Spirit Relationships and Suffering Caused by Spirit Interaction

Spirit Relationships
Suffering Caused By Spirit Interaction
Questions to answer:
Reminders about the soul and soul condition
Reminders about the Law of Attraction
What types of human suffering are related to spirit interaction?
What types of spirit suffering are related to remaining connected with mortals?
How can we remove the spirit attachment?
How much spirit attachment actually occurs?
How can we deal with malevolent spirits?
How to interact with benevolent spirits
How can we be patient with the process?
Highly suggested reading: “30 Years Among The Dead” By Dr Carl Wickland
Reminders About The Soul
The soul is; passions, desires, longings, intentions, emotions, feelings
How emotions are the real cause of all thoughts, words and actions
How emotion not completely experienced gets stored (frozen) in the soul
Only emotions completely experienced are released from the soul
Soul condition determines all future experiences through the Law of Attraction
Soul condition changes when the soul releases “frozen” emotions, or when the soul experiences pure desire
Reminders About The Law Of Attraction
Review the presentation: “Overview Of Divine Truth – Secrets Of The Universe”
Review the presentation: “God’s Laws – Law of Attraction”
Review the presentation: “Spirit Relationships – Law of Attraction”
Reasons For Human Suffering Related To Spirit Interaction
The Primary Causes Of All Physical Pain, Accidents, Pain & Suffering are:
The suppression & denial of unexpressed & unreleased emotion (usually from childhood)
The retention & expression of desires & passions disharmonious with Divine Laws
The retention & expression of desires & passions disharmonious with Natural Love or Divine Love
The retention & expression of emotions disharmonious with either Natural Love or Divine Love
Each of these creates resulting disharmony in our soul, & therefore our spirit & material bodies
When We Use Our Free Will To Choose Either Of The Above Conditions We:
Attract events (through the Law of Attraction) that expose our own soul condition to us
Attract people & spirits who also are in the same condition of pain to expose our own condition
Since many spirits have deep emotional pain & Law of Compensation emotions, they project their pain
Due to these attractions, much human suffering is encountered that could be avoided
Types of Human Suffering Related To Spirit Interaction
General Comments
Each individual position with suffering is different & depends upon a multitude of various factors:
The unreleased childhood emotions within the person themselves
The unreleased emotions (causal & Law of Compensation) within the family & environment
The multi-generational causal & Law of Compensation emotions within the family tree
The degree of emotional suppression & denial within the individual, the family, & the environment
The types of spirits who are attracted to the soul condition of the individual & their environment
The condition of the spirits who are attracted
Please remember the following comments are not generalizations, & do not apply to each individual case
Since each individual case is different, it is wise to investigate fully what is happening DIVINE TRUTH SEMINAR TOPICS OUTLINE LAST UPDATED 3RD DECEMBER 2009
Childhood Diseases & Disorders
Most severe childhood diseases that cause infant mortality have some form of spirit interaction occurring
Many are the result of older generations within the family tree maintaining an energetic emotional
relationship with the child who is getting sick, or from spirits who harmed the older generation
connecting to the younger generation who have the same emotional injuries passed down
E.g. Great grandparent passes with cancer (emotional cause) connects to grandchild & causes Leukaemia
E.g. A spirit attaches to a grandparent & causes diabetes which kills attaches to a child from same family
E.g. An angry spirit connects to a child with suppressed sadness triggering behavioural changes (ADHD)
E.g. Spirits with deep fear attempt to terrify a child through rage, nightmares & “appearances”
So-called “Mental”, “Psychotic” Or “Emotional” Disturbances
Almost all mental & emotional disturbances result from the mortal detuning from emotions that then
allows spirits in different condition to connect to them to act our unhealed & repressed emotions
Medication often has little permanent effect due to a variety of spiritual & emotional factors
E.g. Suicide – Spirit who died from suicide attaches to a depressed teenager & influences them to suicide
E.g. Schizophrenia – Spirits attach to mediumistic person & talk to them constantly
E.g. Manic Depression – Spirits attach to mediumistic person & push them to act out unhealed emotions
E.g. Depression – Spirits attach to person in denial of own anger & sadness & cause deeper depression
E.g. Psychosis – Spirits attach to a person having a traumatic experience similar to their own
E.g. Dissociative Identity Disorder – Mortal allows over cloaking of spirits in different conditions
Seeming Genetic Illnesses & Disturbances
Many illnesses or genetic disturbances are caused by spirits attempting to connect to children while they
are in the womb in order to act out erroneous beliefs of reincarnation, which either causes genetic
physical body replication issues or life-threatening infant physical growth distortions
E.g. Child with sad parents who believe in reincarnation attracts a sad spirit attempting reincarnation to
connect to the child and damages the physical growth of the heart of the child while the child is still in the
womb. Child is born with life-threatening heart defects.
E.g. Parents with emotional denial attract a sensitive child who cannot feel its own emotions due to a
bombardment of the parents unexpressed emotions. The child becomes desensitized to itself & its own
identity & disconnects emotionally from its environment. Medical profession labels as Autistic.
Adult Diseases
Many adult onset diseases & illnesses are caused by the Law of Attraction between the mortal adult who
is denying their emotional truth, & spirits who are in a very similar condition
E.g. Heart disease – Person denying deep sadness about love attracts a spirit who died from heart disease
E.g. Cancer – Woman denying deep anger about nurturing attracts spirit who died from breast cancer
