Over-cloaking by spirits – when you feel Angry there is a Spirit pushing to be more Angry

Participant: My question relates to over-cloaking. Do we only over-cloak other spirits in a similar or lesser condition?
Or can we over-cloak higher spirits?
Do you mean “Can we over-cloak higher spirits or can higher spirits over-cloak us?”
Participant: No, can we over-cloak higher spirits? Like, can a spirit try to and over-cloak you?
Over-cloaking in adults is always by a spirit of higher development
It’s very, very difficult for a lower spirit to over-cloak a higher spirit. The reason is that the higher spirits have already
learned all of these principles and a lower spirit does not know them. When a person who is in a lower condition tries to
influence you in any way, you automatically feel the disharmony to the development of these qualities. There’s automatic
disharmony. I have never in my entire history seen a person of lower development over-cloaking a person of higher
Participant: Does that then come down to the fact that if you’re more highly developed you can feel it happening so
you can stop it?


Of course you can feel it happening but your soul’s condition of love stops it automatically. There are many people on Earth who are over-cloaked by spirits who they believe are in a higher condition than themselves and that is certainly
possible. But it is very, very difficult to be over-cloaked by a person who is in a lower condition than yourself. Very difficult. You could be influenced by them, which is a different matter because you might have one emotional injury that allows the influence.

Let’s say you have a high development of love but you have a very dark emotional injury relating to sexuality. Then you can have a group of spirits who are in a lower condition than yourself influencing you just in that area. They can certainly
influence a lot of things you do in that particular area. But to be actually physically over-cloaked by somebody permanently a person has to be in a lot of agreement with the person who is over-cloaking them, and if the person who’s trying to do the over-cloaking is in a lower condition, it’s very hard for them to achieve such a thing. Differences between spirit over-cloaking and spirit influence

Participant: What’s the difference between spirit influence and being over-cloaked? How do you feel the difference?
Well, you can look at the armour of God. Can you see that, for example, we said our heart can be influenced under some
conditions? Our loins, our sense of worth, can be influenced under some conditions, and our thoughts can be influenced
under some conditions. Faith protects us from the attacks that come, so the attacks can influence us under some condition.
If we don’t have our feet shod with the desire to go towards peace, the tendency towards violence can influence us under
some conditions. These are all influences.
Over-cloaking is when a person spends most of their life completely over-cloaked by a spirit. Now there are some in the
audience who are like that, who are over-cloaked and who are not aware of it, because of the definite rapport that exists
but also because of many times this over-cloaking begins right at the time of birth and there is an acceptance in parents to
allow it.

Children can be over-cloaked by spirits in a lower condition
Mary: I feel that there is this case: when a child is born they can be over-cloaked by someone in a lower condition; that is the only time it can occur.
Yes of course, because it’s not the child’s condition that determines the over-cloaking. Mary: It’s the parents. It’s the parents. The only way for a child who is in a good condition to be over-cloaked by a spirit in a darker condition is for the parents, through their attitudes, emotions and beliefs, to allow the influence to occur. The parents establish the protection for the child; I think we’ve discussed that many times. So in the case of a child, because the child does not have the mental cognisance necessary to understand these particular concepts, the child is not able to combat spirit influence on its own and so it needs its parents’ protection. But if the parents have not developed these qualities, now we’ve got an instance where a child can be over-cloaked by a person in a         darker condition.

Temporary and permanent over-cloaking
Mary: When you are over-cloaked your will is given away to the person who is over-cloaking you. They direct your actions, your words… You are really completely subservient.
Participant: Is that more of a long-term thing or can they just jump in and out? SPIRIT RELATIONSHIPS – POSITIVELY RESPONDING TO SPIRIT INFLUENCE JESUS (AJ MILLER)

It is possible to jump in and out through experiences in our life. A lot of people find that they become over-cloaked when they have an experience in their life where they just want to die or they just want to give up. They go through this thing and then all of sudden some spirit comes to them, over-cloaks them and now they feel like they know everything. I think I read out a case of that in the talk “Spirit Relationships – Possession and Obsession,” where that actually happened
to man who is quite famous. He just became completely over-cloaked through that experience. These experiences happen very, very regularly. In some countries they very regularly happen at the time of birth because of the acceptance of spirits
and spirit influence. Mary: Often you read accounts of people in times of extreme stress, where obviously they want to vacate and suddenly they have a blank in their memory and they come back and they realise they’ve murdered someone, or something terrible has happened, and that’s over-cloaking.

But that is a temporary over-cloaking. Some people are permanently over-cloaked. As I said in our discussion in England with the ninety or so people that came, about seventy-five of them were over-cloaked. They live their life in a permanent
state of being over-cloaked.