Living in Addiction Damages ourselves and others

 Living in addiction damages ourselves and others
Participant: With what you said before with addiction and not going through the damage cloud to God, are you
saying that while we are on the path or while we think we’re on the path, we’re actually doing more damage to our soul
and to others too? 
Participant: The reason is that I read “30 years amongst the dead” and Madam Blavatsky is one of the people who
come and she’s very much regretting her teachings. She’s trying to help people know the spirit world, to undo the
damage she has done. 
Remember that every single choice we make to engage one of our addictions usually involves at least one other person.
Whether that other person is a person on Earth or in the spirit world is immaterial, it’s still another person. Because in
order to get an addiction met, we need the interaction with one other person generally. Now any time we engage the
addiction we have within us, we are automatically harming the people around us. And we can say or try to convince
ourself otherwise but it’s impossible if you look at it. Even personal addictions. For example, let’s look at Terry’s
addiction of the daydream, which sounds like a pretty innocent addiction, doesn’t it? 

But every time he steps away, he’s stepping away from his relationship. This is going to have a negative effect on the
relationship at some point. He’s stepping away from his connection with himself, which means he allows spirits to use
him when they shouldn’t ever be allowed to use him. He’s also stepping away from his connection with God, so
therefore he will never benefit from God in that place of day dream. So there are quite a number of people he’s
damaging besides himself. And that’s an innocent addiction. Once we get to some of the more comprehensive and
difficult addictions like rage and anger and what they cover; they’re all addictions, they’re all telling us addictions are
not getting met. Once we look at those addictions – it’s an addiction to avoid our terror and our fear, for example. Quite
often we will do some very damaging things to other people and therefore damaging things to our own soul

So in the course of a day every time you’re feeling frustrated and angry with someone without looking at what the
cause is, and feeling justified in the action towards that person, you are damaging your soul further. You can say you’re
on the Divine Love Path but in reality, if we look at a scale of what’s actually going on in terms of our progression
towards love, this is what’s going on. In a course of a day we start off here at this point and then we do some loving
things and we do some more loving things, we’re slowly improving in our condition, but then all of a sudden we’re just
in this terrible rage with somebody and we dump it on them. And it doesn’t matter even if we don’t say it to them; the
fact that it’s coming out of our soul, that it’s aimed towards them is already dumping it on them. And they might have
something in them that allows it, sure, but at the end of the day it’s our rage and so all of a sudden there, our soul
condition went like that.

During a day we can grow in love until we get in a rage; if we address the cause of the rage we can grow significantly