Coming to terms…

Coming to terms with how we feel about God
If we really want to understand the universe and understand everything in it, and understand ourselves completely, we
need to be sincere about working through our issues with God and we need to be sincere about where we are, what we
really do feel about God. When you talk to people who are religious (and in my life I’ve spoken to millions of people who
are religious), many of them believe concepts about God that they never voice in their religion, but they actually feel them
quite strongly. My own mother is a member of a Christian religion, and I’ve had discussions with her about God, for
example, and what I’ve found in every discussion is that she actually believes that God is cruel and punishing. One of the
reasons why she “worships” God is because she has this feeling that she wants to connect to God, but on the other hand
she is not open hearted in her connection with God because she actually believes, from her perspective, she says, “There’s
fifty million children that die every year of starvation on this planet, and God’s not doing a thing about it.”
Now if you’re honest with yourself and other people that is an issue that most people have with God. Most people have
this feeling that, you know, “If it was me, if I was God, I’d be doing something about it. God’s not doing anything about it.
What’s wrong with God? God mustn’t be as loving as I am.” Is the automatic assumption after that. And so there are a lot
of what I would classify as misconceptions and misunderstandings that people have about God that they don’t even allow
themselves to voice in their day-to-day life. And if you don’t voice them, you’re never going to face them emotionally and
if you don’t face them emotionally you’re never going to be able to have a relationship with God because you’ll carry
them in the relationship.
It’s a bit like if I believe Mary’s going to cheat on me every single day of our life together, can I have an open and close
relationship with Mary, if that’s my belief? If I believe Mary’s going to be dishonest with me, or Mary’s going to be cruel
with me, I’ll be constantly looking every single day for times when Mary seems like she might be heading in that