Soul progression through the spheres of the spirit world

One of these milestones is becoming aware of God, and through the first seven dimensions of existence a spirit will eventually become aware of God. If that spirit then engages in a relationship with God they can make the transition
between the seventh and the eighth dimension. In the first century I called that transition becoming at-one with God. Once a person becomes at-one with God they are able to continue to grow, but growth greater in the seventh dimension is not possible without God.

It is important to understand though, that progression is possible without losing your physical body. So you can progress while you’re on earth or in the spirit world. You do not need to leave the physical life in order to progress through these dimensional existences. And as you progress through these physical existences you will become aware of them even if you’re in the physical life, and so then it becomes easy for you to converse with people who are living in those particular locations. Chico, when he was on earth, communicated with some of these people in these different locations, as do many
other mediums that you’ve heard.

So now what I’m describing is our progression, not our death. Remember that death is the action of us really not progressing to the right extent, and what I mean by that is that death occurs because of the degradation of our soul. For
some people, dying is not due to the degradation of their own soul, but rather the conditions that surround their soul. So for example a young child may die for a different reason than an older person dies. But if a person grows to an older age,
the only reason they start getting sick and die is their soul condition, and this specifically relates to their condition in love from God’s viewpoint; not from their own viewpoint.
There are two ways that we can progress in love, and as we progress in love using one of these two ways, we will eventually transfer or go through different dimensional existences. If we progress without God and without a personal
connection with God then we will be limited in progress to the sixth dimension of the spirit world. From then on our life experience becomes lateral. In other words we start experiencing many things without actually growing in love.

continue growing in love beyond the sixth dimension and to make that transition between the seventh and eighth dimension, becoming at-one with God, you have to actually have a personal relationship with God. And then we can continue to progress up until the 36th dimension. There are many unique transitions between each of the dimensions, but between the thirty fifth dimension and thirty sixth dimension there is a special unique dimensional transition because it involves the two halves of the soul making the transition together. All of the other transitions up untilt his dimension can be made by one half of the soul alone, but the particular transition that occurs between the thirty fifth and thirty sixth dimensions cannot occur unless both parts of the soul do it together.

At this point in time the soul becomes a complete unit again and you can say that there is a completion of the incarnation process. Once the soul is in the state of completion of the incarnation process it no longer needs the spirit body that was
connected to it because the soul is now combined, and as a result it can now experience the universes without needing bodies. Once it obtains that condition it is possible to reincarnate and it will remember all of the process of gaining that
condition. In other words, unlike the teaching of reincarnation currently on earth where most people are taught that they will not remember their previous life, this soul remembers every single second of its life. So once we have obtained this
condition we can describe the process of reincarnation