Cycles of believing that God is feminine or masculine

Cycles of believing that God is feminine or masculine
Participant: Is that why we have trouble relating to the female side of God because most of these people have been male?
Yes, very much so. In fact this is a major problem on the planet as well. By the way there were times in history when people believed God was female only and not male. We went through these cycles historically where the female was viewed to be god, and if you talked about God it was always as “God our mother” and never a father. And mankind has been through these cycles periodically where we believe God’s the mother, and then there was a rejection of that, and then there was an acceptance of God being the father. And then there was a rejection of that and then there was acceptance of God being mother, but never both masculine and feminine at the same time.
And as a result of that there have been periods of time in humanity where women completely dominated the planet.

They were involved in all aspects of politics, all aspects of religion and men were not allowed to be involved in those things. And then of course there was this backlash by men as a result of that unbalance and then men used their strength and their will to overcome those belief systems. So we now have a male dominated society, but historically we’ve gone through cycles, where women have dominated, men have dominated, women have dominated, men have dominated, and there’s been no equality through these cycles. And in fact if you look at some of the religious artefacts that you can see through archaeology, you can see how much women were revered in historical terms through history, but not so much now. So if you look at all the deities that are involved in religions now, it’s only the Hindu religion really as a major religion that believes in feminine deities. For the Christian religion it’s all masculine deities and for the Muslim religion it’s all masculine deities. And all of these arebecause of the general swing in the population as to who they accept God to be. Historically there are many artefacts that archaeologists have found that prove that there were feminine deities in many religions on the planet and in fact some


different races on the planet had only feminine deities; no masculine deities at all. And these were cycles that the planet went through in terms of their viewpoint of God.
So if you add up all of these problems, you can see that the biggest issues we have are with God generally. So when we start talking about a relationship with God, everyone’s going, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, okay.” and there’s not much of a connection to it because there are just so many obstacles that we have within us that we’ve got to get over before we contemplate having a relationship with God. And the obstacles are pretty major obstacles.