Experiencing emotions

Experiencing emotions
Another aspect of God’s way concerns emotions. Emotions need to be fully experienced in order to be released. Now, a  lot of different paths on the planet talk about emotions, don’t they? Many of you have heard of EFT for example – Emotional Freedom Technique. This is where you do tapping on different pressure points on your body. If you are an acupuncturist or something like that you would know many hundreds of pressure points on the body where you can release certain things and you can actually tap certain places in your body and that causes you to actually get out of the emotional response.

Now while that may look very attractive as a way of dealing with certain emotions, do you think that Celestial spirits
go around tapping their body to deal with an emotion? Well, no they don’t. What they do is they fully experience their
emotions. Because they have fully experienced all their emotions, all the negative emotions in the body that created the initial response are gone and because they’re gone, there’s no need to tap anything anymore. Can you see the
difference? So when I fully experience and release an emotion, I no longer have a need to do anything to my body to
skip over that emotion or even access that emotion, because it has been released. So emotions are a very important part.

Now many of you would have heard of Brandon Bay’s Journey work, EFT, there are lots of different things – there’s
emotional intelligence work that a lot of people do. I have seen hundreds of different things coming out, particularly
recently. The reason why these things are coming out in recent times is because there are whole groups of spirits now cottoning on to the idea that you do need to release these emotions and if you can do it on the Earth before you pass, it’s going to leave you very, very free once you get into the spirit world because you will have already released a lot of emotions. The issue though is that often we are still not allowing the emotional experience of these emotions.