You Created your own Problems (hmmm)

Alan Miller)
I want to state a few things about those souls. Firstly, they don’t yet know that they exist, so they are not conscious of self in this state. You had no awareness of the very first time you were created.

When you go way back to your first incarnation, you can’t remember before then. We’ll talk about when that was later. We can’t remember where we were because we weren’t conscious of ourselves. We also did not know how to express free will, so we did not express free will.

To express our free will we have to be conscious of ourselves, the two are dependent upon each other. If we are not conscious of ourselves how do we know we have even got a will? We don’t. So, in this state we are not even conscious of ourselves, we don’t know we have a will. In this state though, there are a number of things we do have even though we are not conscious of them. For example wehave a characteristic called sexuality. This is instinctual of the soul. I am not talking about the body; I’m talking about this creation of God called the soul.

We have a connection with the universe that we are unaware of as well in this state. In this state we don’t know anything about ourselves. We don’t know anything about our environment, but we are still connected to the environment, even though we are unaware. We have lots of other characteristics and traits and we’ll get back to them.

I just want to point out that we do have some instinctual things. One of the instincts that we have in this state is an instinct to do a thing called incarnate. Have you heard of that before? We often hear the word re-incarnate. Very rarely do we hear the word incarnate. We’ll talk about the process of incarnation of this original soul. There is a time in every single soul’s existence where that first step to incarnation occurs. The very first time you ever came to Earth, or to a place like Earth shall we say. You have lots of different things in that state, but you do not have a consciousness of self.

There’s only one way to gain a consciousness of self that God created and that is to do the process of incarnation. Now, what God did too, is God created a universe – remember I said that God created not so much the universe, but the potential of the universe’s existence. What God did then is involve us in this process of creation.

So, what we have, are lots of inter-dimensional spaces in the universe. There are actually twenty two at the moment. One thing about the universe is that it is always expanding in terms of every new dimension that’s created. It’s also expanding laterally in each dimension, every dimension is expanding sideways, if you like, and each new dimension created is higher than the last one. Each is separated by what you would call an interstellar boundary. The interstellar boundary is a boundary of love and this is one of the secrets of the universe. Understand that the only way to progress from one dimensional space to another dimensional space is to grow in love – that’s the only way. Now, there are lots of groups of people in different dimensions who believe that there are other ways of growing. But they will only ever grow to a certain condition that way, and never grow any further. It’s almost a natural thing that people start growing in love, and we’ll talk about that as well.

Spheres are separated by boundaries of love and only those on the Divine Love Path can progress beyond the 6th sphere

So, we have got these interstellar boundaries of love separating these dimensional spaces, or what many spirits call spheres. You can think of these either as dimensional spaces or spheres. Up until 2,000 years ago there were only 6 spheres in creation. Between 2,000 years ago and now, another 16 spheres have been created. But they weren’t created by God. They were created by God’s laws, whereby the first person that entered the new sphere created the dimensional space. So, what happened historically is the Earth in its original state was created. All souls before incarnation were in a 6th sphere condition. What happened over a period of time on the Earth is that mankind’s condition degraded, and so new dimensional spaces of love had to be created so that they could live in them. So, the first person whose soul degraded in condition to a 5th sphere condition is the one who created the 5th sphere, and then the first person whose soul condition degraded to the 4th sphere created the 4th sphere. It actually happened very, very rapidly historically, the creation of these
spheres in a downward direction and so we ended up with 6 spheres.

If you look historically at a lot of text that has been discovered prior to 2,000 years ago and even after, for a fair time, you will find that whenever they talk about dimensional spaces, they often only talk about 6 or 7 of them. You may have found that out in your own discovery, when you’ve read some spiritual literature for example.

Then we had the creation of other spheres and these other spheres all got created by the first person who entered those spheres. As that person entered the sphere that sphere got created, and then as the next person entered that sphere, it expanded. Every single person that enters the new dimensional space expands or creates even more of that dimensional space. So you could think of all of these as dimensional spaces of existence, of which there are now known to be 22. Are we right up to there? Now by the way, you may ask questions. So, you can stop me at any point and ask me about any of these things and I am perfectly happy to answer questions.

Is expansion of the dimensions physical?
Participant: When you are talking about the expansion, are you talking about the physical sense because you are saying sideways which is directional? ) Yes, I am talking in a physical sense. Each dimension has a physical matter in it. It’s not matter of the same type as the matter that we have here in this dimension, but it is physical matter. When you go to these dimensions, which you will do, usually most of us go there when we pass, that’s the first time we go to another dimension, you will find that that dimension has houses, has rocks, it has grass, it has trees, birds, animals – it has all sorts of things. It’s a different sublimated form of matter, but it is still matter that you can touch and feel and sense and taste and hear and see. In fact, when you enter that state, you can touch it and you feel it more intensely than here, it tastes more sensational and so forth, and you’ll actually find, as you progress with your soul, everything grows in capacity and is not reduced in capacity.

Do the five senses expand as we grow?
Participant: The senses that we currently know of – the five senses are still with us and continue to expand? They continue to expand and in fact we have senses added to each form. So, while you have the 5 senses in the physical form, the spirit body has far more senses and then the soul itself has far more senses again. Each part of us is actually a super set of the previous condition. So this is something to be aware of in our own growth. Now, we can actually become in tune with many of these other parts of us, we are only using the 5 senses now, but we can actually become in tune many other parts of our sensory apparatus while we’re are still in the physical form. You have heard of many people who have done that right? Some of the people you refer to as gurus or avatars, have started developing these other senses.

In fact there are a wide variety of senses available to every single person on this planet to develop. We are all created the When you die, is everything revealed?

Participant: One thing that I thought and I suppose other people do as well, when you die and you died, my belief system was that everything was revealed after death. What you are saying is that is not the way.

That’s correct. The truth, is when you pass, you will know exactly what you know right now, no more, except that you have passed. However, the instant after you pass, there will be a number of different events that will occur quite rapidly, where you will know a larger amount in a very quick time. But, it doesn’t mean that you know the Secrets of the Universe. You will have to discover them and in fact most people don’t discover them for thousands and thousands of years. I have spoken to people, in other dimensions, who have taken 20, 30, 50, 70 thousand years to discover some of these secrets that you are being told today. So, the truth is, when you pass, you are not all of a sudden some all knowing being directly connected to God. That is just not a truth. You are not directly connected to God just because you passed and you don’t automatically know everything just because you passed.

