Denied emotions within individuals create societal effects

To give you a bit of background, in our discussion last night at dinner, I started to raise issues that are very present in
Western societies regarding the way in which we remain in denial about certain facts. The facts that we often remain in
denial about are all related to the emotions that we’re also covering over, and a lot of the times we do not want to know
what is really going on. Alternatively we have a lot of very, very large things going on in our society that we feel we are
not a part of, but there are emotions within us that actually cause us to be a part of.

 America’s response to 9/11
Last night in the discussion we had, I was talking about the emotions that were present in everyone in the room that
contributed to America’s response to the 9/11 event. Many of you felt that you disagreed with the subsequent chain of
events that occurred after 9/11, with the course of action of your government, but the reality is that many of you have an
emotion inside of you that agrees with it, while at the same time intellectually you think you’re disagreeing with it.
So we talked about the emotions of, for example, desiring safety, desiring economic security, desiring security generally,
desiring security from violence, and all of these kind of facts, and how these feelings inside of you cause your
government to feel that it can act on your behalf to prevent you from feeling those particular emotions. [00:05:14.02]
Mary: Not just that it can, that it must, actually.
That it must. Yes. And so every single person who has those emotions within them actually contributed to the subsequent
events, whether they liked to believe in their head that they did or not. Their soul feelings have caused the contribution to
the subsequent events which caused America and other countries like Australia and the UK to join with America and
attack Iraq. And what we’d like to do is talk to you today a bit about the denial of that, how none of us want to face up to
these kind of facts.
 Denial about treatment of children and abortion
I also raised an issue about how we treat children. In the USA, you have a tendency to feel pride in the way in which you
treat children. You feel generally that the country desires to treat children in a loving manner and honours the family, for
example. That is a big thing in the USA, is it not? You often have family holidays or holiday events that involve the
families getting together, particularly at Thanksgiving or Christmas time. And this is all a part of this facade actually, that
you have here in the States generally, that you actually care for children. And I talked about the facade because the reality
is almost 50 million children die in your country every year. 50 million children are actually murdered every single year
from abortions. 
And so I stated how a society can, on one hand, say all these lovely things about how they feel that they love the family,
love their children and so forth, and at the same time often the very same people are willing to have an abortion when
they have an unwanted pregnancy, which is actually the murder of a child. And then in the subsequent discussion that
happened, there started coming up all of the reasons why we think we should get away with that, or all the reasons why
we think that such an action, for example abortion, should be allowed in a developed society. And I’m not saying actually THE HUMAN SOUL – DENIAL & ADDICTIONS JESUS (AJ MILLER)

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that you should stop it. I’m saying there’s an emotion within the hearts of the individuals that allow it and unless those
emotions in the heart change, people will continue to do it.
Your society is very divided on the issue, is it not? You have one group of people who are militantly opposed to a person
having an abortion and then you have another group of people who are almost militantly approving of people having
abortion, which some of them call the right to pro-choice. And the right to lifers are the other group; so it’s pro-choice and
And this is a big conundrum for the society in the end because obviously the pro-lifers believe that there are children
being aborted, and therefore being murdered. On the other side you’ve got the pro-choicers, who feel the woman have the
right to determine what happens to her own body and they believe that this developing child in her body, to a certain time
in the life, is actually not a child but it’s actually a part of her body and that she then should have the right to determine
what happens to it. [00:09:05.14]
In addition to that, you have the medical profession analysing these children before they are born and any potential of a
defect is a trigger for a potential abortion. So what they do is they do some scans of the child and blood tests for the child
and then when they determine there is something “wrong” with the child, and a lot of times they’re not accurate, by the
way. There is just this potential for something being wrong. They inform the parents and then many of the medical
profession get quite insistent that the mother should have an abortion of those particular children because they feel it takes
a huge amount of demands upon society that the society could use these resources for other things, other than looking
after these children who are potentially damaged in some way.
If you think about it actually it’s not very different to creating a master race, is it? We have a lot of condemnation for
Hitler, and yet many times our attitudes are still doing much the same thing as what he would have done in terms of
selective determination of who has the right to life and who does not.
So these particular things are something we must consider. Now what we do with these particular things generally is we
have a lot of denial. We do not want to face what emotions are within us that cause us to be supportive of actions that are
actually very unloving in society. Now I’m not suggesting that we need to attack society and force society to have our
opinion. I’m not suggesting that you need to create even more laws to prevent people from doing what they wish to do.
What I am suggesting is that what is happening in the environment is an indication that there is something wrong in the
hearts of the people involved in the environment. And, because we are living in this particular environment, we all need to
examine what our part is, what emotion within us plays a part in the creation of these events.
So in the USA, for example, there are around 50 million abortions every year. There are around 250 million abortions
around the world every year. And around 50 million of them occur in North America. If you look at the entire Western
civilisation that is currently on the Earth, a large majority of abortions occur in those locations. So that’s a lot of children,
is it not? These are not children that are accidentally dying. They’re not children that are dying of malnutrition. They’re
children that are actually being taken from their life on Earth on purpose. They’re being murdered, basically. And that’s a
lot of murders occurring in one location, which we are mostly in denial of. [00:12:17.02]

