All these Post are from Alan Miller aka (Jesus)

My dear friends,
Some time ago, I began writing some material that I believe may be used in the future as a basis for the presentation of simple information about the material universe demonstrating proof of the existence of our Father. This information is quite simple and readily available and I have already presented some of it, but this information is not often taught, especially to children, so many persons grow up believing the evolutionary theories are facts, and as a result, believe that God does not exist.
Of course, true proof of God’s existence can be easily obtained. All we need do is have a soul longing for his Love, and, if that longing is sincere and we have a desire to experience emotions, then our Father’s Love will flow into us, and we shall feel it. Once we feel it, we then realize that God must exist, since we are feeling a sensation that comes to us from outside of ourselves, and that we did not have until we developed a longing for God’s Love within our soul. But due to the emotional injuries most people have developed from childhood that now reside within themselves, many people hesitate to try this experiment because of a concern about being misled or duped into believing something that they feel has the potential of being false, and so they prefer to remain in ignorance rather than accept a belief that can be demonstrated as falsehood. They would rather say; “I don’t know”, and be right, than to say; “I know”, and be wrong. Such is man’s lack of humility; his preference tobe right overshadows his desire for investigation, and he often wishes to remain in ignorance rather than make an investigation that may turn out fruitless.  Because of this problem, many persons require at least some evidence of intelligence within the Universe before they will even demonstrate a little portion of faith that is required to begin sincerely seeking truth and asking God for His Love.