This is one of the problems of mediumship. Some of us get to the state where we start to accept that there are other dimensional existences. What we then realize is that there are some people in our world and there are some in this audience too, who can actually communicate with these other dimensional beings. So we go along to one of them and we start communicating. We ask them questions and we make one fatal assumption, that the person we are asking in the spirit world actually knows, and has experienced the answers to what we are asking, and that is not a truth. You see, they are just as opinionated as we are and they often think they know things that they actually know nothing about, just like we do.

So, just because a person is in the spirit world or in these dimensions, (either one is fine because it is the same thing), it doesn’t mean that they actually know the truth regarding any question that you ask them. Imagine for a moment that all of a sudden you pass, you’ve got the exactly same mind that you have right now (later we’ll show you where the mind is). You’ve got exactly the same experiences that you have right now, exactly the same. The moment you pass you have one extra experience and that is, “I passed” and I now know, that there is this thing called life after death. (00:58:47)
In fact, after a while when I think about it in the spirit world, I realize that I don’t know if I can really call it death, because nothing really happened except to my physical body. I start seeing my physical body as something that was just a tool, an apparatus like a robot, that I could use to experience this physical world and I realize that I didn’t really pass at all.

All that’s happened is I changed my state – that’s all that happened – nothing else. Now, if I just changed my state, that doesn’t mean I have become some all knowing being all of a sudden. I still have to learn, discover and grow and what does that depend upon? That’s dependent upon my open mindedness, my open heartedness and a lot of other qualities. If I develop them here on Earth, I am going to develop very well in the spirit world. However, if I go along the other track, becoming very closed minded, rigid, all of those kind of things, what’s going to happen is, I am going to arrive in the spirit world with all this rigidity, closed mindedness in exactly the same condition. Somebody comes along and tells me “Ah, actually you are in the 1st sphere”. “What? Which sphere? You mean there are more spheres? I don’t believe you. I can only believe what I can see”. How many times have you heard that on Earth? I can only believe what I can see. Do you think that will change when you pass? No, it’s not going to go. You pass and you will only believe what you see if you retain that emotional belief. I hear and I can see that’s where I came from, the Earth.I can see they have got their bodies and I haven’t got that body anymore. I can go there to the Earth and touch the person’s body and wow, I can put my hand right through their body and that’s a bit weird, and so that’s different. That’s something that’s new and I discover all that from personal experience. Then I start trusting “Ah, what he said to me was true – he said that I’d be able to do that. Maybe I should have listened to him about more things that he might know”. I start to discover that actually some other people know more than I do about this new world, or this new dimension I am living in. So I go off discovering all these beautiful things in this dimension. Most of us by the way, pass into the 1st dimension. That’s something that we need to address here on Earth, because the

1st dimension is a far cry from where God created us to be. We need to deal with that issue, and have more bliss in our life than what we will experience in the first sphere.So, most of us pass into the 1st sphere. We have this process of discovery going on, just like you have right here, right now. It’s exactly the same really, except, as all the spirits who are here listening know, (there are quite a lot of them here).As all of them know, they know it because they’ve passed. That’s the only difference. What we want to do is know beforehand, the things that we are going to experience. I don’t mean that we become closed minded once we know it. What I mean is we want to open our mind and heart to the fact that this experience might be possible, because if we open our mind and heart now, when we go there and we are shown, and somebody talks to us about it, we’ll think “Ah I have heard this before”. That’s going to help us a lot in our future life. That’s why it’s so important.

There are literally billions and billions and billions of people who have passed from this Earth, who are still stuck in this First sphere place. In places where they are still experiencing terrible, terrible emotions and the main reason why, is because they don’t want to listen to anyone. They don’t want to get out of that state because they just don’t want to listen to somebody, and so we don’t want to do that. That would be a huge waste of our lives. I have talked too many who have waited thousands of years in that state; not wanting to listen to anybody, thinking that the life they currently have is the only life they can only create. How many people on Earth think that, the majority. Don’t they? How many of us think that the life on Earth we currently have, is the only life we can create? Quite a lot of people on Earth believe that. I’m suggesting that you don’t believe that, and also don’t assume that you are automatically going to be “all knowing” when you pass, because you aren’t.8.1.5. Question of development of senses in the physical Participant:

We have just one thing to understand, that the soul changing is what causes all the development of all our senses. We will talk about how we can change the soul as we go on in our discussion. It’s important to understand that you can spend a lot of time on your physical body developing something, when you could do it in a fraction of the time if you developed the soul. So, you are far better off developing your soul. For example, many of us have become very health conscious. Who is pretty health conscious? Good, over half the audience. You can become health conscious and so what you do is you start picking out this food and say “I don’t want to have that food any more”. We start making some rules for ourselves about what to eat and we become quite health conscious. When we get a bit of an ache, we wonder what that’s about and we rush up to a naturopath or a healer and work through that emotion, and so on. Then when we are 40 or 50 or even earlier, we maybe get cancer and then – “Well there’s something else that is going on in here. I’ll change my diet a bit more”. Then I realize, “Ah! There is some emotion connected to these diseases”. I start realizing something about that; I might work through the emotion that created my cancer. I then deal with other things going on in my body that way. However initially, we are very focused on the physical, aren’t we, when we start caring for ourselves. I am suggesting that you keep caring for yourself physically, but you will also need to start looking at caring for yourself at the soul level, because if you do, everything else will change in the most rapid way possible. That’s just something to bear in mind for future

Can we experience in more than one sphere?
Participant: I have a question about being within the spheres. At any one time for instance right now, are we within this one sphere, or could we be visiting other spheres at the same time? Are we solely encapsulated within one, at any time, because we have these teachers like yourself standing there saying you have this knowledge, and sharing that with us – does that mean that you could perhaps be in more than one sphere at a time?

