God desires a personal relationship with each, I mean YOU YOU stop taking care of everyone else…He want’s you to pay attention NOW it’s your turn….

God desires a personal relationship with each one of Her children, and if the soul of each one of her children exercise
their will to desire this relationship and long for God’s Love to enter them, then this creates an openness in the soul of the
person and God’s Love can flow into the person. This is called the Divine Love Path of progression and in the first
century I called it the “Way”. The reason why I called it the Way is that it is the way God designed for us to have a
relationship with God. 
Once we begin receiving Divine Love, as we become aware and repentant of our unloving course of action, we can
release the emotions associated with the unloving course of action. God’s Love heals us of these particular problems and
we become incapable of acting in an unloving manner. So instead of having to try intellectually to be loving, we have
become loving through this interaction and relationship with God through our own repentance and humility. I call this
process the Divine Love Path. 
This path of progression is infinite and does not cease at the sixth dimension. As far as I am aware it continues forever
and as we progress further and further along that path we become closer and closer and closer to God’s nature. God is still
a separate entity to ourselves but we approach God’s beautiful expression of love. During this path of course we also meet
the other half of our soul. The other half embraces the same process as ourselves and we can re-amalgamate with our
soulmate in a condition of extreme brightness and love. That is the completion of the incarnation process. [00:45:47.02]
Now that completion is not possible if we follow this intellectual path and it’s not possible if we force our will to change
the unloving behaviour. It’s only possible through a process of feeling our emotions and having humility, a desire for truth
and a desire to feel everything that is in error. If we follow that path we have this beautiful future of everlasting growth. If
we follow the natural love path we are limited in our growth. So it is not about religion, it’s not about belief systems,
instead it’s all about love and how loving we become. We can retain belief systems and can continue to progress as long
as those belief systems are loving. But it cannot be our definition of love; it is only God’s definition of love. 
Now I haven’t yet explained re-incarnation, I’ve only explained the process of the very first incarnation. Are there any
questions you have about that process before I proceed with reincarnation? 
Mary/Chico: I have understood many things and I have understood suddenly that there are many seeds of bitterness
inside of my soul that I have avoided through my beautiful relationships with spirits and with the
Brazilian people. I had thought that I could grow in my love whilst still avoiding these things, but I
suddenly realise that my capacity to love these ones will be far greater if I heal these things. So I thank
It’s my pleasure. The interesting thing too is that it will not require such a strong force of will. Once these seeds of
unloving behaviour are removed then you’ll automatically be more loving. It’s almost like a relief. This is the trouble with
many religions on earth; they believe that they can force the will without changing the real cause within the individual as
to why they are unloving. And so they make a heap of laws, but all these laws are just ways to avoid the underlying
emotion that is still present. These religious laws become firmly entrenched and the people practising these religions
believe they are becoming more loving while the seed of their unloving behaviour remains within them. It’s a very
important thing to understand.
The second, and I feel even more important, thing to understand is that you can engage this process with God through
repentance, and allow the sincere feelings of sorrow to become present and receive Divine Love. That process will
transform the soul.


Once your soul is transformed to the extent that it can be and your soulmate engages this same process
too, then you can also have the beautiful future of merging with your own mate in a fully conscious state. 
When the incarnation process began, you were not conscious of your own relationship with your mate but by the time the
incarnation process completes you are fully conscious of your relationship with your mate. Historically no one on earth
has ever experienced that state, but we hope in the future to demonstrate that state on earth. But that is all the incarnation
process and not the reincarnation process.

So what I’d like to describe is the re-incarnation process.