Our soul condition actually creates our own death.

Our soul condition actually creates our own death. The time of your passing and what happens when you pass and how you pass and why you pass that way is all controlled by your soul condition. So can you see that if you change your soul condition you can also change what will be happening when you pass? The when and the why and the where and all of those things will change as your soul condition changes.
Now the reason why spirits in the spirit world can predict to people on Earth when they are going to pass to a large degree of accuracy is because most of us are not changing our soul condition very much. And, when our soul condition becomes
very stagnant without there being much of a change that means that our life, and therefore our future life, becomes very predictableSo if you imagine for a moment a graph showing the progress of time and the growth of our soul condition in a positive direction. Zero is neutral with regard to love and there is also negative in regard to love. Let us say we incarnate on theplanet, we are bombarded with a lot of our mum and dad’s emotions right at that moment; a lot of their unhealed fears and their unhealed terrors and all of their unhealed emotions. So what happens we start off in our life, maybe, quite low with SPIRIT LIFE – WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE JESUS (AJ MILLER)

regard to our condition of love and over a period of time, we may slowly, grow. But then, there might be some things that happen in our lives that cause us to get really down and negative and maybe even quite angry, and so we go downhill a bit, and then we turn that corner and we come up a bit. But for many of us what happens is we are not even yet in a neutral place with regard to love, let alone positive by the time we finish up passing.

A person my fluctuate in their condition of love throughout their life on Earth but not grow a large amount in love overall. Now all of that condition of what happened to us creates these experiences, and the beliefs and desires and emotions that
are retained in our soul; and it is that condition that creates the timing and the location of our passing.