The truth is, right now all of us are in the sphere relevant for our soul condition, which is a condition of love. The spheres we can travel to are dependent on how much we love. So, if I love to the extent that I could live, if I passed, in the 3rd sphere, then even in my physical state I could travel from Earth to the 1st sphere, to the 2nd but I can’t go any further, because each sphere has an interstellar boundary. The Interstellar Boundary is a boundary of a certain level of love, and if my soul hasn’t developed enough in that particular aspect of love, I cannot cross that That’s the only thing that prevents me from travelling through different dimensions. So, if I am on the Earth and I develop my soul, I can develop my soul to the 22nd sphere while I live on Earth. In the 1st Century I developed my soul into the 10th sphere while I was on Earth, so all I could do when I passed into the spirit world was go to the 10th sphere, or any sphere below that, but I couldn’t go above that. I had to develop more love in my soul to go to the 11th sphere, and then the 12th sphere and so forth. Each sphere has a boundary of love preventing you from progressing into that sphere, unless your soul resonates with that boundary -unless there is a certain vibration. This is why people talk about a vibration; the Interstellar Boundaries are a certain level of vibration. My suggestion to you is, forget all that vibration nonsense. It’s not nonsense in the sense that there is a vibration, a physical vibration when you go there, but it is nonsense in the sense that it doesn’t tell you the full truth.

The full truth is that it is love that you are experiencing to a certain level; it’s about your growth in love. If you just focus on that, that’s a lot simpler than asking, “What vibration I have got to work through?” If you just ask what are the lessons of love that I have got to learn before I can make this transition from the 3rd sphere to the 4th sphere? Any spirit by the way, who has made the transition, will be able to tell you that you will be able to progress very, very rapidly when you work your way through that So understand that if this metaphysical stuff, becomes your focus, it is going to actually distract you from the truth of the universe – that everything is based around love, every bit of development that you can do. For many of us we’ll feel like “Wow that’s pretty good because that’s nice and simple isn’t it?” It’s so simple, that a child could understand it, anyone can understand that. A child can experience the experience of love and understand what love is, and so the child can understand the secrets of the universe.

When we start reading all the scientific literature, we get into all this “multidimensional space”. Then we start reading all of the scientific stuff with physics and then we start going into the interstellar mathematical boundaries and all those calculations that all the mathematicians get into, well then it starts getting complicated now, doesn’t it? Can you see that? It takes us away from the truth, the simple truth, that it’s all just progression in love. So, that’s a beautiful truth to remember all your life. That’s the truth I have tried to remember all my life. When we pass, can we degrade? Participant: When we incarnate, and say for example we have reached level four and we incarnate, is there any chance that when we pass we can go to a lower level depending on what I guess we are doing on this plane, or is the progression generally upwards? Well, firstly your question betrays the number of errors about the process of incarnation that we’ll have to address. We’ll address those when we talk about incarnation and where we incarnate to. You are really asking a question about reincarnation not incarnation, when I was talking about the very first incarnation that we experience. So I want to address the difference between that incarnation and reincarnation. So there is a very different answer for those questions depending on where we are coming from. However, in answer to the question about whether you can degrade in condition – yes you can. Of course remember, I can grow in love just as much as if I make different choices, but I can actually degrade in love. If I choose to make a choice that causes my soul to degrade in love, I can certainly get into a worse condition. I’ll answer the other questions when we talk about the incarnation and reincarnation process. Bear in mind, that if you make a choice inside of yourself that’s disharmonious with love, your soul condition degrades. When you make a choice that’s harmonious with love, and you feel that choice in your heart, your soul condition expands. To be frank with you,most of you can feel that happening. 

You feel the joy of making choices harmonious with love. You think about the different qualities that are harmonious with love. When you are generous with someone without wanting something back – how do you feel when you do that? You feel the truth that there is more happiness in giving and receiving right? You feel that inside of yourself, so you just grew a bit in love.  But, when you make a choice out of anger and resentment to harm somebody like, “She stole my boyfriend – I think I am going to do something to break up that new relationship”, so I’ll tell some lies here and there. Do I feel good about that really? I might be angry, but when I go back and reflect upon it and have to tell somebody else about what I have done, what does it feel like inside then? Usually it’s not very good right? We think, “Ah that wasn’t very nice”. So, we automatically have these barometers inside of us, one of the instinctual barometers is when we display love compared to when we don’t. We certainly can degrade in love. What do you feel when passing between levels?
Participant: You have described these different levels of love. What would you have to experience and what would you have to feel to pass from one level to the next?

Let me describe the 2nd and 3rd sphere transition for you. Remember there are different dimensions, different places of existence that are actually much happier, much more joyful and also much more beautiful in each case. To get from the 2nd to the 3rd sphere you have to learn a primary lesson about love, that love always tells the truth no matter what the consequences are.  To describe how fine that is, you wake up in the morning, your wife says, “How are you?” You say, “I feel good”, when actually you are feeling quite afraid. You just lied. You are not in that condition of love yet – does that make sense? If your wife asks you, “Were you out with someone last night?” and you think that, “Yeah, we went out for some work and there were some women there and my wife’s a bit jealous. She might think that something was going on when there wasn’t.

So it’s better if I just don’t tell her the truth, because otherwise there might be an argument and she might flare up”. I avoid her jealousy by actually saying “No no I was just at work”. I am just not in that condition of love yet, in that truthful condition where I could make the transition between the 2nd and the 3rd sphere.  So, just the condition of telling the truth to myself and to everyone else around you, is the transition between the 2nd and the 3rd sphere. Now how much of the Earth is in that state? Very, very few people on this planet are in that state, and if we are honest with ourselves we could see that in our own lives we often tell a little fib here, withhold the truth there, and
before we know it, what we have done is we have prevented ourselves from making that transition.  Now when you make that transition, what goes through you is this amazing realization. Every time I say the exact truth as it is, to absolutely every single person around me, no matter what their response is, it gives me this freedom. There’s also
this beautiful feeling that passes through you every time that you have honoured yourself, and honoured your feelings, and your emotions, and honoured the truth, you grow immensely through this transition from the 2nd to the 3rd
sphere. What often happens though, is we are so afraid of other people’s emotions, we are so afraid that someone might not like us, we are so afraid of those kind of emotions coming from other people, that we lock ourselves in this place where we can’t progress beyond that 2nd sphere state. To be frank, there are very few people on Earth historically, who have evergone to the spirit world in the 3rd sphere state, that’s the truth. It is just for that one reason; they haven’t actually spoken and lived in harmony with the truth while they were on Earth. Now, it might seem like a large demand but actually when
you get into that state really, it’s so easy to do and so enjoyable. Every single interaction we have with every singleperson is truthful, and it’s such a beautiful place to be, when we  make that transition. The majority of us don’t make that transition until we hit the spirit world, and then we can make that transition. Does that answer that question?  I was emotionally stirred up in coming here! Participant: Coming here this morning I was quite confused, I have a fear and I was very, emotionally stirred up.

