The Truth about Reincarnation and Spirits: Introduction

 The reason we have all four of us here today is that Mary is going to do some channelling for us,

I am going to speak to the spirits that Mary channels, Adriana is going to translate what I say and Isabella is going to
translate what the spirits say.
Mary: Let’s see how it goes

The big problem we will have is slowing down the spirits so that Isabella has time to translate them. So we’ll see how this  works. It’s an experiment.

The reason we wanted to do this today as the start of our session is that we had quite a number of spirits come and visit us, myself and Mary, last night. Some of those spirits were famous people in Brazil and others are people who are just  general people that many of you would not know. So we’ve decided we’re going to start with some women spirits who  wanted to speak to me about reincarnation.

Okay, well let’s get started. The key for each of you is to be patient and to not project your fear or anger or frustration onto the spirits. We want to allow them to come and say exactly what they want and if they feel your emotions towards  them as negative thenthey will find it difficult to speak. So we’ll proceed now.

Mediumship with Mary about reincarnation and spiritual growth
Mary/Gloria: Hello, my name is Gloria and I come as a representative of a group of women. We are guides to many of
the women here in this audience. We have heard your discussion yesterday and we feel you are misguided
about many things. However we would like to present some questions in a discussion with you.
That would be good.
Mary/Gloria: There is the issue that you spoke of, of reincarnation. This is something that we know to be true and yet
you are saying that it is not the way that we understand it, and we wish to understand what it is you mean.

May I ask how you know it to be true? mon among us and we simply know it is something that occurs. We were aware of its existence before we passed and we observed many spirits or many of us who are able to make connections again upon the earth.

Do you mind if I ask you some questions about those connections?
Mary/Gloria: Of course not.
Many spirits believe they are reincarnating when they are over-cloaking babies
When you say you’ve been able to make connections again with people on earth, what kind of connections have you been
Mary/Gloria: We observed two different types. For example those such as me act as guides to many women before it is our time to reincarnate. However there are others we observe who re-enter the earth realm as a child is born and they begin to have their life again, a different life, upon the earth.
Can you still see those people attached to the child’s body? [00:07:04.03]


Mary/Gloria: They retain their spirit body, which we see is connected to this new body. [00:07:15.19]
And can you see that this new body also has a spirit body of its own? [00:07:32.21]
Mary/Gloria: Of what do you refer?
Well the new child that is born has its physical body that you can see, yes?
Mary/Gloria: Yes.
And can you also see that the new child that is born has a spirit body that is very, very similar to the physical body?

Mary/Gloria: No. This is how we know it is a reincarnation. We see that the person who has passed has still the same
body and this attaches to the body of the person on the earth. [00:08:35.12]
The reason this is happening is that you cannot see the spirit body of the new child on earth. Can I explain the reason why? The reason you cannot see the spirit body of this new child is that the new child is brighter than what you can possibly see. So what I’m going to do is ask some other spirits to come to you who will be able to show you the spirit body of the child.
Mary/Gloria: At times we see that there is some other attachment to this body but what we see is that as the person who is reincarnating re-enters this realm it attaches to this form. And we feel that the first form must be their new vehicle for the person to re-attach to and this creates the reincarnation.
I can explain what is actually happening though. The new child that is born has both a physical body and a spirit body.
What is happening when you try to reincarnate is that you are connecting to the spirit body of the child and therefore the
spirit body of the child is being over-cloaked by you.
Mary/Gloria: This is not the case for me.
Well you have not reincarnated, is that true?
Mary/Gloria: Yes.
Okay, so you are just observing what you believe is the reincarnation of others?
Mary/Gloria: Yes, and this is how we know it is a truthful thing that occurs.
And what I’m stating to you is that this is not a reincarnation but rather an over-cloaking of a person on earth by a spirit.
Mary/Gloria: And what is the difference?
Well the spirit who is over-cloaking the child is now actually influencing the child to do what the spirit wants and often you will also observe that if the spirit has any physical problems with their spirit body they also impose those physical problems upon the child’s body. This is the cause of many childhood and post-birth illnesses and sicknesses on the planet.

Mary/Gloria: This is not clear to us, what you wish to express. Is this not the way that one must reincarnate though?

