Jesus refused to come to the United States because we are and will not Change we are not loving…..

Divine Truth Outline
Relationship With God – Understanding Your Emotional Self
Before we deal with subject, deal with unloving behaviour coming here

Most who listen are not changing
Most do not understand that they are not changing
Most are not changing because they have little understanding of “The Way”
Remember, it is the Way God designed for you to live the rest of your life
Most have little understanding of their real Emotional Self
Most who leave Divine Truth resist the process of developing their emotional self
Most who criticize Divine Truth do not wish to experience true emotional growth

For most, Understanding Their Emotional Self is a major problem

The Way You Currently;
see, hear, sense, taste;
analyse, think;
believe, imagine, desire, aspire;
see your-self and the universe around you;
live your life, interact with yourself, others, and God;
and feel your emotions;
IS completely out of harmony with “The Way” God designed you to be.

Note: If it was in harmony with “The Way” God designed, then you would already be at-one
with God, a loving individual all of the time, and in complete harmony with all of God’s

How Most Currently See Emotions
As a means to an end
The ‘end’ differs for each person, but it can be;
becoming at-one with God (which is actually not an ‘end’ but a beginning)
having a happy life (which is actually not an ‘end’ but a beginning)
enjoying good relationships (again not an ‘end’ but a beginning)
Most see this ‘end’ as a place with little emotion;
seem to believe in a permanently calm, serene, and peaceful life
seem to believe that thoughts will be the primary power
Most feel that emotions are something you will ‘deal with’, not live
They believe emotions are problematic

They believe emotions are something you go through rather than live
They do not believe being an emotional being is the end result

As a process
Keep on hearing ‘show me what to do and I’ll do it’
Want ‘instructions’ rather than living a Way of life
I am showing you what to do every day, but very few do it
This indicates you do not truly understand the ‘end goal’, what you will become Relationship With God – Understanding Your Emotional Self

Emotions & The Way
With respect to the Way, there are two parts to emotions;
Part 1 – Living being connected to God emotionally
Impossible to be at-one with God from an intellectual standpoint
It is impossible to connect to God intellectually
The intellect is only the brain of the spirit body
The ‘soul’s mind’ is its emotional core, the intellect is a tool of the soul’s mind
God is the Constant Emotional Being
Connection to God is only possible by becoming a constant emotional being

Living as an emotional being in harmony with God’s Love
Impossible to be connected to one-self from an intellectual standpoint
It is impossible to connect to other souls intellectually
Living in harmony with God’s Love is impossible intellectually
You can only exchange information intellectually
Thinking ‘thoughts of love’ only benefits when those thoughts translate into emotions
Emotions allow you to exchange feelings, love, truth
Emotions allow you to truly live and experience life
Emotions allow you to become the person God created you to be
For emotions to benefit you and others, they must in harmony with God’s Love

Proper Understanding Of Emotions
Living emotionally
Emotions are not the means to the end Emotions are a major part of the “Way” you will eventually live
Without them, you will

Without emotions, it is impossible to; know God become at-one with God

Know or understand yourself
know or understand someone else
have a real experience of anything
‘understand’ anything about the soul
truly live and experience life
truly understand the universe in which you live exchange feelings
progress beyond the 6th sphere or dimension to sincerely grow and change

Your Attitude To Emotions
You will not:
invest in your emotions
identify with emotions
involve others in feeling your emotions with you
be afraid of your emotions
be afraid of others emotions
Relationship With God – Understanding Your Emotional Self

You will:
feel that emotions pass through you and do not stay with you
feel that you are what you feel while you feel it
feel that you are not permanently what you feel
feel that having others ‘share’ your experience cheapens your experience
feel that emotions are openheartedly welcomed
feel that when others are emotional they are being real
feel that emotions need to be in harmony with Love in order for a connection with God
to be maintained
feel that emotions our of harmony with love must be experienced to be released
feel that growth is impossible without the experience of emotions
feel that a loving condition is impossible without emotions in harmony with Love
feel that nothing can change while unloving emotions are maintained within
feel and honour your own emotional experience

Your Attitude To Progression
Thinking Growth involves;
thinking you have dealt with something when you have not
thinking you have changed when you have not
thinking you have changed when from God’s viewpoint you have not
having intellectual realizations without accompanying emotional experiences thinking you know things you do not feel thinking you know things you have not experienced thinking you are more loving without having an emotional release of the unloving
analysing law of attraction events with the mind only without emotional understanding
or connection incorrectly identifying injuries or not understanding the truth of events or your own condition

If you are thinking growth, when you are placed in a difficult situation, you
will probably revert to your own historical unloving behaviour and feelings

Truly Growing involves;
becoming a complete 100% emotional being (like God)
receiving God’s Love (an emotion of God) allows transformation of your own emotion
becoming a being with emotions that are only loving
feeling and expressing feelings and emotions 100% of the time
responding to events, people and truth in an emotional way
discovering the truth of your childhood and current life through feeling emotions
understanding the world, yourself and God emotionally
allowing the release of unloving emotions without acting upon them

If you are truly growing emotionally, when you are placed in a difficult
situation, you will always act in a loving manner automatically
Relationship With God – Understanding Your Emotional Self

Desire To Love
Feel Your True Desires
Most people are basically selfish in their desires
Most people are basically narcissistic (hence facebook, twitter etc)
Most people have little desire to love
Most people barter their addictions, and call that ‘love’
Most people cultivate only a desire to get their addictions met and avoid discomfort
Without a sincere desire to love you will not grow or change

Love is an emotion
Our desires must be purified in order to become at-one with God
Cannot love without the experience being emotional Without the emotional experience, Love is just a word with no meaning

Growing Emotions Of Love
Choices you make are based on your desire to Love, not to avoid (due to fear)
Choices are made to cause you to become a more Loving emotional being Choices are made to stop being a fearful emotional being
Choices are made to release the negative emotions by feeling them
Choices are made to give the love you feel for others to them

Removing Emotions Of Fear
Fear is the reason we do not love
Fear is also the reason why we resist and oppose the Truth
Removing emotions of fear is an essential process if we are to become loving

Everytime you are angry, resentful, want to blame (yourself or others) you are not allowing the removal of emotions that are based in falsehood and fear