Is there karma?
Participant: Why does God allow spirits to take advantage of innocents? Is the reason karma? Why do these people go
through these situations? Image
Firstly I have not said there is no karma; I’ve only said that there is no reincarnation in order to work through karma. What
you call karma, the spirits in the higher spheres of the spirit world call the Law of Compensation. Every single person
who has ever lived will need to pay the penalty of their own unloving behaviour. Many times the penalty is instant. Just
like I described yesterday in “The Truth About – God”, when you step off the big tall building and you have gravity,
there’s an instant response. So when we act out of harmony with love there is an instant result on our soul, which at some
point in the future will have to be paid for. Now many of us pay for it instantly in that we get a bit older, we get a bit
sicker, we have accidents and these are all normal results of breaking the laws.