What Happens When You Die – 1

there is thousands and thousands of hours of information that needs that I need to tell the whole world and I’m doing the best that I can I’m a little bit sick right now I have lupus and it feels like somebody to go about to my head just as soon as I can’t I would love nothing more than to get it out to you guys and love you guys I’m so in love with not that I know you I mean I’m in love with your your beautiful personality


I want to do a series of talks with you firstly about the process of passing and then the process of what happens when you arrive in the spirit world, and what kind of things you may find yourself involved with there. And then I would like to go
through a discussion of what the hells are like, what the first sphere is like, what Summerland is like and then what the second sphere is like and the third sphere and the fourth sphere and the fifth sphere and the sixth sphere. By the time we
get to the sixth sphere, it is going to be fairly hard for you to imagine and then we will try to discuss the seventh sphere and what it’s like in the at-onement condition of the eighth sphere.
And as I go on in my own progression I will get better at explaining some of those…

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