All Spirits suffer from the Law of Compensation

All spirits suffering under the Law of Compensation find in the memories every act and deed of their earth life. They keep their own records, not an angry wrathful God keeping their records. When their conscience becomes awakened, only then do they become their own judge and executioner. Their conscience tells them they have violated God’s laws of harmony and until they get into harmony with His Laws they suffer the disharmony which causes the suffering.

As I have already said, they need the New Birth. When this Divine Love enters the soul, it radiates through the spirit body and there comes to that body a radiance of glory and beauty and wonderful feeling of joy and happiness beyond mortal conception as the spirit rises into a beautiful sphere,
where there are spirits who have obtained the same degree of the Divine Love that the spirit has, who has just entered the sphere, that was open to it.

All souls are subjects of the Father’s creation, but no soul, at its creation was ever created with the Divine Love, but only with the natural human love. When men say or believe that they are created with the Divine Love or as
some say that they have a Divine spark within them, which they can develop by following moral precepts, and renunciation of sin and error, turning from the evil and seeking the good and pure, and etc.

This belief was taught before Jesus made his advent on earth. Many spirits had made their progress by developing their natural love, free from the perversions of this natural love and reached the Kingdom of God–and became the perfect natural man of the sixth sphere. These spirits are wonderfully happy and beautiful spirits and have become like the first parents before their fall.

However, these spirits in the sixth sphere are in a condition of stagnation because of the purifying process that they have passed through. Many of these spirits are stagnated in this sphere for many centuries and will continue to be so, unless they are willing to listen and take the advice of the Celestial Spirits who come from amuch higher sphere, known as the Celestial Heavens, where Jesus lives, and these Celestial Spirits often visit the Kingdom of the Perfect Natural Man to let them know that they have the privilege of progressing into a higher and a more beautiful heaven, than the one in which they now live. But, so many of these Natural Love

are so satisfied with their own surroundings that they refuse to believe that there is a better place or more beautiful than the one they live in. The spirits who have their Natural Love developed to a pure state and have been stagnating for many centuries, find that their souls become hungry for something more and “They know not what.” It is only then that the Celestial Spirits are able to tell them — what that great something is — The Divine Love of the Father
This Great Divine Love which they never understand and did not pray for, was explained to them by the Celestial Spirits and encouraged them to pray to the Father for the inflowing into the soul longing of the real living existence of the Divine Love of the Father. And when these Natural Love Spirits are willing to accept this truth and pray for this Great Free Gift of Divine Love, only then will their progress into the Celestial Heavens
be assured.