Emotional Release

Emotional releases are only complete when we accept God’s Truth
The main reason people do not want to resolve things is their fear, and their fear is often present even when they are
having cathartic reactions. Unless the fear and the addiction that the fear creates is actually released from the person there
is no completion to the catharsis. If we go through a cathartic process without doing a second more important thing, then
we will not be healed, and this second more important thing is to emotionally accept God’s Truth about the situation. This
is what most people avoid. They want to believe that the emotion they experienced is actually a loving emotion to
themselves when, from God’s perspective, it is an unloving emotion.

If I can give you an example: I see many people cry when their partner leaves them. However, if they were in a condition
of love they would never cry when anybody leaves them. This is the problem. Our definition of love is out of harmony
with God’s definition of love and while I hold onto my definition of love, I will refuse to accept God’s definition of love
and therefore refuse the healing that comes from God. And this is the main reason that most people who have cathartic
release are still stuck in the same cycle as before

Layers of emotions within us
So let’s go through the emotion. Grief, this intense emotional experience, is covered over by fear. Fear is the layer that
suppresses the intense release. We are afraid of so many things. We’re even afraid of crying in front of another person,
we’re afraid of having this intense emotional experience in front of other people who then condemn us or judge us. These
are some of the fears that we have. On top of that we have a fear that we might even die if we feel and many other
extreme false beliefs, which are now fears. [01:29:14.00]
Before we experience this intense emotional experience we must allow ourselves to experience our fears, but most of us
have a huge resistance to feeling our fears. And so we create a set of addictions. Our addictions are created because we
want to avoid our fear and whenever our addictions do not get met, we get angry. Now unfortunately in many societies
even anger is not allowed. So we then suppress our anger and we become depressed. The primary purpose of depression
is to avoid our rage, which avoids our addiction, suppresses our fear, and prevents us from experiencing the
overwhelming intense emotion that will heal us. [01:30:53.25]

Because of this chain of events we then engage in trying to meet our addictions. So if we are lonely for example, we want
people to share in our lives and this helps us avoid the intense experience of loneliness. We are so afraid of our loneliness THE TRUTH ABOUT – REINCARNATION AND SPIRITS JESUS (AJ MILLER)






that we create an addiction that other people help us with our loneliness. This is an example of avoiding the underlying
feeling of grief, the intense emotional experience. 
Now this often happens both on earth and in the spirit world. So as a result many spirits pass into the spirit world still
with the desire to suppress their intense emotional experience. They have huge levels of fear associated with the possible
experience and they try to keep their earth-based hurt experience in the past. But when we do that our soul carries it
around like a dead weight and it will continue to carry it around as a dead weight until we release it. Image
Now engaging this process is much easier with God than it is without God. However as I expressed earlier, it is very
important when we do experience this intense experience, that we become open to the truth of our experience. This is
where most people fail in their relationship with God. They are unwilling to accept God’s viewpoint about love. For
example, in the example I gave earlier about loneliness, the person who wants other people to share in their life and who
is avoiding their lonely experience through that sharing will never come to recognise one basic truth from God and that is
that you are never alone. The reality from God’s perspective is that they are never alone and if they are unwilling to know
that then they can cry over and over again about their loneliness without ever healing i