Bringing our Free Will into Harmony with love Emotionally

Now remember all of this discussion today is not about using your intellect to get out of the situation but you can certainly use the intellect if you want to act more loving to yourself.

In other words, every single time a decision comes to you, you could say, “Is this in harmony with Free Will?” or, “Is this not in harmony with Free Will?” Now every time you made a decision that would be pretty complex, wouldn’t it? Particularly with how many decisions you make in a day, having to ask that question on every single decision. “Should I go via Sandgate Road or should I go…? Is this in harmony with my free will?” Things start getting very complicated when you start asking yourself these questions at an intellectual level.

What I am saying is that every single thing that you do is a choice and you’re allowed to make any choice you want, however if you really want to deal with this bringing your soul in harmony with free will, if you’re following the Divine Path, what you would do is you would look at all of the emotions that you have inside of yourself that cause you to not follow your free will. And you would also look at all of the desires that you have or passions that you have inside of yourself that cause you to actually use your free will in a way that damages another person’s free will.

So what I would do is not start looking at this from an intellectual point of view, what I need to do is allow myself to settle into the emotions. The example of being controlled by another personSo every time I feel like I’m being controlled by another person, I am out ofharmony with the Law of Free Will. Every time I feel like another person is controlling me, I am out of harmony with the Law of Free Will. There’s an emotional belief in me that I’ve got to do what they are attempting to control me to do and I’m reacting to that emotion. What I need to do if I really want to be closer to God is release that emotion. So the emotion might be that if I don’t do what they want they won’t love me and I’m avoiding the feeling of being not loved.

That might be the emotion and all I really need to do is feel the emotion that nobody loves me, experience and release that emotionally, and all of a sudden I am now automatically not listening to a person who is trying to control me. You see a person can try to control you but if you are uncontrollable then it doesn’t affect you.

And the Law of Free Will is that you are uncontrollable; that’s the Law of Free Will. The Law of Free Will is that I’m allowed to do anything that I want, so doesn’t that make you uncontrollable? Totally! So you’re allowed to be uncontrollable. Of course every time you’re uncontrollable in an unloving way, there’s a consequence from one of God’s Laws, which will help correct you. But every time you are uncontrollable in a loving way, what will happen is you will have more joy, more satisfaction and more beautiful things happening in your life. So this is why we need to be uncontrollable more of the time.

Now what has the world taught us to do with the Law of Free Will? The world has taught us that we’ve got to suppress our desires and passions even if they are loving. And the world has also taught us that if we have emotions that actually cause us to not value our own free will, we’ve got to fight for ourselves and so what do we end up doing in that situation? What we finish up doing is we are in a situation where somebody is trying to control us and instead of feeling, “He can’t control me, I’m fine,” we feel like, “Grrr this person’s trying to control me.” We starting getting angry with them and want to control them back and sometimes we may even get violent with them to try to prevent them from controlling me. Either way, I’m breaking the Law of Free Will in my treatment firstly of myself and then of others.