Using medical treatments with the assistance of mediumship

Participant: I’m a physical therapist and I work with sick children and neurological diseases. I have interactions with
many children and many families so can I be influenced by these spirits? How can I protect myself from
this influence? 
There are a number of things happening for you. There are guiding spirits who are guiding your profession. They are
attempting to show you the child’s pain by causing pain in your physical body in that location; this is the area that they are
trying to show you that you need to look at. Oftentimes these children have spirits connected to them in that location and
this is causing their pain in those locations. So sometimes when you examine a child and see no physical problem but the
child is experiencing pain, it is due to these spirit influences. 
In addition, these spirit influences often cause the child to have accidents in these particular parts of their bodies. So
sometimes there is a strong correlation between the accident and the pain and the spirit who is involved. One way to
handle these particular medical problems is to involve a medium who understands the relationship between the physical
pain and the spirit causing it, but the problem for many mediums is that they do not believe in these particular problems.
So it means finding a medium who is open to that belief. 
There are many great things that the medical profession could achieve if they understood the relationship between spirits
and the causes of many diseases and problems on earth. 
Participant: Is it very useful for me to evolve spiritually like a medium and become more mediumistic? [01:20:33.06]
Yes. Your personal guides are very passionate about helping you come to understand these particular relationships. Many
doctors and people in the medical profession become quite frustrated with what is happening, particularly to children, but
also adults in their care. And many times their spirit guides are trying to tell them what they could do to help the situation.
The more you allow yourself to be open to the influence of your guides, who are very kind guides, the more effective you
will become in the way in which you use your profession. It will be quite beautiful. Many people will come to you as a
result, not understanding that you’ve been given much information from the spirit world to help. [01:22:12.18]


 Past memories are usually created by spirit attachments
Participant: A spiritual master said some years ago that when we’re born there is an angel that silences with a touch on
our lips and we forget about our experiences. But we can access these memories in spiritual practices.

I feel you do not yet understand what is really being said to you today. These children that are being born have not had a
previous existence, nor do they have memories. All of the memories of previous lives that come to them when they are
born are the results of spirits over-cloaking them. The teaching that the angel comes to silence or clear the memory is just
a way the spirits use to justify their behaviour and also to cause us to believe in reincarnation when we do not have
So these spirits who come and do the silencing of the child are not really performing any service whatsoever; instead they
are creating more untruths on the planet. I have in the past spoken to many millions of these spirits and after a discussion
they realise their error and then they stop performing these services. But unfortunately other spirits take up the service in
their place because there are many millions of people currently on the planet who believe in reincarnation, and when they
pass over into the spirit world they engage many of the things they were taught on earth