Sleep-State what happens when you fall asleep

What happens when we fall asleep So here’s your physical body, here’s your spirit body and here’s your half of the soul. We are comprised of a half soul, a spirit body (SB) and a physical body (PB), which is attached to the spirit body by the

It’s just when you go to sleep this is what occurs. The soul and spirit body leave the physical body
So when you go to sleep your physical body is generally lying down and the spirit body, as you go to sleep, leaves
through the connection.

Normally the physical body and the spirit body are over the top of each other, but as you go to sleep there’s a connection that happens and your spirit body leaves your material body but remains connected to it via a cord, which is called your silver cord. And you could think of your silver cord as like a wiring harness that connects the physical body robot to the spirit body, and therefore to the soul, because the spirit body is actually connected to the soul.

So the soul still is capable of receiving input from the physical body, and this is why you might wake up in the middle of the night having to go to the toilet, because the soul is still capable of knowing what’s going on with the physical body and the physical body’s needs, but the primary area where it receives data from, if you could think of it like that, is now the spirit body.

The spirit body is a robot, if you like, and the soul is the container, which is yourself, and the spirit and physical bodies are just the spiritual and physical ways for the soul to collect data; to collect information; to have its life experience.

So once the spirit body steps out of the physical body, which happens when you go to sleep, the spirit body becomes the main centre through which experiential input is received by the soul. Because that is the case, now the spirit body is capable of having experiences while you’re asleep and when I say capable, for all of us it happens automatically. You’ll all have many experiences while you’re asleep.

Where the spirit body goes in the sleep state is dependent upon the soul’s condition
Now where the spirit body can go in the spirit world is dependent upon the soul’s condition. So if the soul is full of lots of very dark emotions and still has a lot of unhealed things to work its way through emotionally in regards to love, then the spirit body can only frequent the first sphere, and usually the lower regions of the first sphere. So in other words it can only frequent the hells.

If a person’s soul is in a 1st sphere condition it will only go to the first sphere during the sleep state
But if the soul condition has started to grow in love and actually has got to the point where fear is not dominant
anymore in the soul, and things like that, then there’s a potential, and you’ve dealt with different moral issues, there’s a potential of you being in the second sphere, and so the soul and the spirit body would frequent the second sphere if that is the case.

Now for the majority of people on Earth that is not the case. For the majority of people on Earth we
frequent the first sphere of the spirit world mostly.

Now in the first sphere we have literally thousands of planes, if you like, which go right down into the depths of
darkness that are so black that you even can’t see yourself. In fact you can only have your sensory apparatus by feelings because you can’t actually see anybody in the darkest of the locations in the hells. But right up to the top of the first sphere, which is Summerland, you can have an experience that’s very, very similar to Earth, and the different things that you experience on Earth are very, very similar to the things you might experience in Summerland at some point. That’s the first sphere where most of us frequent in our sleep state.

The first sphere has many planes within in that vary in love So we lay down, we go to sleep, our spirit body raises out of our physical body, and sometimes some of you experience that sensation of it happening before it actually happens and you come back to your physical body. Have you ever had that feeling? Where you’re going to sleep and you go, “Oh!” in shock almost; where you’re going to sleep and then you come back very rapidly. Well that is your spirit body leaving and then coming back very rapidly into your body, and there are reasons why that happens and we will talk about some of those reasons. But most of the time when we go to sleep that generally does not happen. We go to sleep and there is this seamless raising, if you like, of the spirit body out of the physical body and we now are attracted instantly to wherever our soul condition is attracted in the sleep state in the spirit world.
So if I go to sleep and I’ve got lots of fear in me I’m going to be attracted into a situation in the spirit world that is going to trigger that fear, as soon as I go to sleep. Can you see why some of you don’t want to go to sleep? If I’ve got a soul that’s full of anger and rage in my normal state, but I don’t admit to myself that I’ve got that, then I’ll be attracted to a place in the spirit world where that anger and rage gets acted out. If I’ve got a soul that’s been suppressed sexually in some way and has different emotions of sexual powerlessness, or a desire for powerfulness sexually, then I’ll be attracted to places in the spirit world where I can play that out. These are all in the first sphere; so these are all going to be in the hells somewhere in the first sphere. Can you see why many of us don’t want to remember our sleep state? It’s because most of us don’t want to remember what we’re doing in it, to be frank.

Participant: AJ, yesterday when you mentioned what you’re going to talk about today… I don’t have any memories of
my sleep state. Obviously at a soul level I do and I went into fear and got very emotional and started crying but I have no knowledge of my sleep state. Yep. So the question then becomes why are you so emotional about it, doesn’t it?
Participant: Yes.
And we’ll answer some of those questions in the discussion today.
Participant: I just wanted to say about yesterday, just thank you so much. You’re just an absolute inspiration and you
walk the walk, you don’t just talk about some stuff and do something else. You’re like this ship that’s just steadfast.
Thanks, Alex.
Participant: And I just love you heaps.
Where we go in the sleep state depends on emotions we are experiencing at the time
Participant: Just about the sleep state, I feel like where I go depends on the emotions that I’m in at the time?
Yes, definitely. Definitely, it’s very dependent upon a lot of things, which we’ll go through in a minute and it’s very
much related to discussion that I gave yesterday actually, “The Human Soul – The Facade Self”. Remember yesterday near the end of the day we listed all of the core fundamental characteristics or traits that we really need to get through our facade.

Remember we mentioned trust in God, faith in God, having personal integrity, courage; those kinds of qualities? Well
these kinds of qualities are also essential for you to actually develop in your sleep state. This is why I’ve put the two
discussions together, because I feel that what we learned yesterday is very much related to what we do in our sleep
state. What we do in our facade on Earth and what we do in our sleep state are very different to each other because of the facade that we live in on Earth. We need to understand the relationship between our sleep state, what we are doing there, and why different things happen in our sleep state each night.

In the end we want to become fully conscious of everything we’re doing. So in other words we can get to the point
where you remember your entire sleep state, from the moment of leaving your body to the moment of coming back to it  and you remember everything that you did. Now that would be pretty handy, don’t you think? It would be handy in a lot of areas as you’re going to find out today. So what we want to do is have a bit more openness to the understanding of what goes on when we are asleep.



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