OVERVIEW OF DIVINE TRUTH – SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE (AJ MILLER) How many of the rest of you felt that way, emotionally stirred up about coming here today? Quite a few, not very many of you – I am impressed. (01:18:20)

Are we born loving?

Participant: Are we born unconditionally loving at the first incarnation? (01:18:33)
Now, to answer this question, we have got to understand the difference between birth and conception and incarnation. The truth is we don’t incarnate at the time of our birth. It’s actually at the time of our conception, or shortly after. So, the question then would have to become when I was conceived. Was I conceived being in a loving state? Yes, just the moment before you were conceived, you were in a 6th sphere natural love state, just a moment before you were conceived. Later I’ll talk about what happened after, to change that, but at the moment we were conceived, we were in that state. (01:19:25)
Can we prevent self-reliance
Participant: Can we prevent self reliance?
Certainly we can and we’ll talk about all of those things when we talk about soul progression, which is coming up later today. Are there any more questions about the spheres?
Is there a chart of progression?
Participant: AJ, is there a chart that you have done with the levels of love that you have to achieve to go through to each sphere?
There’s no correlation chart of all the different levels of love that you need to discover to go through each sphere, because understand that to do so, would be presenting to you a whole intellectual argument, and none of the progression above the
6th sphere can happen intellectually. In fact the majority of progression underneath the 6th sphere can’t happen intellectually either. So, if you get hit with a chart with all these different things, most of us would feel totally overwhelmed, because literally,
there are thousands and thousands of lessons allocated to the progress in all of these spheres. We would look at that and we would go “Wow that’s a pretty daunting task, I don’t know if I want to bite that off for the rest of my life”. So, we wouldn’t want to be experiencing it and we’d also try to manufacture it with our mind. To be frank with you, the majority of people who have passed in the spirit world are trying to manufacture it with their minds and are failing, because this progression is not about the mind. All progression in fact, is not about the mind. You know when people talk about the mind of God, and growing with the

mind and all that kind of stuff, just cross out the word mind and replace it with the word soul. You’ll have a far better understanding of what’s going on in the universe, because the mind is not capable of actually growing in love. Think about that for a moment – somebody comes along who has never experienced love all of their life. Reminds me
about the movie Tarzan where he’s never had a relationship with another person all of his life, and then Jane comes along. There’s this huge reaction going on – his first experience of love. Just before that point, imagine sitting down with Tarzan
and saying, “You know mate, this is what love is like”, and you are trying to intellectually describe all the things love is to him. Now, do you think Tarzan would have understood a single word of that at the time? No, but as soon as he felt the emotion – this emotion that just drives him, and then somebody comes along and says “See that emotion – that’s love, that’s what you are feeling”. Now he understands – because he’s experienced it. This is the thing with all of this progression; you will never be able to learn it with your mind you are going to have to experience it.  Remember that when we talk about love, we are talking about an emotion – an emotion that our minds still really don’t
understand. We are only going to understand it at the soul level, this thing called love. “That’s what we’re going to have to come to understand.   that’s for sure. So what we are doing is we are learning about love, honestly, what we think we know about love on this planet is just a lot of lies. We need to come to discover what love really is. Are there any more questions about the dimensional spaces and what’s going on with the dimensions?  Is this related to the Munroe levels? Participant: Are the spheres, like the levels that Munroe teaches at the Munroe Light Institute in America with thef ocus levels, they are almost the same levels, but they focus on the soul’s prog ress through experience in different stages, or is it just an ongoing progress of love? What I would like to do is sort of wrap up all the different types of descriptions of the first seven spheres that people onther planet have given. While many of the things they present are true, about what is in each sphere and what the state is emotionally in each sphere, but the best way to understand it is, it’s just about love. It’s all about love and if you understand it this way, you will progress through those states much more rapidly than if you try to do all the metaphysical things that a lot of these different teachers suggest. I know this might sound quite arrogant, but I am going to lump all of those teachings into a thing called the natural love path which we will talk about in a minute. My suggestion is they are not going to be the fastest way for you to progress in your life, towards a life of bliss. They can be very helpful intellectually, to get you to open emotionally, but they are not always going to assist you in your everlasting progress.

I know that’s a very general answer but the truth is, there are literally thousands and thousands and thousands of teachings on this planet that refer to this progress, which I’ll refer to as natural love progress. You have heard of all of them before
in different guises really, and if you think back on all of these different things you have heard, they are all just the same thing in many cases, presented in a different language. What I want to do is present to you a different path of progression
which is not known on the Earth, although many people believe they know it. I would like to discuss with you what that path is and how easy it is. Perhaps what I should say is it’s simple to understand, but not easy to do. In the 1st Century I called it the “Narrow Way that leads to life”. What I would lump all these other (natural love) things
in, is the Broad Way leading to a 6th sphere condition. The Bible actually talks about the Broad Way leading to destruction – it’s not that at all. They all lead to a 6th sphere condition which is this condition here, (points to the 6th

sphere level) but they never result in further progression after that. My suggestion is to start giving up those ways, and just focus your entire life on progressing in love and you’ll rapidly transcend most of those teachings. How do I know what level I am in? Participant: I’ve come here for first time and I hope it’s not a silly question but I am just wondering -if there are so many layers, how do I find which position I am in? My suggestion is to give that up completely, to give up the desire for you to know where you are at this point. Now, when I say the majority of us on Earth are in the 1st sphere state, I am telling you a truth, and that means that the majority of us in the audience are going to be in that state. Now, you can see most of us haven’t made just the transition between the 2nd and the 3rd sphere state. How many times a day do I withhold the truth, not tell truth about what I am feeling or actually go ahead and lie about how I am feeling? That happens quite a lot, right? So, I might not have even reached that state and that’s quite easy to see. 