Reincarnation is not necessary to progress spiritually
Well firstly there is no need for a person to reincarnate to earth in order to progress. In fact I can bring to you many spirits
who have never reincarnated to earth but who have progressed. Would you like to meet some of those spirits? [00:13:20.15]
Mary/Gloria: We do not accept this as a truth.

But if I can bring you some spirits who can explain to you how they have progressed in the spirit world by not coming to
earth then you may see that reincarnation is not something that is necessary in order to progress.
Mary/Gloria: If you may humour us for a moment we do not understand what is progress if it is not to reincarnate?
Well progression is really about the condition of love in the individual. The way the spirit world is organised is, is that
you cannot progress to higher levels in the spirit world without making transitions into higher states of love.
Mary/Gloria: So you wish to express that there is more than where we are and the earth. Is this what you are saying? This is correct.
Mary/Gloria: We are only aware that there is where we are. We may have the role of guiding and protecting others while still on the earth, or that we should reincarnate in order to heighten what we believed was our development. But we are aware of where we are physically, or the earth, and nothing more. In fact we view the earth as a place for progression.  Yes and what I’m suggesting to you is that actually the earth is not the only place in which you can progress but rather there are other places in the spirit world that you are yet to visit that are in higher conditions of love that you can actually
go into without coming to earth.
Mary/Gloria: How is it that we do not know this?
Well, because you believed in reincarnation when you were on the earth you have not been open to that teaching being
false when you entered the spirit world.
Mary/Gloria: But surely there should be some way that we would know this. How can I know that we can trust you?
2.3. Brighter spirits come to visit the channelling spirits
Well you don’t need to worry about trusting me because I can show you the other spirits who have not come to earth to
progress and they can actually hold your hand and show you the other places in the spirit world that exist. But they can
only do that temporarily because in the end you will have to progress in love to reach those conditions. What I suggest is
that you let me bring these people to you and then we can explain to you why you haven’t heard of this before.
Mary/Gloria: We need to discuss this.
May I suggest that it is better to actually have the event occur and then you can have a discussion afterwards? It is not
logical to have a discussion about an event that has not yet occurred.
Mary/Gloria: The issue that we wish to discuss is that of whether we may trust you and whether there is some way in
which trickery may be involved here.
I understand your concern but you cannot actually degrade in your condition by having this event occur so after you’ve investigated you can always return to exactly the same place that you are currently in. [00:19:03.03]
Mary/Gloria: Okay.
Well I’m going to ask for quite a lot of spirits to come to help you because I know that you are large in number. So can
you now see there are spirits who are a bit brighter than yourself who have come to you?
Mary/Gloria: Yes we see we see them.
Have you seen them before?
Mary/Gloria: No, and we see that they are different in appearance to us but they… you describe them as brighter. THE TRUTH ABOUT – REINCARNATION AND SPIRITS JESUS (AJ MILLER)
Perhaps more transparent is the best word.
Brighter spirits who are more progressed in love appear younger than darker spirits
Mary/Gloria: Yes we see this but we see them… you must understand that when one develops with age and maturity
they have more wisdom.
So what you’re commenting about is their age?
Mary/Gloria: Yes.
You, all of you women together, look very old in comparison to these spirits who have come to you? [
Mary/Gloria: Yes we have grown in our wisdom and our appearance displays this.
So you associate old age with the appearance and also being wise?
Mary/Gloria: Yes, these ones seem very young and young in their behaviour.
So they’re happy and spontaneous?
Mary/Gloria Yes, playing.
And you feel that this frivolous nature indicates their lack of development?
Mary/Gloria: It’s just that they are younger, not that they are bad.
Can I ask a few of them to tell you exactly their age since the time they were born on earth?
Mary/Gloria: Yes.
So what do you find their age to be?
Mary/Gloria: It seems that some are quite old.
How old are some of them?
Mary/Gloria: Over one thousand years old.
And yet they look very young.
Mary/Gloria: Yes.
So the question has to be asked how can they be so old and look so young?
Mary/Gloria: Yes.
Can you think of an explanation that’s possible?
Mary/Gloria: Is it possible that they have reincarnated many times and they are now taking on the appearance of a more
recent life?
Well why don’t we ask them?
Mary/Gloria: They say no.
Mary/Gloria: We don’t understand how this is possible. [00:23:38.27]
What was the answer, have any of them reincarnated?
Mary/Gloria: No.
So the question then becomes how they can look so young when they’re so old and yet they have not reincarnated.
Mary/Gloria: Yes, we would like to know.
Brighter spirits take the spirits to a higher dimension in the spirit world
Well, before we show you the answer to that, remember I referred to the other places in the spirit world that are higher
than where you are currently? Would you like to see whether such locations exist?
Mary/Gloria: Yes.
Well all you need to do is stay close by one of those spirits and they will take you to the next sphere or dimension in the
spirit world. They will do this is by loaning you energy of love so that they can show you some things. So all you need to
do is just trust them for a moment. But you can always leave them and come back to where you are.
Mary/Gloria: Okay.
Let’s do that for a few seconds because that’s all it will take for you to see where they live. [00:25:23.01]
Mary/Gloria: We are preparing.
What are they showing you? You can describe it for us?
Mary/Gloria: A place so beautiful. It is full of colour and light and everyone has many things.
Material things!
Mary/Gloria: Yes and everyone seems young and lively and moving.
Which is not something you’ve been doing very much? [00:26:34.05]
Mary/Gloria: No we have seen our work as very important here on the earth, to guide and protect these ones we have
been with. We see this as a noble duty that we have undertaken and these brighter people we see now,
what is their duty, obligation? What are they doing?
Well everyone in the spirit world does have work to do but it is work driven by their desires. However for the work to be effective the desire needs to be in harmony with truth and with love. So you have been teaching people on earth that it is impossible to progress without coming back to earth, but what these people in front of you are demonstrating is that it is
possible to not come to earth and to progress.
Mary/Gloria: But it seems that the life they are living is so completely different to what seems normal.
That is correct; it’s different to what you view as normal. Remember at the beginning of this discussion you believed that
there was only the location where you lived and the earth? [00:28:28.20]
Mary/Gloria: Yes.
And what we’ve demonstrated is that there is actually another location above the one that you have been in and that
location is much better than what you imagined. The spirits who have loaned you their love to take you here have
progressed to that location and beyond without returning to earth. [00:29:08.17] THE TRUTH ABOUT – REINCARNATION AND SPIRITS JESUS (AJ MILLER)

