Hypocrisy means to put on a façade on purpose

Do any of you know where the word hypocrisy comes from? No? It was used originally for the Greek stage actors. Initially all of them were men, so there were no women stage actors. Even here in England that happened, as many of you probably know, right the way through up until what was it the 17th or 18th century, where there were no women actors,they were all men dressed up as women. And so the underlying Greek term means to act or put on a facade.

To put on a facade on purpose is the original intention. If you think about it, during our day to day life many of us do that, where we put on a facade on purpose. How many times do you wake up in the morning and you’re feeling quite unsettled or quite bad, but you realise you’ve got a big day ahead of you? So if you’re a woman you decide to maybe put on some makeup, have a coffee or your favourite tea perhaps.

How many of you drink coffee? How many of you drink tea? More teas than coffees, which is what you’d probably expect from Britain! And then so that warms you up, gets you out of a bit of your fear and then you’re sort of getting yourself ready for the day and oftentimes we’re actually changing who we are in order to meet the rest of the day. We’re changing what we feel in order to meet the rest of the day. So really what we’re doing is we’re doing what the Beatles said in the Eleanor Rigby   song, “We’re keeping our face in a jar by the door.” We put it on when we go outside and then when we come back inside, we take of the face and for many of us we’re so used to the face that we don’t take it off. We actually started this face with our family and even our friends also get a bit of this facade as well.

And that’s what it means to be a hypocrite; to act differently than you actually feel. Now can you see the problem with that from God’s perspective? If God wants a relationship with the real you and you want to act differently than the real you, then who can God have a relationship with? He’s still having a relationship with the real you, but it’s not going to be a very good relationship because you’re in complete denial of the real you, wanting to be somebody else. This is the issue we face with regard to sincerity. There’s also the issue with regard to sincerity that I feel is very important and that’s the idea that we need to stop believing that we can act lovingly without feeling love and to be honest, from God’s perspective, that’s not possible either. It’s not possible to act lovingly while you’re not feeling it because God sees every facade. God sees everything as it is and we also need to become very, very comfortable with seeing everything as it is. We need to become comfortable with  ourselves being our true self.

We need to embrace internal as well as external truth to change
And so what I see happening for many here in Europe in particular, is that many, because of these issues, are happy to embrace a certain amount of Divine Truth but they’re not changing their lives. They’re happy to listen but their actual lives are not changing. Can I point out the main reason why this is the case? You see when we first hear truth it’s emotionally external to us. In other words when we first hear the Divine Truth, the truth about the universe; we feel this really big feeling of, “At last! I’m finding out things that I’ve always searched for all my life, things I’ve always wanted to
discover all of my life.” And there’s this beautiful feeling of at last having this feeling of this longing for truth inside of you being satisfied, of knowing how things around you work and understanding your place in those things as they operate.

And that is what I would classify as external truth. Now external truth is always very easy to absorb, it’s always very easy to enjoy listening to. So if I spoke about the spirit world to you, many of you would find the discussion very enjoyable because there are all sorts of things about the spirit world that you might not know or understand. If we started even talking to some spirits right here in front of you, you might find the whole thing very absorbing. Many people find that is the case and the reason why we find it so absorbing is because there are very few emotional challenges to receive external LOVE IN ACTION – SINCERITY OR HYPOCRISY JESUS (AJ MILLER)

truth in the sense that we don’t have many blockages to receiving external truth, particularly when we have a heart that’s seeking the truth. We have very little blockages as a result.
And so what happens is the external truth is very, very attractive to us. We want to listen to it. Can you remember back to when you first discovered the teachings that myself and Mary are sharing with you? It was like listening to it every day going, “Wow, this is amazing! This is amazing! That’s amazing too!” You have all of these realisations and it’s just so absorbing. There’s this initial enthusiasm that comes over you during that first process, it’s almost like falling in love with
the truth. That’s often what we’re feeling.

And that feeling is easy because there’s not a lot of our personal emotional issues, or what I would classify as our addictions, being triggered or in other words confronted. So most of what we’re receiving with external truth doesn’t personally confront us at a hugely emotional level. Now some of it may if we have a background of a certain religion and
then something was talked about that particular religion, that might be confronting, but generally when we’re pretty open we can absorb a lot of external truth without being confronted too much.
And it’s really fun during that time, yes? But then what happens is we realise this: that love is the actual thing that we need to start looking at, because we realise that love is true spirituality.

So after a while we get to the point where we’ve absorbed enough external truth to realise that we could pretty much give up all things in our life aside from developing in love and we’d be very happy. We start realising that love is the key to our happiness in fact. That without love, personal love with another person, love with God, love with our neighbour, love with the environment, without love, it’s not going to be possible to be happy and we start to realise that. So we start to realise that I, the individual who’s been receiving all of this external truth, has to at some point to embrace love. We have to; if we’re ever going to be happy we need to go down that track and we start realising that and then we start realising that to actually love, we’ve got to do a few things first. For example, we’ve got to learn the internal truth about ourselves and we actually have to be humble enough to do that, to look at ourselves honestly and this is where it gets very, very difficult.

This is where we start getting bogged down with our life, where we start wanting to give up. And if you think about that initial feeling you had when you discovered the external truth, how joyous you felt and how great it was to discover that external truth and then you compare that with how it feels when you’re starting to have to discover the internal truth, can you see the difference between the two? For many of you, you’ve already gone through this, or are going through this experience, where you don’t like what you see about yourself, you’d like to deny that you actually have that particular thing inside of you. You’d like to shut that down completely and not be humble to it at all. And so when we discovered external truths we had a very enjoyable process of discovering truth, but when we discover

internal truths what do we have? a very confronting and oftentimes not very enjoyable process, because we have so much resistance to it. But it’s the internal truths that will actually change how we love. So at some point we’re going to have tocome face to face with the fact that without changing the internal truths we are never going to actually become more loving. Therefore we’re never going to become more spiritual, because spirituality is all about love.

The truth can open the doorway to love, but we have to actually walk through it. We have to put love in action to actually make changes. This is where most of us become very resistive because there are so many things we have to change but we’re very unwilling to change. LOVE IN ACTION – SINCERITY OR HYPOCRISY JESUS (AJ MILLER)

Unloving issues in English society What I’d like to go through with you is, if you could help me look at the things that are here in England that surround you, that you can see have to change if we’re going to become more loving, in terms of the external environment. So what I’d like to do now is take you through a process where you look at the external environment and we list the things that have to change to become more loving. Then we’ll have to have a bit of self reflection at the end of that. Most of you have lived here for most of your life? Okay so you should be pretty well experienced with what happens here in England. So you should be able to help me fairly easily with what you observe in the environment that has to change if your environment is going to become more loving.