The key is to give up this question. You’re not being told this in order to measure yourself and you are not being told this in order to judge yourself, so remember that. This is not a judgement; this is just a statement of fact. We don’t want to judge ourselves by where we are. What we want to do is understand how we can grow from where we are, to where we want to be.
Now my suggestion is that all of you have the capacity to grow to what’s called an 8th
sphere condition. I call that the condition of “at-onement with God”. Now you have all heard that explained in different terminologies and we’ll discuss those later. My suggestion is to give up the idea about where you are and just focus on where you are headed. Let yourself see through what you learn in love, “Ah, I have got to give up that because that’s an error in love”, “Ah; I have got to give up that, that’s an error in love”. Remember that each time you give up anything; you are giving it up emotionally. It isn’t
going to be something you can work your way through with your mind. It’s going to have to be something that’s a real change inside of yourself in your heart. Then you can grow.  OVERVIEW OF DIVINE TRUTH – SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE  (AJ MILLER) Question regarding the relationship with Maori teachings.Participant: Hi AJ, I am grateful to be here and grateful to meet you and if you are Jesus Christ then I am happywith that. What I am also happy with is my interpretation of the dimensions, which is totally different. Icome from a traditional background, from the Maori people in New Zealand and I follow a process where we stay in a position of suspension of judgment and we don’t judge religion, or whatever you are telling me. I’m curious about the word dimension. It is never mentioned on the other side, it is a human need and they don’t use that word per se, as they say, it is only necessary for knowledge on the Earth.

Having said that, I find what you’re trying to tell me quite interesting. I have been to the 15th

and it is quite an interesting place. I follow our ancestral cultural line from Lemuria, to Atlantis down to Jesus Christ and down to where I am now. If there’s an easy way to teach souls on Earth, a simplified way, then good. (01:31:28)
Yeah, I can feel a lot of your teachings and I can also feel the group of spirits who are surrounding you passing those teachings to you. While their cultural beliefs are along the same lines, there are whole groups of Maori in the past who have actually dropped those teachings and now have different teachings as well. So, my suggestion is, for the groups of spirits that are with you, and you yourself, is to maybe just allow yourself for a moment to consider that there might be other things that could be learned in this whole process. Often what’s happening for the majority of us, particularly if we’re mediumistic, which you are, (what I mean is you can talk to other spirits, talk to other people who have passed), is we start assimilating everything from the point of view of what they know
Often we don’t understand that there’s a whole group of things that they do not know, and that’s the difficult thing to face in most cases. My suggestion is to allow yourself (and I am now talking to the spirits with you actually), to just look at the
fact that there might be a whole group of things and I have suggested that there are, a whole group of things that they are yet to understand about their condition. Now with regard to the terminology in the spirit world, there are many spirits who use the term spheres or dimensions. Not on the path of the spirits that you have been speaking with directly, but there are many others who use that terminology.
My suggestion is not to get hooked up in the terminology but just understand that all progression is about love. It’s all about growing in love, and there are two types of love we’ll discuss. It’s about growing in love really, the only thing that’s going to help this planet and the help the majority of the spirits who have passed, who are still in very poor
condition, is growing in love.  So we want to focus specifically on that, and non-judgment is one of those loving things to actually do. But, often what
we do is that we feel non-judgment also means not making a choice or a decision and they are very, very different from each other. God gave you the ability to make choices. God also gave you the ability to determine what the Absolute Truth is and we’ll talk about how God gave you that ability as well. Are there any other questions about these spheres? 8.1.16. Q

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9. Secrets of the Universe Part 2
What I’d like to do now is describe a lot of processes to you. A lot of your questions will be answered by describing the
entire process of incarnation and your growth and all those things. After I have described all of those things, you’ll
probably find a lot of questions are resolved. If there are any that aren’t, then we can resolve them one by one. So let’s
look at the incarnation process. (00:00:33)
10. The Incarnation Process
Now, remember I am talking about your first incarnation. Remember I said all there are these little souls of which you were one half, each one of these souls has masculine and feminine qualities. If you can picture them all gathering around- God’s creating them. What happen then, is two people on Earth get together and they want a bit of action! As soon as that desire is in any couple on Earth, some un-incarnated souls gather around them waiting for the process of being able to incarnate. Remember, this is your first incarnation, I am not talking about re-incarnation – I am talking about incarnation.    Souls divide into two halves of soul that each have a spirit body (SB) and physical body (PB)

What happens first is they conceive during the sex act then one of these little souls splits. It splits in half; let’s say it’s the masculine part that did that first. Two little bodies were created and started to grow. There are two bodies that are created
in the act of conception, not one. The two bodies are a material body – a physical body we will call it, and a spirit body. Then at some time in the future another couple get together and what happens is the second half of that soul is attracted to
that couple, and its two bodies begin to grow. Now, right at the moment for the majority of us, our spirit body looks as bad or as good as we currently look. For some of
us it might be worse than we currently look, and depending on our condition of love, for some of us it might be better than we currently look.
If you passed today and you looked in a mirror, and yes there are mirrors in the spirit world, and you looked in the mirror you would recognize yourself. Many of you may feel like you don’t want to recognize yourself like this anymore – that’s too bad – we generally recognize ourselves. So what happens is that these two halves of the soul are now incarnated into two physical forms. Now, the soul itself has a wide variety of masculine and feminine traits, the part that is dominantly masculine, when they split into the two halves, will attract a male body to be created through the act of conception and the replication of the cell structure. The part that’s
a female when it incarnates will actually generate a female body, that’s what happens in the process of incarnation.
From the moment you are conceived, or you could say from the moment you are incarnated, you are now individualized.
You are now experiencing things moment by moment by moment. So this little unborn child, at this stage sitting inside its
mum’s womb is already experiencing, and what it is first experiencing, is the emotional condition of its parents. (00:04:34)
All of those unresolved emotions that you have in you, that little child gets bombarded with them from the moment it’s
conceived. Many of those emotions don’t feel good, even to ourselves, and of course they don’t feel very good to the little (AJ MILLER) child either. The little child that started out in a 6th sphere condition, a 6th dimensional space condition of love, very, very rapidly gets harmed by a whole group of emotions from its environment. Usually by the time a child is actually born, it is usually already down into a 2nd or 3rd sphere state, after being conceived in a 6th sphere condition. Within a year or two after being born, the child’s normally down even into a lower state than that, into a high first level sphere state generally.

