Using Substitutes for our relationship with God

Using substitutes for our relationship with God
When we are focused on avoiding our cloud of emotional damage that blocks us from God, we then start using other people, whether they’re people on Earth or in the spirit world, as substitutes for the relationship. Now as you can imagine, none of these people are ever going to be able to give you the same kind of love that God is able to give you.

And in fact none of these people are ever going to prove to be reliable either; particularly until they become at-one with God.

So unless one of your so-called substitutes is at least at-one with God, you will find their reliability is automatically going to be in question. God is always reliable. So why would you want to substitute somebody that’s unreliable for somebody who’s reliable? I’ll explain why we do that. The reason is that the substitutes usually respond to our addictions. And it feels good to have somebody respond to our addictions when we desire the addiction to be met.

We can have addictive relationships with our substitutes to God

If you no longer desire the addiction to be met, it no longer feels good when somebody tries to satisfy the addiction. But the majority of us are not willing to confront the addiction, and so we end up in this addictive relationship with people on Earth, where we give them some kind of feelings that they like and they give us some kind of feelings that we like. And the same applies to the spirits in the spirit world. We give them some kind of feelings that they like, or even give them control of our life to a large degree, and they give us feelings that we like, or that we then interpret to