The process of reincarnation
Now once the soul merges in a state called the soul union state, it is possible to reincarnate, although the way this occurs is different to what people on earth imagine.

So now we have some parents that are living on earth; these people can be in their first incarnation or any incarnation.

These people have sex with each other and create a child just as before.

The child that is created of course has two bodies, physical body and a spirit body, exactly the same as if it was in your first incarnation.

The reason why it occurs this way
is that sexual union automatically creates two bodies every time; the spirit body and the material body

When conception occurs or every time you have sex?
When conception occurs.
So every time you have sex, conception may not occur but when conception does occur thentwo bodies are created genetically.

Spirits can actually examine the creation of both bodies.

When a couple have sex and conception occurs, a spirit body (SB) and physical body (PB) are automatically generated >Now one half of the soul in the soul union condition is able to remain in its current state, and the half can connect to that body without incarnating.

These two bodies that the soul connects to, have their own brain and their own mind.

The brain
is in the physical body and the mind is in the spirit body.

Reincarnation occurs when half of a soul in the soul union state in the 36th sphere connects to a spirit body (SB) and a physicalbody (PB)

THE TRUTH ABOUT – REINCARNATION AND SPIRITS JESUS (AJ MILLER) And the spirit and physical bodies have never experienced life, just like they have never experienced life during incarnation.

Remember it’s the connection of the soul that maintains the life of those bodies. So the soul in the soul union condition in the 36th sphere is able to maintain the life of both of those bodies without having to come to earth to connect to a body Love is the only reason to reincarnate

Mary: My question from many of the spirits is, “Why? We understood that with the first incarnation it’s about becoming aware. Why do this again?” “Why” is the most important question.

There is only one reason why – to be able to express more love to the world and >the lowest sphere environment. This is the only reason a person would reincarnate.

And the reincarnated person will also >have many things to address and deal with, because the mind of their spirit body is not able to prevent the absorption of more negative emotion.

So for this soul to maintain a connection with the body it must be open to emotions coming back into the soul that are less than its own condition.

This is an act of love in itself. And then as a result, this soul will have to go through a process of releasing more emotions and this will be much more painful than what it experienced in the first incarnation, because the difference in connection between where the soul exists and the earth is thirty five dimensions and therefore thirty five different improvements in love.

As a result the soul of this person will go through extreme pain.

Mary: Do they have to do this? They do not have to do it to progress and there is only one reason they would do it; that is to come down to earth and express their love again.

That is the only reason they would do it. In addition, the mind of the spirit body is a completely new mind.

It has no memory of this soul’s experience and therefore in order for this reincarnated person now to progress, this mind needs to be open to this soul’s experience.

That is controlled by the will of the soul and this is a very psychologically difficult process. At this stage only one person has begun that process properly and at this stage there are only seven complete souls who have gone through this process, but they have not completed it; it is just an experiment.

The first person to reincarnate (Jesus) from the 36th sphere to the first sphere on earth, in order to teach love, did so in 1962

The first person to reincarnate did it in 1962 and since then over a period of thirty years a few others have done it. All of them are going through extreme psychological distress but once they clear through that distress, their own soul will <connect with them completely and you’ll see the connection reflected in their spirit and physical bodies Reasons people believe that they are reincarnated Mary: There are two groups of spirits.

But now there are all these other spirits asking how do you explain their experience?

This is a very important question to resolve because there are reasons people on earth do believe in reincarnation. /However they do not understand why there are feelings of reincarnation without the knowledge of this process, and I can explain the reasons to them.

When we incarnate onto earth we are a half of a soul connected to the physical body and the spirit body. Surrounding us is a whole set of emotional and environmental conditions.

This causes the Law of Attraction to operate and causes people who are in the spirit world, who are what is classified as “earthbound”, to be attracted to associate with the soul. But they do not know of the soul’s existence so instead they connect to the spirit body of the person.

(Remember that the spirit body of the person has the mind, and the brain is in the physical body.)

As these spirits connect, they transmit information. Many of them are just trying to transmit information about themselves; they want to have a relationship and they are telling this person about themselves.

And then as they are telling this person on earth about themselves the person on earth begins to believe that the information is about themself rather than about the spirits who are over-cloaking them or with them.

If the person on earth continues in this belief, then these earthbound spirits can transmit more and more information and this causes the person on earth to believe that they are the spirits. This establishes a very close bond between the spirit and the person on earth, and this is what is happening and this is why many people believe they are reincarnated.

Now because many different spirits can come and connect in this way, the person begins to believe they are many different persons from the past when the reality is that spirits are just talking to them.

Interestingly the truth is far simpler <br than the subsequent explanation of reincarnation.

Earthbound spirits give information to the minds of people’s spirit bodies (SB), making the person believe that they are reincarnated So this is the main reason why many people on earth believe in reincarnation.

And because of the different addictions of the individual on earth; such as a desire to be special, a desire to be acknowledged, a desire to being known, the person then allows this information to become a part of their life.

If the person instead communicated with the spirits and asked questions of them, they would soon find out that these are spirits that they are talking to had nothing to do with their own life, aside from the fact that the person attracted them. And at some point we would like to describe how they attracted
Now many in the audience are becoming very restless. The reason is that your soul is having some kind of response to the
information I’ve given you. Also the spirits with you are very concerned about this information, because the spirits with
you know that if you know about this you’ll be much more aware of their control over you. They also know that if you


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