Morals – Then there is another facet, this is a facet that is not very often considered, particularly on Earth. In the spirit world it is something that’s known very, very well, but here on Earth there is a tendency to skip over it. Although, if you look at every single spiritual path on Earth that talks about God, there is generally a whole list of you must, you must not things for you. So you must not murder, you must not commit adultery, you must not steal, and so on. We often refer to them if we come from a Christian background as the Ten Commandments. I have quite often heard from people, “I practise the Ten Commandments. That’s all I need to do in my interaction with others.” That is a part of coming to God to be frank, practising morals, but God’s perspective on morals and ours is very, very different.
Our perspective on morals is, as long as we act morally then it means we are moral. Most of the time that’s what we believe, “As long as I don’t murder, I am fine”. That means that I am free of that “murderous” emotion if you like. No it doesn’t actually. How many times, when you get into a rage, do you feel like throttling someone?

How many times do you even feel like murdering them? The only reason why you don’t is because; 1) they are not there in front of you or 2) there’s no weapon to do it with or 3) you know if you do that you will get put in jail yourself, or 4) you will get condemned yourself. As we go through the different reasons why we don’t, we start seeing that actually we do have murderous emotions inside of ourselves that we just don’t act upon.

God’s view of morals is that the murderous emotion is what needs to be released. So instead of having a list of you must nots that I actually don’t do, from God’s perspective there is a list, you could say, of ‘you must nots’, that you actually need to feel, not just not do. You have to actually feel them. So in other words, when I notice inside of myself that I have a murderous emotion towards somebody, on God’s path I need to look at the underlying emotional reason why I have this emotion, and I need to get to that emotion and release it before I can progress. Now you think about it, if someone has hurt me a lot in my past, getting to those emotions will be a pretty difficult
process, but it is something that is essential on the Divine Love Path. Remember yesterday in our discussion we talked about the morals of a lot of spiritual paths where they are very focused on free sexuality. That’s one area where you will have to deal with those emotions, with whatever is going on there, if you are on God’s path. God designed you to be completely sexual, but within a framework of love inside of yourself, which brings us to this other part, the sexual part of your life.
part of your life.