Almost every woman who does have an abortion goes through a lot of trauma after the abortion but of course, because
they did want the child to be aborted, they also have a lot of denial about the particular feelings they have after the
abortion has occurred. We know some people in the Western world that have had 36 abortions or around that figure. And
we know another woman who has had 20 abortions. So that’s quite a lot of abortions to occur.
Many of the people who are involved in abortion do not understand the effect upon the soul of the child and the pain that
the child itself experiences. And they do not understand either the effect upon their own soul because it actually turns
them into a murderer, and so then there is a large effect on their own soul negatively as well. So many of these women
who have lived relatively moral and good lives all of their life on Earth arrive in the spirit world in a place of darkness,
wondering why they’ve arrived there. And the reason why they wonder is because they’ve been in denial about the actual
abortion, about what they’ve done. THE HUMAN SOUL – DENIAL & ADDICTIONS JESUS (AJ MILLER)

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Now I’ve given a series of interviews about abortion with a lady who had had abortions in Australia, so I don’t want to
cover that particular subject specifically. What I’m using it for is an illustration of what happens inside of us emotionally
to cause these particular things. And oftentimes we are in complete denial of what is really going on, what’s the
underlying thing that causes us to consider an act of violence towards another person, or causes us to desire an act of
violence perpetrated towards another person from a government. So in other words what causes us to desire our
government to go and do something about somebody.

Now in this discussion, as I’ve said, I’m not recommending that we create more laws to control people because in the end
people will do what they want, in the long run. They will finish up doing it either under the table, as they saying goes, or
in the black market or something like that or openly, depending on whether the society allows it or does not allow it. If the
society allows it, then the actions are often taken openly. For this reason here in the States you have even clinics that have
only been created for the purpose of having abortions.
2.3. Denial about weapon manufacture and war
On the other hand, and also you have a very large army. In fact the largest, pretty close to the largest army in the world. I
think the Chinese army is still a bit larger. So you have a very large army. [00:15:10.20]
Mary: A lot of weapons manufacture.
And a lot of weapons manufacture. Last night we then talked about weapons and manufacture of weapons. One third of
your economy is dependent upon the manufacture of weapons. So that means in this particular audience if you stopped
manufacturing weapons here in North America, one third of you would lose your houses, one third of you would not be
able to eat, one third of you would not be able to have enough clothes to wear, one third of you wouldn’t have a car. Can
you imagine the impact that would have on your society? Just taking all of that money out of your economy. [00:15:48.09]
So your economy and even your day-to-day life is dependent upon arms manufacture. Now where do these arms get sold
to or used upon? Do they get used here in the States primarily? No, they don’t. They get used overseas. They get sold to
Third World countries generally or they get used upon Third World countries. They get used upon countries that cannot
fight back most of the time. And huge amounts of our economic welfare have come from the production of these
particular arms manufacturing. I think in your economy I think there’s something like a trillion dollars spent every single
few days on arms manufacture. I don’t know the exact figure now but I remember in the 1990s there was something like 3
or 4 trillion dollars spent on arms manufacture every year, and now of course it’s much higher than that.
Now when you compare all of these things, and you ask yourself the question, “Well how can these particular things
happen in a so called loving society?” The only way they can happen is by the society being in denial. That’s the only way
they can happen. And they have to occur by our emotions being in relative agreement to these particular events. Now let’s
look at the arms manufacture issues. Many of you would say, here in your mind, “I don’t agree with arms manufacture.”
Many of you by now might even say, “I don’t even agree with war.” Here, in your head, that’s what you say. [00:17:40.11]
But if your family was being threatened by another person, would you fight back?
Now many of you would fight back if put in that situation, which is an emotion inside of you which actually contributes
to the whole idea of going to war. In addition, how many of you would be willing to lose your current financial position
completely? Many of you are so stressed out about losing it that you’ll even prostitute yourself in your day-to-day job
because you don’t want to lose your current financial position. Now what if you had to lose your current financial position
because the whole country decided that they’ll be no more arms manufacture, and all of a sudden all those people
involved in those jobs got laid off? Then there are all the supporting jobs, like all the metal that’s used, and all of the
materials that are used in arms manufacture; all of those jobs would be severely affected. Then there’d be a whole process
of who can pay for food and how much welfare that you need to be involved in. And all of those jobs would all be
affected. And before you knew it, your job would be affected, whether you liked it or not. When you cut a third of a
country’s economy out, it’s a huge effect on the entire country.
Now how many of you would be willing to support such a choice by your government? You say that, but the emotion in
you is not saying that. For example, you put your hand up with that, but you’ve said to me how stressed out you are about
money and how stressed out you are about not having enough and having to work in a job that you don’t like. That THE HUMAN SOUL – DENIAL & ADDICTIONS JESUS (AJ MILLER)

