Evil does it control you with Love I bet it does. Why do you let it?

How do we see evil?
Participant: Powerful. Self-centredness. Selfishness.
Right, so selfish.
Participant: Scary.
Participant: Cruel.
Participant: Powerful.Powerful.
Participant: Manipulative.
Manipulative, Controlling, Inevitable, Yes. Omnipotent.
Participant: Eternal.
Yep, it’s going to be around forever.
Participant: Enduring. Victorious.Yeah. We’re often totally petrified of it, are we not? Yep. So we see it as threatening. Participant: Personified in some being. Right, so we relate things like the devil, demons to such a concept, don’t we?
Participant: Strong.
Participant: Harmful. Filled with lies and deceit.
Can you automatically start seeing a pattern here that there’s a duality we feel about it, can you see that? So what’s the
duality that we see about evil? On one hand we see it as powerful, controlling, the way of the world. On the other hand we see it as terrible, scary, like can you see how we sort of have this almost like a love hate relationship with evil? Can you see that? When we talk about love, we sort of look down upon love in our souls but when we talk about evil can you see we almost have an adoration for it in some way? As well as a scary feeling whenever we think of it! It’s sort of like we admire it but at the same time hate it. Yes? That’s how we often feel about evil.
Now can you see straight away that it’s going to be very, very difficult for me, if I have these concepts about love, and this concept of evil, to ever believe that love has power over evil? Do you see? And my whole emotional state is going to be that I am going to be frightened at the thought that love could possibly have power over evil. I’m actually going to be actually terrified of accepting that concept because every bit of evidence that I think I’ve seen in my life seems to tell me the opposite; that evil is the thing that has power. That evil is the thing that controls. Evil is the thing that
demands its acceptance. Image