Cause and Effect – Think it’s real, your in for an big surprise I thought it was God’s fault and I cursed him out. (shit I think I’m in hot water with God)

The Law of Cause and Effect fundamentally is quite simple. The basic premise of the Law of Cause and Effect is this; that every single thing that ever happened, in other words every effect, had an underlying cause. So that sounds pretty basic to understand, doesn’tPhysical effects Now what we do most of the time is we then look at that from a very physical perspective? So for example if we get a sore on our arm develop, we look at that and that’s the effect of a cause. So what we do is we physically start examining the reason why that sore on our arm developed. And it may work out that we were deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral and all of a sudden the sore developed. And so we see there’s a cause, which was the deficiency in the vitamin or mineral, and we then take that vitamin or mineral and all of a sudden the sore start healing up and it goes away. And we go, “Great!” We found the cause of that particular event.  So this applies from a physical level and there are many events that have causes that are physical in nature. But the problem that we face is that we have a tendency as humans to only examine the physical level. And this is where we run into the main problem that we have, and that is while we are physically-centric, while our awareness centres around physical matters, we do not understand yet the true effect of the Law of Cause and Effect.
Spiritual effects This Law of Cause and Effect also applies spiritually. It has a spiritual level. Now if we’re talking about our body, we’re talking about our actual physical body. If I’m talking about my spiritual, I’m talking about my spiritual body in terms of what happens in my spiritual body. Now let’s look at the same thing happening with our spiritual body. Our physical body had a deficiency of a certain type of mineral or vitamin in my previous example that I just gave you and so the sore developed on my right forearm. Now if I have a deficiency of a certain mineral or vitamin, why does the sore develop on my right forearm and not on my left forearm or my left bottom or my right foot or whatever? What’s going on there? Why is it happening in the left side of a certain location? So we’ve got to understand that the physical part is not everything that’s going on because if it was everything that was going on, our whole body would be covered with the same thing and not just a certain location. So there’s obviously something else going on. So what a lot of spirits have done once they’ve passed over is they no longer have a physical body so what kind of centre do they have of their awareness?
Their spiritual body, so they now focus on the awareness in their spiritual body. So this becomes their level of awareness and then they start investigating and they go, “Wow, yeah, that’s why I got the physical sore when I was on earth, because in this location of my spirit body I see there’s an energy problem. There’s an energy deficiency that causes the flow of energy over my spirit body to actually create some kind of a vortex or hole there that then allows any physical manifestation of the deficiency to occur in that location.” So they start seeing a link between the spirit body and what’s happening to it. And they become aware of the spirit body. And they start seeing the effect in their spirit body and then they go,”Wow that means the mineral wasn’t necessarily the cause of my physical body problem at the time. What was the cause was this energy problem.” And what they do then is they focus their intellect in particular on fixing the energy problem in that location of their spirit form. And sure enough you can do that, if you really concentrate and you really try hard, you can actually do that. You can actually cure certain parts of your spirit body by using that method. And so then they go, “I’ve now found the real cause of that problem that I had when I was in my physical body and that real cause was the energy that was flowing in a certain location and what was going on there.”
The real cause is the soul And they still have not found the real cause because there’s this third element that we’ve got to factor in to everything, and that is our soul. And our soul is the most powerful of all of God’s creations. One thing that you’re not yet fully aware of in terms of your own emotional awareness…. now many of you intellectually are aware of this, but emotionally yet to be aware of is that your soul is actually more powerful potentially than the sun.Your soul is able to manage more or higher amounts of energy than the sun can actually emit. You understand? This is your potential. So it’s not what we’re doing right now, obviously. But it’s our potential. This potential of the soul. Now when we become fully aware of the soul we start understanding its true power and nature. And we start seeing how the Law of Cause and Effect actually is created through what is happening inside the soul. So, in the previous example I gave, physical body had a deficiency of a certain vitamin or mineral in a certain location on my body and all of a sudden the body developed into a sore.
I fed myself the mineral and it cleared up. And then when I passed in the spirit world and I looked at that event, I saw that actually my spirit body, even now I’ve got rid of my physical body now, my spirit body still has the same problem in the same location. And I’m going, “Why is that? I can’t take a mineral now and fix that particular problem.” So I go through this process of discovering about the energy systems of my body and developing the energy systems of my body, and I’m able to repair my body that way, still using my mind to sort all of these issues out. Not understanding that the true cause is actually something that’s even deeper than that. It’s actually something that’s going on in my soul.Now if you look at it from a physical perspective, if you imagine your soul encompassing your two bodies, which are basically at this point overlaid each other.The spirit body and physical body are overlaid and enveloped by the soul GOD’S LAWSTHE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT JESUS (AJ MILLER)  One’s a physical body, one that you currently see, and one’s a spirit body, which only spirits can currently see, or you can develop your spiritual body’s eyes to see yourself. And then you have your soul, something that you can’t see and the spirit body can’t even see, enveloping or controlling these bodies.Everything that happens is because of what is in the soul So everything that happens to these bodies – any accident, any event, any attraction, any relationship, any physical harm, any health problem, everything that happens, happens because of what is in the soul.