The reason why is because it is getting bombarded with unexpressed emotions that it is not allowed to express. (00:05:42)
You see what happens when a child is born and it starts crying and mummy goes “There, there don’t cry” and all of a
sudden what its learning is the emotion coming from the mother is “Please don’t cry”. So it goes, “Oh, mummy doesn’t
want me to cry so I can’t cry.” So there are a whole lot of emotions that are bombarding this little child that it then suppresses because of the desires of its environment, which is of course primarily the parents, but also all of the environment. (00:06:15)
You thing about it, a person comes into this environment and let’s say all of us here don’t like hearing any truth. Let’s say we are all in that state and a person who loves truth comes and stands in front of you, how is it going to feel for them? He’s going to feel like a wall of, “Oh nobody wants to hear the truth”. You have often done that yourself when you walk into a room and you feel that there’s certain “energy”. “Doesn’t feel so good here, something’s wrong here” is the feeling you often have inside of yourself, if you are sensitive. The child is feeling those things because it is in its most sensitive condition. 

10.1. How is our soul different to our spirit body and how have we been affected emotionally Mary: Would you be able to tell us, now we understand we have a physical body, a spirit body and a soul, what our soul is that is different from those other two bodies. Also why did our mothers stop us feeling our emotions, affect us all so much? Let’s say our soul is this container of emotions, passions, desires, intentions, memories, (which are all really experiences), and so forth.  Now every single unexpressed emotion the mother, or father or the environment feels, is bombarded at this little soul and enters it. Unless this little soul is allowed to completely experience that emotion, if it’s sadness it’s going to be by crying, (it often seems to cry for no reason). It’s crying, crying, crying because it’s feeling the emotion of grief from its environment and it has to express it. That’s the way a little child is, it has to express its emotions. When a child begins to
express emotions and the parent wants the child to shut down that grief, (because it’s actually connecting the parent to his or her own grief that they don’t want to feel), the child then gets a barrage causing it to shut down its own emotion. So then the child shuts down its own emotions.
You could think of the soul as the container of these things. It’s the container of your emotions, your passions, your desires, your longings, your intentions and so on. If the soul is these things and it needs to develop in love, then you can see that any emotional thing that harms that soul is going to harm its development in love.

Truth and error both impact on the soul (AJ MILLER)

Now, there are two types of influences on that soul. There’s a truth influence, emotions regarding truth, when it’s allowed to be in truth. When that soul is allowed to be in truth, it leaps for joy. It actually has a positive response to truth. When you hear truth you will generally have a positive response to truth, but then what happens is our mind clicks in and all of our doubts start rising and then we have a far less positive experience. Right at the beginning when we are hearing truth, we usually have a positive experience.

We also have errors entering the soul in the same manner that I have just described. Our environment suppresses the expression of that emotion and so everyone in the environment gets the emotion to the maximum amount, and then those un-truths or errors enter our souls. In the 1st Century, I called those the sins. The Meaning of Sin Sin in Greek is when you are missing the mark. When you are missing the mark of perfected love. So, when you sin, it’s just really an error entering your soul and is often driven by an error that is already in your soul. So we actually do things that harm our own soul by acting in disharmony with love. Every time I act in disharmony with love, I am actually creating something in my soul along one of these lines that is damaged, and it’s going to affect me emotionally.

If you could think of your soul as a container of emotions, and your spirit body and material body as just robots that the soul uses to express itself in the different worlds, then you’ll understand what the soul is. However, we are actually onlyone half of the soul; every person sitting here is actually one half of the soul, not a complete soul.

The Meaning of Soulmate
A complete soul has two halves and those two halves will eventually come together and that’s where the term “soulmates” arises from. So, soulmates are the two halves of the soul split. There is only one other person in this universe that is your soulmate. That person could be on Earth or they could have already died and gone to the spirit world. Usually soulmates incarnate within 20 to 30 years of each other – in fact, it’s very rare to have them beyond that time. That is because the amount of
draw that happens when half of the soul incarnates, causes the other half of the soul to be attracted to it, and so there’s a high desire now in the other half of the soul to incarnate as well. Usually most souls incarnate within 5 to 10 years of each other. It’s rare to get them 15, 20 or maybe even 30 years apart, although it has been known to occur.

Now these soulmates aren’t somebody you go along and say, “Ah that’s a nice fellow, I think I really like him, he must be my soulmate.” It’s not like that at all. The soulmate is actually physically the other half of your soul. It’s not somebody you can choose – how do you feel about that? So much for your soul’s free will choice! You mean that this person is the other half of my soul and I can’t choose someone different? Yes, that’s what I am saying. The truth is though that when you develop, the two soul halves automatically feel drawn to each other. It’s an automatic process because of the characteristics of the entire soul are split between the two halves. That creates a huge bond of
attraction between those two halves. Because of that, the majority of people do meet their soul-mates while they live on the Earth. However, the majority of people meet their soul-mates but because of their emotional injuries, people pass from this world into the spirit world and they progress through the spirit world in different degrees of love. By the time they get to the 5th sphere, many of them now meet their soulmate again. Then they start to connect because they have grown in love enough to stop looking at the physical, and start looking at the soul based stuff, to actually see that there is an attraction. 

So, you can see the soul as a container full of all of you – you are the container, but not at the physical state and not at the spirit body state. You are actually this other state, the soul, which has infinite growth available to it. You grow infinitely in this state. At a time in your progression in the future, your physical body will disappear and then at another time in your progression in the future, your spirit body may disappear. What will be left is the complete soul and we’ll talk about how that works. Are there any questions about that so far?

The real us is our souls
Audience Question
What about female energy in a male body?
Participant: I just want to get some understanding about the original soul splitting into male and female parts. Why do you have a female energy actually occupying a physical male body, or a male energy occupying a female body, what are the causative emotional reasons for that? Firstly, I want to just make sure we are clear on a few issues about the bodies themselves. Every single half of the soul has male and female characteristics inside of itself. However, remember I said that it’s the dominant sexual characteristic of the half that attracts the body. So if this half (points to one side) is dominantly male, then it will attract a male dominant body. In other words, the gender of the body while it is living on Earth will be male, and the gender of the spirit
body will be male.

