Painful sure Love is, but why do you let it control you?

So did you get to know each other a little? Awesome! I don’t know what you feel when you meet each other, but sometimes I feel like, “I’m sure I know this person. I’m sure I’ve had something to do with this person.” And for most of us we certainly have had something to do with each other because of meeting in the sleep state at different times. So  we’re ready for our next subject? Well let’s talk about this subject, Lessons in Love. This is a part of a series that I started when I was in Australia, talking about the different types of lessons in love. What we’ve already covered in Australia is lessons in love to do with loving yourself, and lessons in love to do with loving others. And today I’d like to cover this subject, Love has  power over evil. And I’ve purposely used the term evil because I’d like to define it, if we can do that. But if you think about the contrast between what the world’s views about love and what the world’s views about evil, what would you come up with? So if we compare what the world’s views of love and what the world’s views of evil, are in terms of their abilities to overcome the other, what are the basic beliefs you can see that the world has about love? Is love powerful enough to overcome evil?

No. The world’s view of love Most people on the world would say no. So what do they view love to be then? So love is sweet, insipid some would say, what else? Weak, vulnerable, caring, chancy, risky, shall I use the term risky? A fabrication of the mind! Many  a very strong condescension towards love. It’s for suckers. So what would you say if we use a less colloquial term? For fools, love is for fools. So foolish, conditional, love is blind, yes, impractical. Love is power, but does the world view that?

Because if love was power…  Participant: The ego mind would say power was that you could force people to do things but love is the power to create. Yep, but do most people on the planet believe that? I would say most people on the planet don’t believe that. Unreliable  is what a lot of people believe. How many of you have had an unreliable love in your live?  Participant: It’s painful.
Painful, yes!
Participant: Sacrifice. Sacrifice, yes. Fleeting, yes. Hurtful, yes. (AJ sings “Love Hurts”) Irrational, very good. Overwhelming… do most people let themselves ever be overwhelmed by love? Instead what do they say? There are different things people say about not letting yourself be overwhelmed by love. If I just extend this idea a bit. How many of you allow yourselves to be overwhelmed by the love you feel? on a day-to-day basis. So that would tell me that there is a different viewpoint of love than it being overwhelming. So I do feel that for many of us, if we felt love fully we would be overwhelmed but most of us try to control that. We don’t want to be overwhelmed. We want to be in control. So there’s an issue there.Imageul