Differences between the Divine Love Path and Natural Love Path

Differences between the Divine Love Path and Natural Love Path

Yeah. It is possible to act lovingly without feeling more love. Many of you have already tried that and you know that it is
possible. You know it is possible to act more lovingly without feeling more love. On the Way, the path to God, you are SPIRIT RELATIONSHIPS – POSITIVELY RESPONDING TO SPIRIT INFLUENCE JESUS (AJ MILLER)

going to have to feel the love before you will start acting more lovingly. That’s the primary difference between the paths.And these are the qualities that are going to help you to develop in this love.

Once you have these qualities you are going to constantly want this relationship with God and that is what is going to help you have the love that you are then able to automatically display to others without having to try. Remember, I keep saying
this many times, “Without having to try.” See, at the moment if you think about it, many of us have to try to be more loving before we are more loving. This is an indication that we have yet to really be on this relationship with God because
if you develop this relationship with God properly you get to the point where you don’t have to try and you are more loving.

It’s not something that you have to struggle to do. This is why most religious forms on Earth don’t work, because everyone’s in a struggle to try to be more loving rather
than the heart actually changing and becoming more loving. We need to have enough faith in God to understand thatGod’s Love will transform us if we only have this connection. God’s Love will transform us into this point where we receive Divine Love and it changes us and helps us become more loving through the reception of it.
Common reactions to bright spirits in the spirit world
Participant: I think part of my question has already been answered, but when you were answering Aurelia’s questionand you were talking about trust, where you will see a brighter spirit and you will just go, “Oh I can trustthis person,” I was laughing my head off because that just feels crazy to me.
It feels crazy, yeah.
Participant: Like, I have to get out of my own way to be able to do that. I’m so just so scared of… I don’t know.You know what most people who see a brighter spirit in the spirit world do initially? Run. (Laughs) The brighter spirits
are more trustworthy than they themselves are, and they’re running. The person they need to start running from isthemselves, logically, under those circumstances, but instead they start running away from a spirit. Or they go, “Yeah he
looks a bit strange.” “He’s a bit different to what I am.” “Is he some kind of other creature or something?” That’s also the

Mary: Or they feel judged.
Or they feel judged.
Mary: They immediately feel they are going to be judged.
Or they get enraged. “How dare you come to me, how dare you!” This is the normal reaction of people who arrive in the spirit world. You’ll see some more of them in the discussions in Mary’s book group on “Through the Mists,” where there
are more and more of those interactions with somebody who is really bright. I thinkthere is one line in one of the books that Robert James Lees wrote about the patience of angels. It was something like – you’re taking advantage of the patience
of angels.

I can’t remember exactly how it goes but there was a man who arrived in the spirit world in rags, obviously in a very dark dirty condition. He was a minister or a…
Mary: A bishop I think.
Yeah, in church.
Mary: Something like that.
And he was saying, “Where are my garments? Where are my garments? This is rubbish, what’s going on here, someone’s
made a mistake,” and he’s ranting, and the poor angel who’s trying to help him is just listening to the rant. That is
unfortunately how most people who pass into the spirit world behave when they see a brighter person.

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Well, Anna, how old are you now?
Participant: I’m twenty-five.
You’re twenty-five. Now even if you have a bad life there is a good chance you will get to seventy-five or so, isn’t there?
So rather than me giving you tips about the spirit world I would prefer to give you some tips about the life you are living on Earth.
The benefits of developing the qualities of the armour of God while on Earth

I think the kinds of qualities, qualities of the armour of God, are what we need to develop, because if you develop these qualities on Earth, when you arrive in the spirit world you automatically attract all the things you need to grow after that.
But if you arrive in the spirit world without any of these qualities you are probably going to be quite attacking of other people. You are still going to have very similar emotions, you are not going have developed any sense of worth, sense of
ethics, sense of peace, sense of truth, sense of faith, and as a result of that all of these senses will still need to bedeveloped at some point in the future. But it’s going to be very difficult because you are going to be living with a whole
heap of people who have not developed those qualities either.
If you develop these qualities on Earth you will eventually be attracted to a group of people who are also developing thesequalities no matter what religious faith they are from, no matter what walk of life they take, no matter what country they
live in, you are going to attract them. Then when you arrive in the spirit world you will also attract people around you who have already developed these qualities and can feel the longing inside of you that you want to develop the same kind
of qualities for yourself. So that’s going to be the most powerful, positive effect on your life, forever.

