Spirits surrounding babies contribute to stillbirths and miscarriages

 Many miscarriages and stillbirths occur because of the emotional conditions in both the parents and the spirits that


surround the childatbirth. Before the time of birth, before the nine months has finished, often the amount of emotional 

influence upon the new child is so great and unpleasant for the child to experience that the child spontaneously miscarries.
As soon as the soul and spirit body of the child leave the physical body of the child, the physical body immediately dies.

Sometimes these events occur soon after birth and this is mainly the case because of spirits like those to whom we were
just talking. Many of the spirits are surrounding the child at the time of birth, trying to reincarnate back onto the earth
through this child and as a result these unpleasant connections cause the child itself to feel much distress. As the child
feels distressed it then feels like it does not want to stay on earth, and many times it dies soon after.
Participant: Maybe even after one month of pregnancy? 
Many times it can occur even up to two years after pregnancy and birth, but if the child has survived longer than two
years then often the child has become so used to the influence from the spirit world that the child accepts this as a part of