The same applies to the female. So, if this half is predominantly female, then it will attract a dominantly female form in both the physical and spirit bodies. That doesn’t mean that all souls split into male/ female, because many souls have variances in their sum total of sexuality. They have a very wide variance between them. Some of you have heard of the distribution graph. Do you remember that from your school days – statistical analysis?

There is a normal distribution of male and female characteristics in the souls that God creates On this side of the graph (the right), the dominant characteristics of the entire soul are female- the two halves. On this half, (the left), the dominant characteristics of the entire soul are male. In between a certain range of male /female characteristics, each soul will split into a male/ female form, 80 to 90% of souls split that way. However on this side,

far right hand side) you can see you have got an area where the soul, the whole soul, the combined soul is dominantly female. When that happens, when the soul splits, they will  both attract female bodies, even though each part of the soul
still has some masculine characteristics. So, this soul over here will attract two female bodies when it splits and (the farleft hand side), both halves of this soul over here will attract two male bodies, when it splits You can see, there are only really three possible conditions for your soulmate and yourself. That is; you’re a female and
your soulmate’s a male, you’re a female and your soulmate’s a female, or you’re a male and your soulmate’s a male. These are the only three possible conditions with regards to soul attraction. God created female homosexuality, male homosexuality and heterosexuality. From God’s perspective, there is no bisexuality. Bisexuality occurs because of the confusion of all the emotional injuries that we have about sexuality here on Earth. In fact, I can even think I am homosexual when I’m not, when actually; it’s my emotional injuries that have caused me to think that. I can even think I am heterosexual when I’m not, and it’ll actually be due to emotional injuries.  Can soulmates be born as brothers? Participant: Is it possible with soulmates that instead of being homosexual, could they just be two brothers born together?

The soulmate halves always have a sexual connection and there’s a good reason for that. God created you eventually to end up in a permanent sexual union and so all soulmate halves will have a sexual connection. Now, way, way, way back when there were a very few people on the planet, there were times when those two soul halves were brothers or sisters. It is very, very rare for that to occur nowadays. Can soulmates be a mother and a son? Participant: What about the situation of perhaps a mother and a son? That’s impossible to occur. God’s made that impossible to occur. If a mother feels that her son is her soulmate in terms of the fact that they have a very strong soul connection, most of the time it is due to having very, very similar qualities and desires of the soul. They then misinterpret that and think that that person is my soulmate. In New Age literature and philosophy, what I am calling a soulmate, they call a twin flame. In New Age literature, any one you are attracted to, they call a soulmate, that’s not what I mean when I talk about soulmate. A mother can certainly be attracted to her son, not in a sexual way, but attracted in lots of other ways, but that does not make them soulmates.

Is it impossible for a parent to be the soulmate of his or her own child?
Participant: So, you are saying that it’s actually something impossible?
It’s impossible to occur. It’s due to the distance between incarnations. What happens is, when the first half of the soul incarnates, the desire for the next half of the soul to incarnate now multiplies, and it will usually incarnate in the same generation. It’s very, very rare for a soul to incarnate in a different generation. The way God’s made the whole structure is that the incarnation process is very much part and parcel of your sexuality. When I say impossible, I don’t really mean entirely impossible because nothing’s really impossible due to emotional injuries.
The truth is on the planet today, there are a lot of things that God didn’t design to happen that do, due to emotional injuries. For instance, God didn’t create the nuclear bomb, mankind in a state of emotional injury created the nuclear bomb. God never intended that man should create the nuclear bomb. If man was in a state of love, he wouldn’t have, but he did and God’s given him the free will to do it. God provided the laws for example, free will, that allow it to happen,but it happened because of man’s desire. the trouble with analysing a lot of current relationships is that you are actually looking at them through the filter of the untruth that’s happening on Earth today, rather than seeing them from the truth perspective.
What’s happening on Earth today is very much the result of emotional damage and injuries due to a lack of love being on the planet. When we’re in a state of love, you will find that you can actually choose which soul will incarnate when you conceive. For many people this doesn’t happen right now right, but you can actually do that. In the 1st Century myself
and my soulmate made love and chose together, through our intention, (it was because of someone I met before then who would incarnate into this newly conceived child that we created and that person became our daughter Sara. So you Is it luck that I was born in Australia?

Participant: Is it just luck that I was incarnated in Australia as opposed to Africa? ( Nothing is luck. There are a whole lot of spiritual, emotional, physical and environmental factors that influence the laws of attraction of your parents that actually influence what type of soul they actually draw to them when they conceive. It changes with each conception due to the type of influences that are occurring at that time. So for example, in your state you were a female child attracted to your parents. There are a whole lot of laws involved in your parents attracting a female child at that particular time. That set of laws would be different with each new child they attracted. Each time a couple makes love, there’s a whole separate set of emotional conditions going on for that particular event. That creates a whole different set of attractions and so it is not by luck that anything occurs.

It’s all based on the Law of Attraction, but not on your Law of Attraction. It’s based on a mixture of your personality being needed by that couple to trigger certain emotions in that couple that they are denying.Now unfortunately what happens is the couple has the baby and the baby starts triggering the couple’s emotions. The couple then suppresses the child’s emotions, and then they might even beat it, or abuse it, or whatever to suppress their experience of the emotions that the child is triggering. The truth is, that every single child incarnated is attracted because of the mixture of the personality of that child being needed by the parents to work their way through their condition, or work their way through their desires and emotions (that are both harmonious and out of harmony with love).  It’s a very mathematical and exact thing. God actually knows (and I don’t know by the way), who will incarnate to every single couple, due to the emotional injuries, emotions, desires and all of the Law of Attraction events that are going on for that couple. It’s a very complicated process but simple in a way, in that you can override it by your desire. So, once you are aware of it, you can start desiring things in a different manner and this also applies by the way, to a lot of things that happen on Earth. Currently a lot of the things that happen on Earth are automatic. They are automatically happening without our awareness. When you become aware of what’s going on at your soul level and start exercising your soul desires- because you have cleared away the emotions that prevent you from doing so, your desires start to build. When those desires build, a whole different set of events can occur because you are now utilizing the laws of the universe in a conscious manner. That’s partof what I want to talk to you about, utilizing those laws in  a soul based consciousness manner, not in an intellectual way. Many of you have been taught to do it in your mind right? What I want to do is help you get away from that and into the actual power of creation, which is all about the feelings and emotions. The expression of the soul.

