What Happens When You Die – 1

I want to do a series of talks with you firstly about the process of passing and then the process of what happens when you arrive in the spirit world, and what kind of things you may find yourself involved with there. And then I would like to go
through a discussion of what the hells are like, what the first sphere is like, what Summerland is like and then what the second sphere is like and the third sphere and the fourth sphere and the fifth sphere and the sixth sphere. By the time we
get to the sixth sphere, it is going to be fairly hard for you to imagine and then we will try to discuss the seventh sphere and what it’s like in the at-onement condition of the eighth sphere.
And as I go on in my own progression I will get better at explaining some of those things as well to you. So hopefully I will just keep on doing that until we get to the twenty second. (Laughter) But from the seventh sphere to the twenty second it is far better demonstrated to you than to actually talk about it. So hopefully by that stage I am in the stage where I can demonstrate those things to you.
So that’s a long term plan shall we say, it might take a few years to give you these talks in total, but we will start off with this one, the first one in the series, which is “What Happens When You Die.”
Some of you are quite mediumistic, and you are going to get prompted with a lot of questions from the spirit world during these talks. One of the main reasons why that is the case is because many spirits still don’t know what happened, even
though they have passed. I don’t mean that they don’t know that they are dead. They don’t know what happened and whyit happened and where they are now and why they are where they are now. They have never had any of those questions
answered in their entire life in the spirit world. Some of them have been in these places for thousands of years and never had those questions answered.

So many of you who are mediumistic will have some strange questions prompted to you from spirit people and my suggestion is to overcome your own fears, put up your hand and give them a voice in this discussion. Because one of the main reasons why I would like to discuss this subject is that the majority of people on this planet and the majority ofpeople still in the spirit world, in the hells, face one common fear, one common terror (even though we don’t like to admit it to ourselves or others, particularly when we become “spiritual”); that we are actually quite afraid of death. And many of you feel you are not, but when you actually start discussing it you will start feeling some of the fears rise within you about what actually does happen.
You see there are many false concepts of what happens when you die. Many of these false concepts have come about through different things that people have described. For example, some people have experienced the process of a near
death experience, in other words they have had a process where they have almost died, they have almost passed but the physical and spirit bodies have not yet disconnected from each other; what is called the silver cord has not snapped. And
so they have this metaphysical experience, which is a real experience that their spirit body has, that they remember and many of those experiences are very pleasant in nature. Some aren’t but many are. And it gives many a false impression of what life is going to be when they have passed.

Last weekend in Session 1 of this discussion, Brian had a number of spirits come to him and to ask the question: they had a near death experience when they were on Earth, before they passed, and they thought that because of that experience
they would pass into a really lovely place. When they actually passed they did pass into a really lovely place for the first few weeks and then what happened is they realised how they looked. After that they went to their real location in the
spirit world that was in a much darker position than what they imagined. There was a lot of fear and sorrow that they were experiencing about that, which they questioned us about last weekend.
The importance of understanding the truth about what happens when we die
So what we want to do is make sure that as many of us as possible on the planet, and preferably in the end everyone on the planet, understands what happens when you die; and really understands, emotionally, what is happening when you die. Because if we understood what would happen, our life might be very different in the choices that we make now

actually; for many of us that would be the case. Because for many of us the instant we die, we realise that almost all of our pursuits that we have on Earth are actually quite unimportant. Think about how much of your life is spent with material pursuits like getting a car, getting a house and paying for them. Getting the kids off to school, you going off to work, how much of your time is spent working – a lot of times in a job you don’t even like.

Now why do we do all of those things? Well a lot of times we do all of those things because in reality we are afraid to actually have our life and live our life in a manner that is harmonious with love of self and love of others. And what we
do instead is we make a lot of negative choices that impact upon our soul condition, which also impacts upon the life we live, but then also impact upon our future life when we pass. And we don’t realise how much of our life now impacts upon
our future life.

Our soul condition determines what happens when we die So the first thing we need to understand when it comes to what happens when we die, is that you are a soul and the spirit body and the physical body are just appendages of your soul.

The soul is the real us and it envelops our spirit body and physical body
Our bodies are just an appendage of the soul that envelops them. These bodies are just that. The physical and spirit bodiesare not the real us at all; they are only a reflection of the real soul condition, what is going on inside of the soul.

