The universe

What I aim to do today is to present to you an overview of the universe.
Now, many of the things I present today are going to be quite challenging, because many of you have done years and years of spiritual investigation. Some of you have done years of material investigation in terms of the science of the universe. Some of you have done more spiritual investigations. You may have been in many different forms of religions through the time of your life. You may have been involved in the New Age movement in terms of discovering things about spirits, for example. Or you may just have a very natural scientific bent, and you have been using all of that knowledge to actually discover things about the world in which we live in, and what’s going on inside of yourself.

What I would like to do today is start presenting to you some things that I call the Divine Truths of the universe, and I am not saying that you have to accept that they’re the Divine Truths of the universe.

What I am saying is, I am going to present them to you, and you have your free will to choose to make a decision as to whether you want to investigate these things further or not.

My suggestion to you is to investigate them further of course, but I don’t expect you to investigate them and I don’t want you to investigate them. It’s up to you what you do with the knowledge that you receive today.

That’s why I don’t .

If you can imagine for a moment that inside of you is this container of emotions.

The soul is the container of satisfied and dissatisfied emotions
Let’s draw it as a big circular container of emotions.

Inside this container there are all sorts of emotions, but basically you could divide them up into two different types.

You could say you’ve got emotions where you feel satisfied. You’ll notice that I am not a very good speller, that’s one of the first things you’ll notice about me.

The next set of emotions are those that you feel when you are dissatisfied. Now, most of us love experiencing satisfied emotions.

Do you find you have any trouble with those? Like joy, you have a real stressful time when you feel joy – is that how you feel? No. What about when you are making love to your wife or your husband, do you have a real stressful time with that? Is that a terrible time or is that a joyful and satisfying emotion?

For many this is a satisfying emotion -particularly afterwards, shall we say. What about the emotions of excitement whenyou go down to one of the theme parks? I know many of you are probably bored with them now, but I haven’t been to many of them so when I go there, I feel that excitement all day – it’s a lovely emotion.

 You have no trouble generally feeling those emotions. If you put me in the surf and if it’s good surf, I am happy all day so it’s a very satisfied emotion. I don’t know how you feel about the surf, but that’s my feeling.

We have no trouble experiencing satisfied emotions, but the issue with dissatisfied emotions is that generally, we have a lot of trouble experiencing them in an appropriate manner. When I say appropriate, I mean in a manner that doesn’t dump something negative on somebody else.

So, what kind of dissatisfied emotions might we have?

Anger is perhaps one of them. Not many of us enjoy feeling anger- although some people seem to.

There is a lot of agitation in this emotion known as anger. What about the emotion of resentment, which is sort of almost an extension of anger? Most of us feel the same there too- it’s very hard to feel.

What about doubt? This is something that’s going to come up a lot today, trust me – doubt. Doubt is a funny sort of emotion isn’t it, because it causes you to oscillate between, “Oh this is interesting” and, “Oh no there’s something wrong here”, “Oh this is interesting” and then, “Oh no there’s something wrong here” and in between those emotional oscillations, comes this feeling of, “I just want the whole thing to go away”.

Now many of you have probably felt that your entire life on your spiritual journey, haven’t you? How many of you have felt that? This is the feeling that Michael
described earlier. You go into a certain spiritual path and initially you’re feeling really enthused, really enthused, you think there’s a lot of truth in it.

You can feel that truth resonate with you and so you believe it. As you go on, something comes up and you think, “Ah, something is wrong here” and then it gets so bad and so many things are wrong then you decide, “No I can’t go any longer on that particular path”. Then through your Law of Attraction another path comes to you and you go through the same cycle. Yes you feel very enthusiastic, yes that feels really good and off you go again in the same way and eventually you get to the same end