Lie’s – Cannot Flow

There are sins of omission and commission in regards to Truth. We involve ourselves in a sin of commission when we lie, since a lie, given for whatever reason, and made either to ourselves, to God or to another person, is the result of a desire on our part to misrepresent the truth. A desire to misrepresent truth comes from an emotion within us that is in disharmony with happiness and God’s Laws (even the Laws of Natural Love), and it is this emotional cause we need to find, address and release before we can act with a pure desire.
We involve ourselves in a sin of omission when we withhold the truth from ourselves, from God, or from others. When we withhold the truth, and fail to be open or transparent in our dealings with ourselves, others or God, since withholding the truth is also motivated by desires or emotions within us that are in disharmony with God’s Laws and happiness, we will need to find, address and release these emotional causes of our desire to withhold truth before we can expect to continue to receive God’s Love.
In other words, if we lie or even cover over the truth, and omit to be open and transparent with ourselves, God or others, then we are also involved in a sin of commission or omission towards Truth, and the result of that sin will be that we will break the connection with God’s Holy Spirit, and His Divine Love will no longer be able to flow into our soul.

Without truth, Divine Love cannot flow. Even if our own condition is not observable to ourselves, our Creator and every Celestial spirit is completely aware of every fault, error, belief, desire, passion, emotion and longing within us that is opposing our souls reception of God’s Love. They are all waiting for US to become conscious of the error WITHIN OURSELVES. I must emphasize this! God waits for US to
become conscious of the ERROR within OURSELVES before He can give us more of His Divine Love. It is our
responsibility to find the errors within ourselves, although we have the assistance of God, our Celestial friends, all of those in a better spiritual condition than ourselves, and also other synchronistic events involving any person or situation which can demonstrate to us our own errors. Our soul will attract the events and circumstances required to expose within ourselves our own errors, and this is one of the operations of the Divine Law of Attraction. So we need to come to see ourselves as we truly are from God’s perspective, rather than how we wish to be perceived by ourselves or others. One of the greatest causes of stagnation with regard to the reception of Divine Love is our personal desire to retain false mental concepts of ourselves in an effort to avoid a confrontation with our emotions of error within. Image