Your Attitude To Progression – Thinking Growth involves;

thank you for the people that said they liked my blog I’m very dedicated and I’m very committed and if I say to you I’m going to send you my my love from my heart that’s exactly what I’m going to do to go out every way to be so kind just to say one word to me it makes me happy because people are so mean and it’s not right we supposed to love each other


Thinking you have dealt with something when you have not
Thinking you have changed when from God’s viewpoint you have not
having intellectual realizations without accompanying emotional experiences
thinking you know things you do not feel thinking you know things you have not experienced thinking you are more loving without having an emotional release of unloving feelings analysing law of attraction events with the mind without emotional understanding or  connection incorrectly identifying ‘injuries’, love, or truth, and not understanding the truth of  events or your own condition

If you are thinking growth, when you are placed in a difficult situation, you
will revert to your own historical unloving behaviour and feelings unless you
exert an extreme force of your own will

Truly Growing involves;
becoming a complete 100% emotional being (like God)
receiving God’s Love (an emotion of God) allows transformation of your own emotion becoming a being with emotions that…

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