Qualities of the armour of God
The futility of wanting to share our emotions with others
Participant: Hi AJ. When I’ve been in the hells I’ve cried out in outrage towards God, and I can understand that my guide or guardian is with me because of the Law of Rapport and they probably had similar Earth experiences. But when I’ve been in the dark place I’ve cried out to God and I can understand that God can
feel everything that I’m feeling but I’ve actually been really upset feeling. “How do you truly know, God? Have you actually been through the hells, have you lived through what I’ve lived through or experienced?” That’s where I’ve questioned my faith in God. You mean you sort of expect God to live through that in order for God to understand you? Participant: Well yeah – has God actually experienced what I’ve experienced? Or has God just been in perfection from
the start? Mary: It’s a good question.

You’re philosophically saying “God cannot understand me unless God has been me.”
Participant: Similar, yeah.
Mary: Or do you mean that God can’t have compassion for me in this place because God’s never been in it?
What’s the feeling?
Participant: Well for me it’s a bit of a quandary because I conceptually understand that my guardian has probably been appointed because of similar experiences and has got through to the other side. I can conceptually understand that God can feel exactly everything that I’m feeling. But I’ve been in a rage I guess, towards God going, “Well how do you truly know? Have you lived through what I’ve lived through?” Yes, and I would question why you are in a rage with God when God didn’t put you through these particular experiences, somebody else did. This is where I feel we get our logic way out and as we said yesterday, we finish up blaming God for actions that other people have taken and that’s a very damaging thing to do. You see, we are not actually processing much emotion in that place because the real person who has damaged us has not been God; it’s been somebody else who has caused us to have this particular feeling. The feeling that we often have on Earth is, “Unless you have had exactly the same experience as me, you can’t understand
me.” That’s the feeling we have. Now that feeling comes from somewhere. This is why we love to share our emotions, but sharing your emotions is impossible. I’m going to say that again. Many of you do this. We come up and say, “How do you
feel?” “Oh there’s this and oh that.” There’s a real feeling of wanting to share your emotion. That’s impossible.


Nobody else shares your emotion. The emotion is inside of you. It’s your energy in motion, it’s yours. Nobody else can share it.
Your desire to have other people share it is out of harmony with truth and love.
The fact that we want God to share our emotion is just as out of harmony with truth and love as it is wanting somebody else to share my emotion. I am an individual. It is the beautiful gift God has given me to be an individual and therefore all
of my emotion is my emotion. I can’t share it with somebody else. I can’t.
This is why you will find in the future that describing or attempting to describe your own emotion to another person is generally an exercise in futility. You might be very, very descriptive with words and be very good at it and get to a point
where a person can sense the feeling, but unless they can feel you, they will not even be able to understand the emotion. And you can’t share it anyway, it is yours. It is only yours to experience. We need to understand this. Once we understand
that we will stop blaming God for the emotion that exists inside of us and we will start placing responsibility on the people who caused events to occur that created emotions that we then felt inside of ourselves. They didn’t transfer the
emotions to us, they created events and situations and attitudes that caused us to have an emotional response. And those responses are our own. Only we can address them. Only we can feel them.

The origin of God is unknown at present
Participant: Can I ask another question, just to satisfy my own curiosity?
Sure. Participant: Did God go through a development to achieve where God is at?
It is another question I cannot answer. So that is number three, is it? (Laughs) It is impossible to answer because I don’t know enough about God yet to answer the question. I haven’t found out, through my relationship with God, whether God
had some kind of pre-existence, whether God Herself or Himself had some kind of creation. I have not got the development to understand or even philosophically discuss those particular principles. I suspect that God has been around
forever but I do not understand how that is possible. This is my suspicion only. I can’t say that for certain and I don’t know
the answer to the question.