What about children who are convinced they’re in the wrong body?
Participant: Recently I saw a documentary where children were convinced that they are in a wrong body and wanted to have a sex change. What’s that about?
The majority of people who are being convinced that they need a sex change are being heavily influenced by spirits due to the emotional injuries that have come into the child from the parent. It’s actually the parent’s unhealed emotion that causes an attraction to a spirit of an opposite gender to the child. The child then believes itself to be of that gender. Almost all of these kinds of sex change things that occur are due to spirit connection.

The problem with a lot of things that are happening on Earth today are occurring because we are so far out of harmony with love that we are attracting all sorts of spirits in all sorts of conditions. For example, let’s say I am a spirit and I passover. I am a male but I have huge injuries my whole life about being male. Those injuries might include being sexuallyabused by my mother, or I was always told that I was effeminate, or I was always treated with anger and abuse from other males. So all of my life on Earth basically, I was tormented for being who I was – an effeminate male. Then I pass.

Now, let’s say, there is a parent who has a homophobic emotion within themselves that they haven’t released and they have a female child. There is a Law of Attraction established between this spirit who doesn’t want to be male, to be a female and the newly created child on Earth. That spirit will be attracted to that child and heavily influence that child in a certain direction with regard to sexuality and gender. It may even convince that child that it’s not of that

particular gender that it was born into. That child may eventually when it grows up, go through a sex change operation because of that connection with the spirit. So, before you do anything permanently to your body, the rule is, find out whether you have spirits attached to you causing you to have certain beliefs. Try to find out what’s underneath of that, what emotion inside of you creates that attraction. For the love of yourself, work through that – get out the other side of that. If you still believe yourself to be in the wrong body, then you may decide what you want to do with that, but don’t make decisions without being fully aware of what’s going on. It’s very important to understand that the majority of us here are being influenced by spirits daily, hourly and even minute by minute. Often when I am talking, you will notice that certain subjects will pop up and half of you feel like going to sleep. You are being influenced by your spirit friends who don’t want you to listen to that particular subject right at that moment (or it could be that I am boring). I want to assume it’s the first one!

A lot of the time what happens is – I have seen this happening, where a person puts up their hand and asks me a question and they are fully immersed. As I am telling them the answer, I can see them shutting down and five minutes later they are asleep, that same person who was fully engaged just moments before. All the time I can see a spirit influencing them causing them to shut down, not wanting them to hear certain things. Now why do spirits do that? We’ll talk about that in a minute.  

How does the IVF system work with this?
Participant: How does the IVF system work with this? It’s a question I have answered before actually in quite a few presentations. A lot of IVF doesn’t take because there are a lot of things going on emotionally. Firstly, why doesn’t a couple conceive in the first place? It’s because of specific emotions in the mother and father, that the conception is not taking place. A lot of people then say, it’s to do with the sperm count, it’s to do with this and that, but no, it’s not I’m sorry. It’s actually to do with specific emotions that create those effects. Some of those effects can be a low sperm count, or even no sperm, or the egg not releasing, and all those sorts of things that go on due to emotional injuries. Most of the emotional injuries are inter-gender based injuries. So the couple not conceiving in the first place is often due to emotional injuries.

Many of you have heard of couples not conceiving. They go through a whole IVF program, they conceive a child and later they conceive another one naturally. Why did that happen? Because certain emotional injuries got released during that time. Emotional injuries are very specific regarding what they attract each time.

So we say we want a child and we are not attracting a child. It’s because of an emotional injury inside of us that is not attracting a child, assuming of course we are making love or having sex and, of course, if you are not having sex and you want a child, that’s a different thing. There are different sets of attractions there. If you don’t want to have sex, obviously
you need to adopt – but I am talking about the normal relationship thing going on.
The reason why many IVFs aren’t successful is the same reason that the couple can’t conceive in the first place. What’s going on might be that the woman or the man is actually investing a lot of emotions in having a child. If they want to have a child for some unhealed emotional reason within themselves, many children wanting to incarnate are repelled by that emotion. That being said, a child conceived through IVF is still conceived through the emotional condition of the parents who have longed for it – so it’s still governed by the same laws and the same principles. Many of you were born and had a job before you incarnated. Your job was to love your mummy or love your daddy. It’s a terribly oppressive emotion and it’s an emotion that causes the rejection of the incarnation of children. It’s a similar kind of emotion that causes miscarriages –there are all sorts of emotions that cause miscarriages and lack of conception. Understand that everything that happens is because of a soul based emotional cause. It’s very powerful to understand that.

How is soul chosen to incarnate?
Participant: I have just about forgotten my question now. I think earlier on you said when a guy and a girl get together; they have a bunch of souls floating around, waiting to see what happens. They are attracted by the sexual desire expressed by the couple.
Participant: How do they decide, do they have a little flip of coin to see which soul actually gets the job? The soul coming in doesn’t decide who gets the job. The soul coming in who will get the connection will be the soul who has the exact personality requirements for those two parents at that particular moment. That’s who’s going to come in at that particular time. So there is a queue of souls who match the requirements if you like, but there’ll be one of those who will match the requirements to the most perfect degree. That particular soul, or half of the soul, will be the one that will incarnate into that body. 

If parents clear emotional damage, does the child become no longer autistic? Participant: AJ, I am curious about autism. If parents have emotional damage and there’s an autistic child, if they clear that damage, does that child have a choice to be un-autistic? Yes, you can experiment with that if you want. I am sure you will want to if you have an autistic child. What happens for an autistic child is that there are so many emotions coming to the child that it can’t determine the difference between the emotions coming to it, and its own emotions. What it starts doing is expressing, moment by moment, the emotions coming to it, rather than its own emotions. In other words, because of its sensitivity, it has great difficulty in determining its own self awareness. You will notice actually over the last 20, 30 years – children are much more sensitive. This is a growing fact because as mankind’s condition expands in love generally, then the children coming have less damage in love, so therefore they are less suppressed. Now, when the parents release different emotions that cause this barrage of emotions coming to the very sensitive child, the child will no longer be autistic. There are some couples who have already started doing this and they have people ask, “What are you doing now, what’s going on?” and they say, “Ah we’re dealing with our emotions” and they say, “I can’t believe you.” The children are changing rapidly as a result of their parents dealing with their own emotions.