emotion is contributing to arms manufacture. So you’re putting up your hand and there is a lot of hypocrisy in what you’re
doing right now. [00:19:36.24]
Participant: But I so agree with so much of what you’re saying.
I know you agree with it here, in your head, but your soul does not agree with it.
Participant: But what I would try to do is have the government divert that money that is used for arms to feeding the
people who don’t have jobs or creating jobs. Or try to work towards that.

Fears that support war and weapons manufacture
Yeah but that’s what you say and this is what you’re not getting. The emotion in you is saying something completely
different. If I can talk specifically with your emotions if you don’t mind, these are some fears you have. One fear you have
is of economic disaster. This is why you work in a job you don’t like. Now this fear is saying to the world around you,
“Don’t make my life more difficult economically.” That’s what it’s saying. That’s the emotion coming out of you.
Now any choice the government now makes, anybody in the government is going to feel this particular emotion coming
from you. And they’re going, “Okay, we can’t be honest with the people anymore. We’re feeling their emotions.” Look at
what happens here with the government if you have a downturn in the economy. How long does that government last
when there’s a downturn in the economy? The next election it’s gone, generally, and the reason why is because many
Americans and most of you here in the audience have this fear of economic disaster. Ironically you are in the end going to
create economic disaster for your country by having this emotion.
So you’re not being honest when you put up your hand and say this is what I think when at the same time there’s a feeling
coming out of you that is very, very different. This is what denial is. What you just illustrated is denial by not seeing that
this emotion, this fear of economic disaster, contributes to the actual event. So this fear contributes to war.

You’re not seeing it, so therefore you’re in denial of it. And if you don’t see it you can’t change it. Does everyone see that?
If you don’t see it, you cannot change it. You cannot change what you do, if you don’t see what you’re doing. [00:21:59.13]
And this is what everybody thinks. Everybody thinks that you can think something and things should change. And this is
not how God’s universe works. In God’s universe, all of the things that are attracted are based on what you feel, not on
what you think. What you’re attracting right now in your life is based on you what feel, not on what you think. This is
why the whole concept that people have given you about the Law of Attraction, that I can think my way into prosperity
does not work. Many of you have tried it, and you know it doesn’t work. You can’t think your way into prosperity because
in the end there are feelings inside of you.
Remember yesterday, in the discussion “The Human Soul – Fear and Addiction” I asked what happens if money comes
away from your life? How would you feel? And remember we listed probably thirty different feelings, and in my opinion
we didn’t even really list all of the things that we needed to list because there are a huge amount of issues that we have
with trust with God and all sorts of issues as well that we could have listed. So the reality is every one of those emotions
that we listed yesterday about money contributes to this fear of economic disaster. And that contributes to a country
making a choice to go to war to create more economic prosperity.
And how does it create more economic prosperity? By two things. It generates work in the country that goes to war and it
also generates the raping of another country’s resources. So it actually creates prosperity in two different ways. And while
we may say that we do not support it, emotionally we are supporting it if we have that emotion in us. As soon as that
emotion is present, we are automatically supporting it. Does everyone understand that relationship? So we can put up our THE HUMAN SOUL – DENIAL & ADDICTIONS JESUS (AJ MILLER)

hand and we can go, “No, I don’t agree with this and I don’t agree with that,” while exactly at the same time, inside of us
emotionally we have the feeing, that supports that particular thing