Now the Law of Cause and Effect has many aspects to it that we need to investigate. Now one of the aspects that we need to investigate is how do we go about addressing the effects of certain things? For example, on the previous comment that I made, I suggested to you that the soul controls every accident that happens to this body. It controls every accident that happens to this body. So you walk along, stub your toe; soul controlled that. You walk along past a bush, there happens to be little prickle on the side of the bush, you scrape across and you get a little scrape across your skin. Your soul controlled that.You’re out playing footie or basketball and the ball drops on your nose. The soul controlled that. Most of us will go, “No, no the other guy threw it at me.” No, no, your soul controlled that as well. And then you’re driving down the highway and your left front tyre just blew out. Your soul controlled that. That’s what I’m suggesting. And what we need to do is we need to understand how it controlled that because we can deal with the effects. So if the front tyre blew out… on the side of the road, we undo the tyre, put in the spare.
 Your soul controlled that.And so, you know, we ring up the RACQ, if we’re a member in Australia, and they come out and sort out the issue for you and your soul controlled that. And if you weren’t a member and you’re sitting on the side of the road thumbing a ride for something, your soul controlled that. And what I’m suggesting to you is that every single effect of every single thing that happens in your life at every single moment, whether you are in the spirit world or on earth, your soul controlled that. So that is quite an interesting idea, isn’t it? That your soul controls all of these things! Now how does that relate to the Law of Cause and Effect? Well the Law of Cause and Effect also has this side point to it, which is very important to understand and that is this; that if I attempt to fix the effect I will automatically be creating another effect.Fixing the cause will change all related effects But if I address the cause, all effects related to that cause will automatically change. So let me illustrate how that works, shall we? We’ll go into how that works. By the way, ask questions at any time, so fire away if you’ve got questions. Yep? Okay. So remember what I just said, I said that if we focus on dealing with or solving the effect we will in fact create another effect that often will be of a similar nature or even worse nature. But if we deal with the cause then all effects associated with that cause automatically are dealt with, they’re all solved, they’re all resolved. Treating physical effects with medicine is not addressing the cause Now, let me give you the illustration.
I used to get really sick once a month on the average, for a week. Everyone used to say that I just had a very poor immune system. My mother used to get really worried about me when I was young because I had such a poor immune system. I spent a good week of every month home in bed and often a couple of weeks of every month home in bed being sick. And it would be usually a combination of asthma, a virus of some kind and a number of other things all happening at the same time. And so quite often I would be staying home from school dealing with all of these effects. [00:15:26.09] And like quite frequently, I would get very, very bad hay fever. Many of you have had bad hay fever, yes? How many of you have ever had bad hay fever? It’s very uncomfortable, isn’t it? So I used to get that all the time when I was a child. And so eventually the doctors gave me antihistamines. And that helped a lot, I’d take an antihistamine and the effect would disappear for 4-8 hours on the average. Since I was a child I couldn’t take another one usually for the whole day which meant for the other 16 hours of the day everything was just still running out of me.
GOD’S LAWS – THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT JESUS (AJ MILLER) And I had no idea what the cause was. I was a child, and I had no idea about God’s Laws about cause and effect, and my mother and father had no ideas about the Law of Cause and Effect, so of course they went for the physical solution. But the physical solution just created more effects. And in the end I got to the stage where I became almost allergic to some of them, and so what wou
ld happen is I’d have to stop taking them and then find another one that I could take and so forth.  Eventually I’d run out of how many I could take and then I had to get back to just dealing with the effect again. And it was pretty constant. So that’s why most of you still see me carrying around handkerchiefs, which is a very old fashioned thing many people say to do, and yet I for some reason still carry around two. And what I find happens now is they do get used but not by me. Usually they get used by someone who’s crying that I’ve caused to cry. So I give them my hanky. So I have a supply of about 100 hankies at home because I generally lose them in the process. But not for the same reason I used to have when I was younger. So what I was doing, and what my mother and father were doing, was trying to cure the effect by using a medical means.

AJ and Mary