The children of the first human couple became dark spirits

The children of the first human couple became dark spirits who people believed were God
Now then what happened was that obviously Amon and Aman, the first human couple started having children, and
through their union they had children and grand children obviously. Now during this phase as well, some of these children
passed into the spirit world. Now in the early times of our existence it took many hundreds of years for a person to pass
and there have been records in early history where some people lived almost a 1000 years in terms of time on the earth.
But that very, very rapidly also degraded, because of the degradation of the soul condition, and very rapidly we went
down to a 100 years of life on Earth. And after that it became even worse and eventually it went down so that the
longevity of the average person was around 20 years at some points in human history. So the soul condition had been so
degraded by this stage that the average person could only live 20 to 30 years before dying from old age. So that shows
you how negative the planet was in that state. 

The first human couple had children who passed into the spirit world
These people passed over into the spirit world, and because the general population of the Earth at the time was more open
to spirit interference, these people began imposing their feelings upon the planet as well. This caused a rapid degradation
on the planet and as a result of that, many people on Earth started believing that these people were God. And these people
were in a rage with mankind, they were manipulative, controlling, punishing; they were constantly trying to make things
hard for people on the Earth. They wanted all of their addictions met and they tried to connect to people on Earth who
would allow the connection, and they tried to influence people in a very negative direction