An example of Christian spirits who have passed into a dark location

Participant: There is a group of souls with me that feel that their life experiences have caused a feeling of victimisation; in that they feel a limitation, limited, that they weren’t able to accept or experience more, and that determined where they now are and it’s not a place of light.
Yes, well the truth is after we pass we can still continue towards love even after we’ve passed. Many people don’t realise that when they pass. Imagine for a moment if you were a religious person in a Christian faith and you are taught that ‘if you are a good person you go to heaven’ and ‘if you’re a bad person you go to hell’. And what defines what is good, is what generally your church defines as good, and what is defined as what is bad is what your church generally defines as bad; or if we are
based on the Bible, what the Bible defines as good and what the Bible defines as bad.  So let’s say you are on Earth and you were practising with all of your heart that what the Bible said was good.

That was your life, which is where these spirits are. So they are feeling what the Bible says was the right thing and they tried their best to practise that given the circumstances they were in. Then all of a sudden you pass, and you didn’t know at the time  that where you pass to was actually a reflection of your soul condition and not what you did, although what you did was a part of your soul condition, but it is everything of what you did, your desires and beliefs and everything.  So let’s say one of the strongly held desires in this Christian faith or one of the strongly held beliefs in this Christian faith was that everyone who is not of your faith is condemned. Now that is a lot of judgement. Your soul has a certain emotion about this judgement and actually the judgement is not a loving emotion; I actually alluded to that in the first century when I talked about judgement being a damaging emotion. But many people they read the Bible and they go, “Yeah,

judgement damages the soul, I will skip over that – I don’t judge. It is only that you are condemned to death but that is alright. I will just continue reading…” There is no personal reflection of what’s being said even in the scriptures half the
time. So imagine for a moment all of your life on Earth was dedicated to a life of Christianity, you pass over and because of the emotions you held onto, you passed into the hells. What emotions would you feel? Well the very first emotion, generally, is rage. Generally it is firstly aimed at God and me, Jesus, thinking that somehow God and Jesus taught them inaccuracies, but that’s not true; if they read what I said in the scriptures and what I did actually say. I never taught them
an inaccuracy about it. In fact I actually alluded to that when I talked about an illustration called the rich man and  Lazarus, where the rich man who thought he was good on Earth passed over and he passed into the hells and the man that

he was mistreating on Earth he passed into the heavens. I have alluded to this all of the way through in the teachings in the first century. And so if they read the Bible differently they would see that these teachings that we are now teaching have been taught for two thousand years. But what they have a tendency of doing is not reading all of that with personal reflection because generally nobody wants to admit that their own soul condition needs work. In other words they don’t want to look in the  mirror and look how they really look. The problem when you pass is that when you look in the mirror you are going to find out how your soul really looks and a lot of times it isn’t that pretty. It’s often very scary. In fact a group of spirits came to us last week and described how different it was to what they were expecting.

So imagine if I don’t know my soul condition right now and I pass over, what happens is my soul condition will be exposed to me within a very short period of weeks. I will come to see what my true condition really is. And my true condition will be as God measured it, or as God’s Laws measured it, and not how I believe it to be. So many of those spirits have measured it by what they believe it to be when they passed, and when they passed now they had it measured
by what God knows it is. Participant: They are asking, “How can my own sense of ‘good’ be so used against me?” Is that the question they are asking? Well the only way that can happen is by our own sense of ‘good’ being flawed, and this is the problem for many of us. I have said this over and over again in these presentations, but one of the best things you can do for yourself, is to see yourself accurately, to see your true condition accurately. No matter how scary it looks,
no matter how bad it looks, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to see it accurately, to see yourself as you truly are. And when you see yourself as you truly are no one can hoodwink you about your condition, no one can convince you that your condition is better than it is nor can they convince you that your condition is worse than it is; once you allow yourself to see yourself. And the beauty of doing that while you’re on Earth is that you will not be forced into doing it or it won’t be a scary experience, I should say, when you pass.

So for many of these spirits with you, Jenn, they have not seen themselves accurately on Earth. You haven’t either, is that what you are saying?  Yeah and this is a truth that is for most of us; we all have the same thing where we want to see ourselves as better than we are or sometimes some of us want to see ourselves as worse than we are. But we are not very good at seeing ourselves as we really are and it’s as we really are that makes up our soul condition as God sees it. That condition in love will draw us to the place in the spirit world where we belong in the end.