Laws Governing Our Love of Self

Today’s talk is part of the God’s Laws series of talks, and it is called Laws Governing Love of Self. Now last weekend I introduced the subject of God’s Laws in the talk “God’s Laws – An Introduction”, and it was more like a scientific discussion of those laws rather than what we would classify as a religious discussion of those laws. For example I described how the Law of Gravity and the Law of Aerodynamics are physical laws, and then we went through some of the moral laws, and then we went through some of the spiritual laws and how they all come together to actually govern your soul.

Now remember in that introductory talk we covered how these laws operate governing what happens to your soul and then the following day we talked about “Laws Governing your Love of Others”; in other words how you love other people. So for those of you who were present, we learnt a lot of things about how love is actually expressed. And you’ll notice in that discussion many of us probably felt quite surprised about some of the subjects we covered. I feel that most of you felt, “Wow, there’s a lot in loving somebody and there are a lot of different parts to love; it’s not just the feeling that we say we have but there are actually a lot of parts to this feeling of love.” Love has a lot of attributes and qualities of which the majority of us are often not aware, and often not aware for many years after we pass into the spirit world either. So we covered those laws covering relationship to others.

Today’s session is about covering the Laws of Love in terms of how it impacts upon our own treatment of ourself. Now one of the biggest problems we have in the universe today is that we don’t really know how to love ourselves. As a result of that, what happens a lot of the time is that because we don’t how to love ourselves, we finish up getting into this situation where we treat ourselves quite badly in our interactions with other people but we don’t even know it. And then because we treat ourselves quite badly in our interactions, there are laws that are broken at the soul level that then mean we experience pain. So the majority of us end up feeling like love equals pain. Now you think about that in your own life, how many times have you thought yourself to be in love and yet has it has
this terrible painful feeling that you felt maybe with a breakup of a relationship? Well love in its purest state does not feel that pain, so if I’m feeling some pain, then it means that I’m breaking some kind of Law of Love and there’s an emotional reason inside of myself that causes me to feel the pain. Now when you get to a condition of at-onement with God, all pain about love disappears so it means that any relationship you have in the future, no matter who it’s with, family, parents, children, husband or a wife or partner or a business relationship or a work relationship, all these
different types of relationships you can experience, none of them will cause you pain. But the basis of that is about how you display love towards yourself as well as towards others.
Now the reason why we covered others first is that most of the time most of us have little problem recognising our treatment of others, and that we often have a lot of difficulty with our treatment of ourselves. Oftentimes what happens with our treatment of ourselves is that we are either treating ourselves in a place where we feel we’re better or higher than or more important than others, which is actually an unloving way to treat yourself as well as others, or we believe ourselves to be lower and less than others and so we have a lot of really strong emotions about being less than and unworthy of others. Now either one of those states, feeling that we’re more than others or feeling that we are less than others is going to be a space where we are not loving to our selves or others. And there is one particular principle that we need to remember and that’s this principle.



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