The Error of the Soul

A soul in error will generally attract pain and suffering to itself, whether that pain be physical in nature (which is usually the  result of the active denial of emotions within), or emotional. Generally, many of us have a large amount of fear of dealing with our internal emotions, and so, because of this fear, we also need an even greater amount of physical and emotional pain  before we are willing to face our own internal truth. Truth exposes all fears as False Expectations Appearing Real, and once we are perfected in Divine Love, we will have no fear. “Perfect Love throws fear aside.” Almost all physical suffering is emotionally caused. All physical and emotional suffering is the result of sin,whether that sin be of our own making, or the result of the sins of the parents, environment, culture and so on being visited upon our soul, and  then, as a subsequent effect, upon our spiritual and material bodies.

The effects of ALL sin can be removed from within us,
no matter what or who is the cause, depending on our personal and pure desire to enter a deeply loving personal relationship with our Creator. As we receive His Divine Love, this Love has a purifying effect on our soul, which, in turn, affects th econdition of our spiritual and physical bodies towards the state that they no longer experience suffering. If we continue to progress until we are in a condition of at-onement with God, at that time even on earth all suffering will cease, except for that caused by others exercising their free will towards us in disharmony with God’s Laws (and even those effects are sharply reduced). FACING PERSONAL TRUTH

Our Father created our body as a perfect system to measure pain, and pain is always an indicator that something is wrong within ourselves. Physical pain is a response provided for the protection of our material body, and emotional pain for the protection of our spiritual body.

For example, if we put our hand on a hot stove, we will quickly feel the pain of a burn, and this causes us to respond in a way that protects our hand from being burnt to a cinder and totally damaged. So the pain is a protection for our physical body, and a reminder that placing our body in the path of fire will damage our own body. This causes us to exercise care with potential situations which may cause this pain.
In a similar way, emotional pain is a reminder that if we continue a course of action which is in disharmony with our own creation, we will continue to bear its consequences. For example, if I continue to express my anger with everyone who walks into my path, eventually I will be left completely alone or in the company of other angry people, since no-one who is peaceful will want or value my company. I am continuing to sin, and while I continue to sin my souls condition continues to degrade. I must find a way to release my anger and connect to my sadness that does not harm others, myself, or God’s living creation. Taking the emotional example further, if

I choose to not release the sadness that causes my anger, and if I then choose to continue to suppress the anger and sadness, eventually I will become depressed, and I will be so unhappy that I will feel that
life is not worth living. However, once I connect with my sadness, realize the truth about it, and release it and talk to my Father about it, now the operation of His Love will help me overcome the sadness completely so that its cause will be forgotten, and in addition as a result of the cause being removed, I will not be able to get angry nor become depressed. So, my emotional pain is an indicator that I have emotions, beliefs, practices, thoughts, words or actions that are, or I am living in an environment that is, in disharmony with God’s Laws, and to no longer experience emotional pain I must choose to realize, and release the soul based causes of the emotional pain. In other words, I must choose to CHANGE