Law Of Attraction (Adamantine Particles) Scope you don’t know

Physical, spiritual, and soul matter and space is controlled by the Law of Attraction (adamantine particles) EVERYTHING (on earth or in spirit world) surrounding you is controlled by your soul Law of Attraction

Where you live, your own life experiences, your own life events, the creation of everything in your life, all of the people you interact with, how each interaction effects you, the condition of your own body (spirit or physical), your spirit person influences, spirit obsessions and spirit possessions, illnesses,

accidents and diseases in the material and spiritual bodies (including mental and emotional illness)

The Law of Attraction results in the creation of universes and locations suited to the development of desires

Other Law of Attraction points to remember:

The Law of Attraction will operate in such a manner as to intensify the soul condition that drives it. Eg. If we have murderous emotions, we will attract people, spirits and situations that seem to intensify those emotions until we become conscious of their existence and have a desire to experience the underlying causes. When we experience the underlying causes, the soul condition changes, and the Law
of Attraction operates on the new soul condition.

The Law of Attraction respects the free will (at the soul level) of the individual

The Law of Attraction is impartial in its operation, never ceases to operate, and works on the soul condition

The Law of Attraction is always exact and never fails, is always accurate either in the spirit world or on earth

The Law of Attraction causes the most relative harmony to exist in any location on earth or in the spirit world

The Law of Attraction causes us to go to places where our “joy” will grow greater
If the “joy” is the result of or in the exercise of disharmony with love or sin, then we will attract that

The Law of Attraction determines that soul conditions attract emotions & thoughts
These come from either within ourselves or from outside of ourselves.
Thoughts “invade” us due to the soul condition needing to be released.
Thoughts will no longer invade us when our soul condition has changed.
The strength of the soul condition determines how intense the experiences attracted become

The Law of Attraction will always attract the soul mate once the emotions that repel your soul mate are released

Using the Law of Attraction to Expose Causal Soul Condition Disharmonious With Divine Love

Prayer – a passionate desire and longing for God’s Love to enter you emotionally
We can also pray for Divine help to expose our soul condition errors to ourselves
As Divine Love enters you, it exposes the soul’s true condition If we are willing to experience the causal emotion, and release the condition, then we experience Divine Grace
Illustration of the castle surrounding our soul condition (causal emotional condition – trigger):

Defense system, resistance is to attack/defend/avoid, marauding army. Eg. Mother in law

God wants to expose the soul condition, we usually want to resist that exposure
When Law of Attraction events happen: Look at your personal internal reasoning
DO NOT assume: He/she did that to me, or this event happened because of someone else’s condition (blame)

DO ask: What soul condition within myself caused this event/person/place/thing to be attracted to me?

Make sure you focus on ALLOWING causal emotion when triggers occur When your castle is being attacked, then you have had a TRIGGER event Go with, and experience the trigger emotion in a safe environment (for yourself and others)

Let the emotion flow and be experienced completely, then usually the causal emotion will rise up into you.  Let the causal (usually childhood or Law of Compensation emotion) flow and memories will return

How to know when you are RESISTING causal emotion when triggers occur
Resonance – Events cause our internal soul condition to resonate with trigger. eg. Glass with sound frequency

Projection – Projection is always the resistance of the causal emotion, and we use many methods

Anger – Anger is created by yourself to: avoid powerlessness, blame, pressure others, control others etc

Withdrawal – Withdraw from the situation, event or person allows your causal emotion to bury itself

“Loving” – Intellectually forgiving, calming the person/event is unloving. eg. motive for giving help

Judgment of self – Stops you from experiencing the causal emotion under the judgment
Feelings such as Depression, Guilt, Fear, Resentment , Hate, Revenge, Anger, Criticism, Blame, Worry,

Frustration, Annoyance, Boredom all indicate resistance to causal emotional experiences

“What you resist persists” Pain and suffering is an indication of a soul emotion
Using the Law of Attraction to Create Positive & Joyful Experiences Harmonious With Divine Love

“You are the designer of your destiny” You are an unlimited being

Step 1 – Develop/grow a soul desire for the experience/event harmonious with Divine Love (this is ASKING)

You can start with nothing, the universe operates on your SOUL condition, nothing else
Don’t define yourself by what you see now, visualize emotionally to grow desire

Step 2 – Trust in God that the event/thing desired will be received (this is FAITH)
Don’t need to know how, how will be attracted, feel the feelings opposite to faith, have to feel it to
believe. Don’t doubt (if you do doubt, then release the feeling)

Step 3 Develop Emotional Openness to Receive
Show gratitude, actions will be required to receive, eg. Asking for truth, then rejecting it when it arrives

The Law of Attraction Operates on Soul Condition
Soul condition determines how the Law of Attraction operates
“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” – Illustration of the rich man building warehouses
In disharmony with Love will bring many damaging and painful experiences on earth and in spirit world
In harmony with Love will bring many uplifting and joyous experiences on earth and in spirit world

The most powerful way to change soul condition is through the reception of Divine Love
The intellect can change soul condition, but only as rapidly as the soul condition is changed by the new thought

Law of Attraction – Divine Truth Style
Everything we truly desire, we get! (Law of Attraction is controlled by your soul condition)
You can change your Law of Attraction by changing your soul condition
Soul condition creates thoughts (soul condition includes emotions, desires, passions etc)
Releasing causal emotions allows the soul to accept truth (feeling causal emotions results in soul clearing)

Law of Attraction (LoA) – The Secret Style

What you think about you get (you attract what you think about the most)
You can change your Law of Attraction with your thoughts

Thoughts create feelings (practice thinking differently)

Bad feelings create more bad feelings (feeling bad emotions creates more bad events)

Take responsibility for what your life is right now because your soul condition has attracted it

The Law of Attraction can be used positively or affect us negatively (depending on our soul condition)