The process of incarnation – “The Truth About – Reincarnation” – The Truth About Reincarnation and Spirits:

The Truth About Reincarnation and Spirits: 
What we’re going to do now is – Mary will channel questions from Chico. If you can just forego your own questions for a
while, we will be able to have a very concise presentation about reincarnation and Chico can ask questions that he has had
for many years. In most cases it will cover many of your own questions. 
We’re going to be talking about “The Truth About – Reincarnation”.

The process of incarnation
To understand reincarnation we must first understand incarnation. The word reincarnation implies that it’s happening
again; we need to go back to when it happened the first time so that we understand what exactly happens. This is what
happens. Remember in the talk yesterday, “The Truth About – The Human Soul,” I described that God, who has
masculine and feminine qualities, created many billions of souls, all of whom have masculine and feminine qualities. But
the condition of these souls is such that they have no experience when they are first created. They have no self awareness,
they have no understanding of their free will and they are yet to understand themselves. And the reason they incarnate is
to gain these things. So during the process of incarnation they gain experience, they gain an awareness of their own
personality, they begin to understand how to use their own free will. And during this process they finish up coming to a
more complete understanding of themselves. 
To do this they must incarnate, they must come to earth and begin an experience. They come to earth first because God
created a human couple to be able to have sex in order to have a child. So when they engage in sexual intercourse a child
is conceived. At the moment of conception there are actually two bodies created, one body is a physical body and one
body is a spirit body, and one half of the soul connects to those bodies. That is the process of the incarnation. 

Incarnation occurs when a half soul attaches to a spirit body (SB) and physical body (PB) that have been created by a couple
having sex on earth

From the moment that the connection of the soul is made with the bodies, the child is experiencing. This connection
happens a few moments after conception, and most women can actually feel when they are pregnant at that moment. The
reason they can feel it is that they can feel the new child now surrounding them, and that is the soul of the new child
connecting to the bodies that have been created. 
Each body has a genetic code but each body is only a physiological system for the soul to express itself. The bodies are
not the real person. The real person is the soul. The bodies are just a way in which the real person interacts with the world
or the universe. The physical body is the way the body reacts with the physical universe and the spirit body is the way the
soul interacts with the spirit world. In the spirit world there are many universes that increase in love and therefore the
spirit body grows in its expression of love. 
But everything is dependent upon the soul. The soul is the real you, but it’s only a half of the real you. So every person
sitting here and every person who’s in the spirit world listening to this is only one half of the real self. The other half of
the real self is your soulmate and that person has their connection to their own soul. The two halves of the soul are always
in connection with each other, even if the people who are living cannot feel it

The two halves of the soul each have spirit bodies (SB) and physical bodies (PB), and are always in connection with each other
Mary/Chico: Is this also the same when you are in the spirit world? 
Yes it is exactly the same, with one exception: in the spirit world the physical body no longer remains connected since the
physical body has died. When the physical body dies it just becomes of the elements of the universe through a process of
decay. But as for the rest of our existence it’s identical. 

In the spirit world only the spirit bodies are attached to the soul
Mary/Chico: So this part of incarnation is to become self aware? 
Mary/Chico: Does this finish when we pass to the spirit world? 

No, it will continue for the rest of your existence. However there are certain milestones in your awareness that will occur.
These are very important times that occur in the progression that will become a part of your future life and without these
particular milestones being achieved further development cannot happen.