Now in our soul are our emotions, our passions, our desires. It is amazing how we reel all this stuff off, but we don’t honour our soul. How many times do you not honour your emotions in a single day? How many times do you not honour
your passion in a day? So, it is one thing to reel off what is our soul and go, “Oh it is our emotions, our passions, our desires, our intentions and all those things,” but it is quite another to actually start feeling, “This is who I am. I am this person who has this conglomeration of emotions, passions, intentions, desires but also beliefs, experiences”; all of these things become the sum total of what is within my soul. And our bodies are really superfluous except they are the method
by which we collect these experiences; they are the method by which we can experience the universe that we are growing
up in.

Attributes of the soul SPIRIT LIFE – WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE JESUS (AJ MILLER) So while we are here on the Earth, we are in the nursery of the soul. As long as you keep in mind while you are on the Earth that we are really just babies learning how to walk, that is really what we are doing here, you will be fine. As soon
as you forget that you are a baby learning how to walk and you think you are all grown up and adult, from then on you are not going to be so fine because you will start being more self-reliant then.

But if we remember that we are just children,
just growing up here, when we enter the spirit world you could say it is like entering grade one. For a lot of people that is what it is like. And then they go through the spirit world life and they start growing up and they grow to a “fully mature
adult”, shall we call it, which may take for many of them thousands of years. And we get to the stage where our soul even changes and our soul eventually unifies with the other half of itself in that twenty second sphere location. So there is a
huge amount of growth that we need to make.

Here we are in this spirit body and material body, and it doesn’t matter whether we are a spirit right now or we are in the physical body right now, the same principles apply because those two things are not the real self. The soul is the real self.
The real self has a collection of beliefs, emotions, passions, desires, longings and the collection of those things is called the soul condition. And it is very, very important to understand the soul condition because it is the soul condition that
determines exactly what happens when you die and afterwards. It is the soul condition that determines everything.

The attributes of the soul make up the soul condition Because all of God’s Laws are fixed and unmoveable. The only thing that can change is your own condition and therefore your own interaction with all of God’s Laws. So when my condition is of a lower desire of love or a lower state of love, I will have a totally different experience than if my condition is in a higher state of love. If my condition is a heightened state of fear and terror then I will have a totally different experience when I pass over than if my condition is in a lower state of fear and terror. And if I know what is going to happen when I pass into the spirit world, obviously that is going to be a lot easier on me when I pass than if I don’t know what is going to happen. Obviously the experience is going to be vastly different.

So it is my emotions, passions, intentions, desires, beliefs, in other words all of my soul condition that determines what happens when I die. That’s it, really.
Our soul condition is measured from God’s perspective, not our own
Now some of us will think, “Oh that is fine, that’s great, I think that’s a great idea. That means I have got total control of what happens when I die.” Well it is not quite like that unfortunately because your soul condition is as God measures it. It
is not the condition that we imagine ourselves to be in. This is very different because we can easily imagine ourselves to be in one condition but actually be in a very, very vastly different condition. SPIRIT LIFE – WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE JESUS (AJ MILLER)

Our real soul condition is measured from God’s perspective
And if it’s our real soul condition, as God measures our soul condition, in other words as the soul condition reflects love from God’s perspective and not from our own, that determines what happens after our passing, then it’s very, very important for us (if we really want to invest in our future as the saying goes) to understand what love is and how we can actually develop that condition.

There was an illustration I gave in the first century where a man continually built more and more things. What he did was he ripped down his old storehouses of grain and he built bigger ones and stuffed them full of wheat and all the other
things that he needed and animals and so forth. And that wasn’t big enough for him and so he tore all that down and built some bigger ones. Many of us in our lives are doing that in a way right now. Not very many of us want to move from a two bedroom place back to a little tin hut. We want to go from the tin hut to the two bed room place to the three bedroom place to the four bedroom place to the mansion in the end. That is the general gist of many of our desires.

In other words we want many of our desires to be material in nature and we want them to expand, we want them to grow, we want more enjoyment from our personal life. But what I said in the first century was, “You don’t know the time that
you are going to die.” One of the reasons why you don’t know the time is because there are so many soul-determining factors that determine when you are going to die. Now if you are at-one with God, you never have to die at all, that is also
a truth. So you don’t have to die but often there are external events that do finish up causing your passing just like it did in my first century life.

So sooner or later you will probably pass and you don’t necessarily know when you are going to pass, you might have a few days notice or sometimes a few weeks’ notice, but you don’t generally know when you are going to pass. So it would
make sense then to find out as much as possible about what is going to happen when you pass right now, would it not? Because if you don’t find out now when are you going to find out? Probably only after you pass and it is going to be a lot
harder then to find out the truth about what happens than it is to find out now and there are a lot of reasons why that is the case which we will explain.