Developing faith in ourselves – Stop putting yourself down it looks ugly and when you pass you won’t go far.

Whenever you are discovering something new you’ve got to have some kind of level of trust inside of yourself that you’re capable of understanding it and doing it. Now that is about faith in yourself to a degree. Also many people, when they
look at something new go, “But if I follow that and it happens to take me down the wrong path then my life will be a mess.” If you have faith in yourself you won’t think that because if you have true faith in yourself you’ll feel yourself going down the wrong path and you’ll go, “I can change this at any time. I can fix this at any time. I can stop and choose another path.

” You have a belief in yourself, and that’s what I would classify as a faith that it is possible for you to see something going on that you do not like or you cannot accept and then to change your mind and to walk another path. If you have true faith in yourself you will accept that. If you don’t have faith in yourself you’ll accept what everybody else tells you. This is how many people stay in religions all of their life when they don’t really agree with them; they continually accept what everybody else teaches them without actually feeling forthemselves whether it’s right or wrong,
and then trusting their own feelings and having some faith in themselves that they are allowed to walk a different path.

God has given you free will, so God is allowing you to make any choice you wish at any time you wish and you can change your mind any time you want. You might listen to AJ for six months and go, “Yeah, it’s a crock of rubbish,” (it might not be said quite that politely) and then you might go, “No, I’m not going to listen to that.” And then three years later you hear about it again and you go, “Oh yeah I remember that. Last time I thought it was rubbish, but I’ll have a listen.” And then you listen, “Oh, maybe things are not so much rubbish anymore,” and you can change your mind at any

The beauty of the discovery of truth on this planet and in the spirit world is that you are allowed to change your mind at any time. In fact you are so much allowed that God will not punish you for changing your mind because God is
good. God will never punish anybody for changing their mind or making a mistake.
Our belief systems here on Earth prevent us from changing our minds and our belief systems here on Earth do not allow us to contemplate making mistakes. If we have faith in ourselves, we will contemplate walking in a direction that is
potentially a mistake, knowing that we have enough knowledge and enough feeling in our heart to determine whether it’s a mistake or not and if it is, at some point in the future to then change our minds. To change the course of our life, this is
what self-determination is all about.

With the question that Mary asked, in the first century I had to first have enough of a concept of myself to understand that I could change my mind and discover new things whenever I wanted. This was a great help to me. I’m not really sure
why, but at a very young age I could feel my parents had certain opinions and I couldn’t agree with them. Unlike most people on Earth I did not feel like I had to either. By the time I was eleven or twelve years of age working with my father
in carpentry and the building business that he had, I would sometimes argue with him. (Laughs) I would sometimes say, “Look dad, I can’t agree,” particularly when it came to discussions about the messiah.

My father was a Pharisee and he
was very focussed on the messiah coming and also on trying to force me to believe, in the first century, that I was the messiah. I would often reason with him, asking him what he expects the messiah to be. He basically wanted this warrior
king and I would say, “No, no the messiah is not going to be like that.” And my father would disagree and then we would have a bit of an argument about it but I did not feel that I had to agree with him. Why do we feel like we have to agree with people? Because we’re afraid and because we don’t have any faith in ourselves. We don’t have to agree with anybody. You do not have to agree with me. I’m not expecting you to. All I’m doing is presenting some things to you and giving you the space and time to do what you want with it, whatever that is.
That’s all anybody who presents anything to you can do, isn’t it? Isn’t that the same thing that happened when you were at school? Although I don’t know if they gave you the space and time; there was often a deadline, a Friday test, and you’re
there on Friday swotting up for the test.

Divine Truth is not like that. You are not swotting up for anything; this is life. That’s why we call it “The Way.” It’s the way of life and you can choose to follow it or choose not to, or choose to half-follow it or quarter-follow it or one eighth follow it or 5% follow it, it’s really up to you. If you have some faith in yourself you’ll be able to do that and then later on decide to change your mind, if you want to.

You won’t have fear. A lot of people say, “Oh it’s a cult starting and these people want to control you and they want to take all your money,” and all these kinds of things. These things that are said are allsaid because people are afraid. It’s not their personal experience with me. It might be their personal experience with somebody else that they are talking about but it hasn’t been their personal experience with me. They are just afraid.

When we have some faith in ourselves we are not afraid of making a choice where we later go, “It probably wasn’t such a good choice,” and change our mind, we are not afraid of that. So I feel that the first level of faith is all about having some
kind of faith in yourself and your personal ability to intellectually and feeling-wise acknowledge truth and see when something is wrong, and to question it. I don’t believe it gives you the right to be angry or in a rage about it, just to be able
to question it and change your mind and to change your course of life as a result.