Spirits’ feelings and responses to the discussion

Can we get the message from the women in the spirit world? And then we’ll engage more questions. 
Mary: So what happened was that the women went away and they started to deal with lots of these feelings that
were coming up for them and there were other spirits that were observing the interaction that we had. One
of the spirits was someone who spoke with us last night, but I felt very nervous to channel him today, and
that was Chico Xavier. So after we had the discussion with the women, many of whom felt that they were
guiding the people in the audience in their lives, Chico became very impatient. He wanted to hear the
truth, the full explanation, about reincarnation because he passed into the spirit world with this belief and
he has spent many years feeling lost and having questions because what he thought would happen didn’t
I explained to him that AJ’s desire was to give a full explanation about the spirit world and reincarnation
and he said after this discussion then he would like to speak with AJ personally but he could see it was
important to have the explanation. Then all of the women who were guiding the audience came and stood
with him and encouraged all of you in the audience to have the explanation because this would answer
many questions. But they wanted to say that they could see that each of you has a burning feeling inside
about your situation. So they’re saying to you to have patience, breathe and hear this full explanation.
They would also like to have it now and they can see that they need more information to answer
You see many of our questions are selfishly motivated. It is far better if we can get a complete overview of the subject,
which will answer many of our personal questions, and then we’ll be left with far fewer questions to answer. 
Mary: And Chico says he has waited such a long time for precious knowledge and after the explanation then he
would like to speak with everyone.  would you like to do that? Yes. So I think probably what we need to do now is have a break and then we proceed with
the discussion about reincarnation, as to how reincarnation can actually occur. Then we will give Chico the opportunity to
talk with you through Mary.