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Mary/Gloria: This raises many questions for us now surrounding the purpose and meaning of life and us.
Yes, what has happened for yourselves is that you have placed yourself in a role that you believed was right.
Mary/Gloria: We believe that it is right with everything that we are.
But actually it has not been in harmony with the laws and principles related to love and truth. When you believe that you
tie yourself to the role you have created for yourself without discovering your true potential in the spirit world. The spirits
who have come to you have shown you some of their potential and they can even demonstrate some even more powerful
things about their potential. But you will not be able to embrace that potential without going through changes similar to
those they have gone through.

False beliefs of the spirits about how to care for people on earth
Mary/Gloria: But what of this purpose to care for those upon the earth? We have felt that we have some sort of goodness in this desire. Many of us have waited to reincarnate in order to fulfil this purpose.
But unfortunately what you have been doing is creating further problems on earth because the little children are becoming
over-cloaked with adult spirits and then those adult spirits are influencing those children to have a life that they would not
normally have chosen. This is not in harmony with love of those particular people. So even though you had an idea of
what the truth was it does not mean that your idea was correct. And unfortunately when there is any incorrect idea it
causes further problems on earth.
Mary/Gloria: There is much discussion amongst us now.
Progression to higher spheres in the spirit world occurs by growing in love
I’m happy to answer any further questions that you have but I would also like to show you how to progress to these other
Mary/Gloria: How is this possible?
Remember I said that each area in the spirit world is a new condition of love?
Mary/Gloria: Yes.
So that means that to get to the new condition in the spirit world there has to be a transformation in love inside of you.
Currently many of you or all of you believe that you are already loving
Mary/Gloria: Yes, this is something we have known. However now there is much confusion. [00:33:49.16]
The reality is that your definition of love is different to God’s definition of love. God, who created the universe and all of
the things in it, has made a whole series of laws surrounding love. In the process of doing this God has given each of us
the free will to decide to be more loving, but that is going to mean being humble enough to see when we’re being
unloving. Because you have closed yourself to new teachings these things have not been able to be presented to you
before. Can I ask how long you have been in the spirit world?
Mary/Gloria: Three hundred years approximately. Myself, three hundred years but there are others among the group
who have been longer, and we have learnt from those people. Some others in the group have been here
for a shorter time and we are teaching them.
And these spirits who came to you – many of them have lived much longer but they look completely different to yourself.
They are much, much younger in their appearance and more beautiful looking. This is a result of the love that is in their
soul. [00:35:54.10]
Mary/Gloria: As you say there is much for us to think of now.