E.g. Cancer – Man with deep anger with his father attracts spirits who died from right side body cancers
E.g. Reproductive – Man with deep anger about women attracts male spirit who died from prostate cancer
Adult Addictions
Most adult addictions attract spirits who have also retained those addictions even though they have passed
into the spirit world, thereby increasing the effect of the addiction to intense levels
E.g. Sad man who drinks heavily attracts an “alcoholic” spirit who increases the mans desire for alcohol
E.g. Sad man needing sexual stimulus attracts spirits wanting sexual liaisons for their own sexual pleasure
E.g. Woman who has now released emotions about sexual abuse attracts males spirits who desire to abuse
E.g. Man angry with father attracts a group of spirits in a rage & acts more violently towards older men
E.g. Man addicted to marijuana attracts paranoid spirits who increase his paranoiac emotions
E.g. Woman wanting men to adore her attracts spirits who interfere with her during sexual activity
Emotional & Physical Suffering
Most adult emotional suffering is through the denial of deeper causal emotions, & this denial attracts
spirits in deep emotional suffering which then increases the disturbing emotional experience of the mortal
E.g. Adult denying causal emotional sadness attracts sad spirits, & then cries all the time without release
E.g. Adult wanting approval of mother attracts mothering spirits who desire to control the adult
E.g. Adult in pain about relationships attracts spirits who attempt to set up relationships for the mortal
E.g. Adult with unresolved sexual emotional injuries attracts spirits desiring sexual contact with anyone
E.g. Spirit who dies in a fire causes burning feelings on a mortal whom they are attracted to DIVINE TRUTH SEMINAR TOPICS OUTLINE LAST UPDATED 3RD DECEMBER 2009
Fixed Unloving Beliefs
When adults become fixed in their belief systems even in the face of overwhelming evidence pointing to a
contrary belief system being more truthful, most of the time there is strong spirit influence
E.g. Beliefs of reincarnation (in the eastern traditions) being retained in the face of evidence contrary
E.g. Beliefs in prejudices (racial, sexual, ethnic etc) usually associated with angry spirit attached
E.g. Emotions of doubt of truth usually influenced by spirits with strong desire for mortal to stay in error
E.g. Staying in religious error usually the result of heavy spirit or family pressure to remain in religion
Fixed Unloving Treatment Of Others
When adults become fixed in their rage or anger, & continue in unloving treatment of others, & justify the
unloving treatment of others, usually there is heavy spirit influence through unresolved emotions in soul
E.g. Being in a rage with children even though the parent knows such behaviour is unloving
E.g. Being in a rage with a partner even though the rage is really about the opposite sex parent
E.g. Being violent towards a partner or children, even though they have not given any offence
E.g. Being constantly suspicious of a person who has demonstrated their trustworthiness
Types of Spirit Suffering Related To The Mortal Connection
Spirits “Suffer” Emotionally & Physically From Connections With Humans In Many Different Ways
They become locked in their emotional addictions by connecting with humans willing to support them
They get projections from the earth that are unjust & painful emotionally
They get emotional & physical attacks from other spirits connected to mortals
The feel afraid & scared of learning new Truths that could free them & help them become happy
They are often in confusion regarding their attractions to people on earth that they dislike intensely
They are often confused in their belief systems due to not understanding their environment
They often feel confused about their location & identity, since they themselves were overcloaked on earth
They feel their emotional pain as physical pain that they don’t understand because of earth belief systems
They attempt to continue to act in harmony with unhealed & unloving religious/systemic belief systems
Locked in emotional experiences & addictions causing long term stagnation of progression
Since humans often support the emotional addictions of spirits, spirits do not get confronted with their
true emotional condition for many years, & travel from mortal person to person for emotional satisfaction
This causes the spirit to remain in their current soul condition for many years or centuries when they
could progress rapidly into bliss
E.g. An alcoholic spirit connects to drinkers on earth rather than connecting to his own deep grief
E.g. Sexual deviant connects to persons morally deficient on earth & never deals with his own sexual pain
E.g. Mothering spirit connects to person on earth unwilling to grieve their lack of love from their mother
E.g. Male spirit connects to woman on earth who feels sexually undesirable & wants men to desire her
Projections from the earth to the spirit person
People who are well known or famous often have unhealed emotions from masses of people projected on
them which heightens their own lack of comfort in the spirit world
Family members in deep grief often “hold” a person who has passed in their grief, & the spirit person has
major difficulty progressing or moving away from the earth bound influences
E.g. Famous people are often misjudged, & have hurtful emotions directed at them that they feel as pain
E.g. Children who die have parents in deep grief projecting at them holding them bound to earth
E.g. Beloved partners are held to the earth in the grief that has stricken their surviving partner
E.g. People often find the truth about their personal situations when they pass is vastly different to what
they imagined when they lived on earth, & are deeply affected by the false condition of most people
Emotional & physical spirit attacks from other spirits connected with the mortal
The emotions of a person on earth attracts spirits of opposing & supporting emotional conditions, & these
spirits often act out their injuries through their connection with the person on earth. If the person on earth
dealt with their unhealed emotion, this could not happen!
E.g. A raped spirit getting attacked by a rapist in the spirit world both connected to a woman on earth who
has been abused or raped herself, but who has not yet released the deep emotional pain of the event

