The purpose of Incarnation is to Experience life and Learn

Participant: What is the reason for incarnation?

Why do some babies die when they are stillborn or a month old, while  others live up to a hundred years? 

The main purpose of incarnation is that we begin a life experience. During this life experience we learn about ourselves
and also about the universe that God has created for us to play in. So God provided, through Her love, this beautiful
process of learning how to discover yourself. This process begins on earth but continues through the rest of your existence
all through different areas; what you would call dimensions of the spirit world. And each dimension, including the
physical universe, has been created by God in order for us to learn things that the next dimension uses. Unfortunately
many people on earth never learn the things God intended them to learn on earth and so when they enter the spirit world
they find life very difficult for a period of time. 

Now sometimes that period of time is a short period of time, such as a few years. But for others, for example these spirits
that Mary just channelled, three hundred years may go past without them changing. This is the result of false beliefs that
are on the earth that are then carried with us into the spirit world. 
Many people on earth believe that when you pass over into the spirit world you automatically know all things, but this is a
very, very damaging untruth. Generally the only thing you know more than what you knew when you were on earth is
that you have passed, and that is it. You are no different to the person you were when you were here.