaware of as well in this state. In this state we don’t know anything about ourselves. We don’t know anything about our environment, but we are still connected to the environment, even though we are unaware. We have lots of other characteristics and traits and we’ll get back to them. I just want to point out that we do have some instinctual things. One of the instincts that we have in this state is an instinct to do a thing called incarnate. Have you heard of that before? We often hear the word re-incarnate. Very rarely do we hear the word incarnate.

We’ll talk about the process of incarnation of this original soul. There is a time in every single soul’s existence where that first step to incarnation occurs. The very first time you ever came to Earth, or to a place like Earth shall we say. You have lots of different things in that state, but you do not have a consciousness of self. There’s only one way to gain a consciousness of self that God created and that is to do the process of incarnation.

Now, what God did too, is God created a universe – remember I said that God created not so much the universe, but the potential of the universe’s existence. What God did then is involve us in this process of creation. So, what we have, are lots of inter-dimensional spaces in the universe.

There are actually twenty two at the moment. One thing about the universe is that it is always expanding in terms of every new dimension that’s created. It’s also expanding laterally in each dimension, every dimension is expanding sideways, if you like, and each new dimension created is higher than the last one. Each is separated by what you would call an interstellar boundary. The interstellar boundary is a boundary of love and this is one of the secrets of the universe. Understand that the only way to progress from one
dimensional space to another dimensional space is to grow in love – that’s the only way. Now, there are lots of groups of people in different dimensions who believe that there are other ways of growing. But they will only ever grow to a certain
condition that way, and never grow any further. It’s almost a natural thing that people start growing in love, and we’ll talk
about that as well.

Spheres are separated by boundaries of love and only those on the Divine Love Path can progress beyond the 6th sphere So, we have got these interstellar boundaries of love separating these dimensional spaces, or what many spirits call spheres. You can think of these either as dimensional spaces or spheres. Up until 2,000 years ago there were only 6 spheres in creation. Between 2,000 years ago and now, another 16 spheres have been created. But they weren’t created by God. They were created by God’s laws, whereby the first person that entered the new sphere created the dimensional space So, what happened historically is the Earth in its original state was created. All souls before incarnation were in a 6th sphere condition. What happened over a period of time on the Earth is that mankind’s condition degraded, and so new dimensional spaces of love had to be created so that they could live in them. So, the first person whose soul degraded in condition to a 5th sphere condition is the one who created the 5th sphere, and then the first person whose soul condition degraded to the 4th sphere created the 4th sphere. It actually happened very, very rapidly historically, the creation of these  spheres in a downward direction and so we ended up with 6 spheres. If you look historically at a lot of text that has been discovered prior to 2,000 years ago and even after, for a fair time, you will find that whenever they talk about dimensional spaces, they often only talk about 6 or 7 of them. You may have found that out in your own discovery, when you’ve read
some spiritual literature for example.

Then we had the creation of other spheres and these other spheres all got created by the first person who entered those spheres. As that person entered the sphere that sphere got created, and then as the next person entered that sphere, it
expanded. Every single person that enters the new dimensional space expands or creates even more of that dimensional space. So you could think of all of these as dimensional spaces of existence, of which there are now known to be 22. Are we right up to there?

Now by the way, you may ask questions.  I