May I make some suggestions with regard to the course of direction of investigation? 

Mary/Gloria: Yes.
Did many of you believe there was a God?
Mary/Gloria: No.
Most people who believe they are reincarnated are over-cloaked by spirits
What did you believe before you passed into the spirit world?
Mary/Gloria: This has changed somewhat since I entered the spirit world because I learnt from others who were here
surrounding this issue of reincarnation. When I was on earth I was aware of having the experience of
other lives, memories, and when I entered the spirit world many educated me on what was happening.

But unfortunately you were not told the truth of these memories, because these memories were the results of these spirits
over-cloaking you while you were on earth. During this connection they told you about their life and then you assumed
that their life was yours. [00:37:57.08]
Mary/Gloria: Again this is much to consider.
May I show you some of the spirits who over-cloaked you? [00:38:08.00]
Mary/Gloria: Yes.
What if we ask one of these bright spirits to find those spirits who over-cloaked you, and if they are willing they will
bring those spirits to you now. [00:38:29.01]
Mary/Gloria: There are some here already.
Now if you question them about their life you will find that it is exactly the same as the memory you thought you had
about your own life. [00:38:46.10]
Mary/Gloria: I see this already. This is a revelation.
You see many spirits in the spirit world have for a long time believed in reincarnation. So they over-cloak the next
generation of people on earth and they teach them the same things they themselves have learnt but unfortunately those
things they are teaching are incorrect. It is just their understanding of it but it is not the truth of what happens. [00:39:32.13]
Mary/Gloria: Yes, we felt this was our loving duty to guide those of our family who were still on earth to understand
the truths. [00:39:51.16]
But before we can explain a truth to somebody we must make sure first that we know the truth ourselves. [00:40:04.25]
Mary/Gloria: Yes, and I am feeling some sadness and sorrow now because I learnt from many here what I believed was
truth but now I feel some concern that this was not truth. [00:40:36.02]
And you are right to be concerned, but it is a very important now to discover the truth, not only for yourself but also for
the people who you may teach. [00:40:56.05]
Mary/Gloria: Yes.
So we have learnt so far in this discussion that there are layers in the spirit world that are all separated by love and we
have also learnt that you can progress to the new condition without returning to earth as long as you grow in love. So THE TRUTH ABOUT – REINCARNATION AND SPIRITS JESUS (AJ MILLER)

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there is no need for a seemingly endless cycle of lives on earth because you can progress without coming to earth at all.
As long as you have incarnated once on earth you can then progress in the spirit world. [00:41:57.11]
We have also learned that every new baby has its own spirit body and it would not be right for a spirit to influence that
body because each new child has its own will and should therefore exercise that will in its own way without being
Mary/Gloria: But this is occurring so much.
I agree; billions of people are doing this on earth.
Mary/Gloria: Yes.
And because it’s happening to billions of people on earth, many people on earth now believe in reincarnation. But if there
is no need to return to earth in order to progress, then this constant cycle of over-cloaking children on earth is very
damaging, not only to the spirit who is over-cloaking the child but also to the child itself.
Mary/Gloria: There is much for us to consider in what you have said.
May I continue to discuss a few more things with you though?
Mary/Gloria: Yes but there is…
I know all of you are feeling quite agitated and there are emotions coming up now in you where you feel sad andconfused. But if I can give you some help to go through those emotions that would be good.
Mary/Gloria: Okay



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