Padgett – Assisting Spirits


Padgett, and asked permission to write, which was granted and she wrote that she wanted to know

why these spirits were so much brighter than she was, and wanted to know how they obtained their glory and beauty. She recognized that though she was a very bright spirit, but she was not as bright as they were in comparison. Like pale moonbeam as compared to the brightness of the mid-day sun. This Princess, after asking questions of Mr. Padgett was told to go with the Celestial Spirits who would instruct her in what she needed to know about the Higher Love which was greater than what she possessed of the Natural Love in the pure state.Which is the Divine Love that is the Greatest Attribute of the Heavenly Father and is separate and distinct from the Natural Love, even in its purest state, for it is that Love that is the very essence and substance of the Father, while the Natural Love that she possessed in a pure state was not.

Saleeba took the advice of the Celestials and has now advanced to the Celestial Heavens. She wrote through Mr.Padgett some time later and said, that she was now writing her friends in the Sixth Sphere and telling them all about what great happiness she experienced after obtaining the Greater Love in her soul, and urged her friends to pray to the Father for this Great Love.

The soul progress of those spirits who at one time were in darkness and through prayer to the Father advanced to the Kingdom of the Perfect Natural Man by developing their Natural Love free from the perversions, by exercising a mighty will to love those who despitefully use you and living up to moral precepts and renunciation of sin and error, they find it is a long experience of expiation. It has taken centuries for many of these spirits who are now living in this Kingdom of the Sixth Sphere of the Perfect Natural Man. And since ithas taken them so long to reach this sphere, they become stagnated as a result of the purifying process that they passed through.

With what has already been explained to you, you can realize how important it is to learn about Jesus teachings:”The Way the Truth and the Life” and through prayer obtaining the Higher Love, the Divine Love, that when possessed by the soul you partake of the essence and substance of the Father which transforms the soul from theme rely natural man into the Divine Nature of the Father. So that when you become in full possession of this Divine Love you have obtained this Great Free Gift and are “Born Again,” as Jesus told Nicodemus. Because this love comes from God by His Holy Spirit which is that part of His active energy held most sacred. Holy andMerciful, for it conveys into the receptive soul “His Divine Love” and transforms the soul from the human and natural man into the Divine Nature of the Father. And as you obtain this love in increased abundance, sin and error must decrease. For sin and error cannot fill the same part of the soul at the same time.

Jesus taught: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added unto you.”Then love to God and fellowman will follow as naturally as the dew falls from Heaven without effort or sacrifice. Jesus also taught that when you obtain the Divine Love in that abundance to enable you to enter the Celestial Heavens,you have then partaken of the Divine Love to that degree that makes you a part of His Divine Nature and there will come to you the consciousness of knowing that this Immortal Love of the Father has given to you that Immortality and the certainty that the decree “dying thou shall die never and cannot be pronounced upon you.”

This is the Immortality that Jesus brought to light, when he told Nicodemus, you must be born again. Which is the New Birth. And to become Immortal you must know what is immortal and possess it. God is the source of Immortality and unless we seek that source by obtaining this Immortal Love of the Father, we cannot have the consciousness of knowing we are Immortal.

Only as we obtain the Father’s Divine Love in sufficient quantity, will there come to us, throughout all eternity, as we obtain His Love in increased abundance, we will never cease to progress nearer and nearer to the Fountainhead of the Father’s Great Soul. Increasing in glory and beauty and joy and happiness for all eternity. Should we not thank Him with all our hearts and souls for having bestowed upon us His children such a great