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Sexuality Now eventually on the Divine Love Path, you will come into a complete and permanent sexual union with your soulmate. What that means is that there will be permanent sexual feelings flowing back and forth between you. The soul union state is like an orgasmic feeling- 24 by 7. So you will have this complete sexual union happening all the time in your life.
To get to that place, means working your way through inter-gender emotional injuries about the opposite sex and about how you feel about your own body and your own sexuality. Now, for many of us that’s like a minefield, isn’t it? You look back at the different relationships you have had and the hurt you have got from this person and the hurt you have got from that person or you look at how your mum and dad think about things. There are many gay men and women who are not even ready to tell their mum and dad that they are gay, let alone somebody else. In fact they’d probably find it easier to tell somebody else other than their mum and dad, because there is often a lot of judgment, a lot of criticism about sexuality, a lot of shame.

We are going to have to work through all of those emotions on the Divine Love Path. Frankly it’s quite enjoyable to work through them, because every emotion you release causes you to be more connected with yourself, more connected to your own desires and if you were single, later on in a partnership more connected to your partner. We have so many inter-gender injuries and we have them over multi-generations. Each generation has these really
deep, deep issues with regards to sexuality. So can you see that if I am wanting to progress on the Divine Love Path,
this is an area of my life that I am going to have to heal, because God created you as a sexual being. A lot of people have this viewpoint of spirituality that it is not ‘holy’ to be sexual. You think about what people say about my life in the 1st Century, they said that I was a virgin all my life. It’s not true. I was a virgin till I met my soulmate and then we made love. So, what happens is that on this Divine path you will need to heal these particular issues within yourself, heal these particular sets of injuries.
Now, we can’t just skip over them. We are not going to be able to skip over our sexual injuries. When I say skip over them, one way we skip over them is we find a nice man or a nice woman who doesn’t trigger us too much. For example, if I am a woman who only wants to have sex once a month. Now compare that to 24 by 7 orgasms, you can see there are problems! 24 by 7 orgasm and you only want to have sex once a month! So there are some injuries in that gap there that you need to deal with. Now, if I am that woman, I’ll be very, very tempted to find a man who feels that sex is unholy or that sex is a bad thing. I’ll connect with him because he feels nice and safe and secure and he feels like he’s got everything together sexually. He loves my soul, he doesn’t just love my body, that kind of thing– in other words, he is working around my emotional sexual injuries. So it feels good, I can have a safe relationship with this man, we have a wonderful relationship, and we have a wonderful partnership. My question would be: ‘Yes but are you headed for 24 by 7 orgasms. Is that what you are headed for?’ If that’s not what you are headed for, and you don’t want to get there, then look at your emotional injuries, there’s something going on. You see, on the path to God you are going to have to look at those emotional injuries, whatever they are.

Then on the other side of that sexual coin if you could call it that, a lot of men have the injury that it doesn’t really matter what partner they have sex with. As long as they have sex, everything’s fine. Well that’s another set of emotional injuries, so they think 24 by 7 orgasm sounds really good, but, the problem is, they don’t care who it’s with and there are a lot of moral sexual injuries involved with that. So they will need to work their way through that because actually God designed you to have a sexual relationship with one person in the end and that would be this 24 by 7 relationship. It’s an incredible state to be in, but it takes work; working through different emotional injuries. So you can see, morals and emotions start tying into the sexual side of our lives and we need to start dealing with these different things.


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