Hello People – please love, even someone is Hateful…please love them back this is Ezme

I’ve chosen a field of work that focuses a lot on emotions and feelings. During my work I
have been experiencing what you have been explaining about the freeing feeling of when you release
your emotions. I’ve also observed that it’s not easy to help people during this process and many times it’s
hard for me to go to get help from people. Some of the reasons are pride, the ego and such things. I’d like
to know how we can help ourselves and other people. From listening to you it sounds simple but I’d like
some practical direction of how to help; how to heal the soul’s wounds. 
Firstly can I say it’s simple but not easy? Easy and simple are very different. The main reason it is not easy is that the
world in which we live is geared against emotions and in fact most of the time we condemn emotions of certain types, and
this of course prevents us being able to feel. 
What I would like to do is describe something that we need to understand about emotions. It’s based around one single
truth and I stated this truth in the first century many times. I’ve also said it many times in this life and very few people
understand me yet. I said you must become as little children to enter the Kingdom of God. What I meant by that was that
a child does not use its intellect in order to experience emotion; the child just has the experience. But as adults we judge
the child having the experience and we shut the child down from the experience. In addition what we do with the child is
then cause it to engage in addictions and these addictions help us personally as adults to overcome our own fears. And so
the child becomes manipulated into an environment where it is unable to experience its emotions as it would normally do.

The primary part of humility is to become like a little child with your own emotions. That is the basis of all emotional
understanding. Without that basic understanding everything that is said about emotions will be filtered through the
intellect and this intellect stops emotional expression. It turns it into an impure state and therefore the real emotion never
gets released. In addition our addictions cause us to desire only certain emotions and we reject other emotions that we feel
are not correct, or emotions that we feel are hard to feel, and this process causes us much damage. 
So what I would like to do just briefly is outline the process of dealing with emotions. Understand that this is not an
intellectual process but rather a process that has to be engaged with your feelings. Initially this takes much practice in
order to achieve because we always want to go back to our head and we want to avoid the feeling. So let’s just briefly
describe the basic flow of emotion.
It starts with grief. Grief is a much more powerful experience then sadness. It’s extreme expressed sorrow. It is not
sadness that is just sitting in yourself that you don’t express; grief is where you are overwhelmed with the emotional
experience of sorrow, extreme sadness that is fully expressed. When we do not express it we are just holding on to it and
we call ourselves sad but we are actually not releasing the emotion. We must go through a cathartic release in order to
Participant: So it’s not the pain of the world; it’s just your pain? THE TRUTH ABOUT – REINCARNATION AND SPIRITS JESUS (AJ MILLER)
It’s just your pain and in fact this is a very important point to realise. If you are experiencing the pain of the world, then
you’re avoiding your own pain. This kind of emotional pain will be an overwhelming personal experience. It takes you
over completely and after it is complete you feel a sense of wellbeing, and you know that you will never need to
experience it again. The emotion has been completely removed from you. 
Participant: There are certain cases where catharsis does not solve the problem. Sometimes a person goes through a
catharsis, expresses part of this emotion but they do not want to resolve it completely. Sometimes it
would be better to help them resolve it if they want to resolve it




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