Inability or afraid to learn or discover new “Truths”
Confusion of attraction to earth

Confusion of belief systems

Confusion of location, identity & events
Getting attached to a mortal and not understanding why
Emotional suffering & physical pain

Pain from retaining unhealed & unloving belief systems propagated on earth

How to Remove The Spirit Attachment
The only two methods that permanently work:
1. Person on earth releases the soul reason for the attraction (a permanent fix for the person on earth)
2. Person in the spirit world releases the soul reason for the attraction (a permanent fix for the spirit)
ALL other methods are temporary in nature, and have no permanent benefit
Prayer Harmonious With Divine Love
When we pray with a pure intention for others to see the truth, these people (or spirits) feel our love

Receiving Divine Love

Understanding Divine Truth

Dealing with the underlying emotional condition or belief

Talking to the spirit themselves (either personal or via a medium)

Low intensity electric shock (static electricity)

How Much Spirits Attachment Occurs
Spirit attachment depends on the CURRENT condition which is constantly changing

How To Deal With Malevolent (Harmful) Spirits

How To Interact With Benevolent (Friendly) Spirits

Being Patient With The Emotional Process

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Reference: “Qualities Of Divine Truth, Reincarnation & Divine Love” by Alan John Miller
Reference: “Book Of Truths” by Celestial Spirits, Edited by Joseph Babinsky
Reference: “30 Years Among The Dead” by Dr Carl Wickland