The Development of beliefs that God is wrathful, punishing and cruel

The development of beliefs that God is wrathful, punishing and cruel
As a result (thirdly), there grew a lot of concepts about God: that God is wrathful. In fact the concept about God that grew then was that God was in a rage with mankind was the concept, and because these spirits acted out in a rageful manner towards the people on Earth, this concept was reinforced through the belief system.

RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD – WHY WE RESIST GOD JESUS (AJ MILLER)Fourthly what would happen is that because these people were now in a state where they were actively working against God’s Loving Laws, there was a higher and more powerful Law of Attraction in a negative direction. Now what that meant was that the Law of Attraction now was bringing to them individually events that made these people felt like they were being harmed by the Law of Attraction itself, and therefore being harmed by God. And so what most people started believing was that God wanted to hurt them and that God had to be appeased, God had to be worshipped and also appeased in some way. So eventually people started sacrificing their own children to God in order to appease God; to  make God’s wrath go away.

And so there was this whole idea that God was going to punish them and the only way that God wouldn’t punish them would be that you had to appease God, you had to make God feel good and then God wouldn’t harm you. And so eventually what they started doing was sacrificing their own children. Sacrificing of animals was very common, and the whole concept grew that the very first fruits that you received off any tree or bush or crop all had to be given to God, so
you had to burn it or destroy it so that it would appease God.
And then of course the Earth went through cycles as well, cycles of change, cycles of major cataclysmic change, similar to what I feel is coming soon upon the Earth as well. These cycles of cataclysmic change also caused these people to believe that, that was God’s punishment of people on the planet as well and this started to reinforce these beliefs. And so what they started to feel was that the events that their soul was attracting, instead of seeing it as a direct result of their own unloving behaviour, they started seeing it as God punishing them and God started looking more and more to them like a cruel God, someone who wanted to make their life difficult from the moment they were born basically.
Now because many people still had a feeling that God existed, they then had to create religious structures that enabled them to safely believe these things about God. So what they did was they started creating religious structures where they started to feel like God could be justified and they started actually creating religions surrounding these belief systems that
God was like this. And so all through human history and the so-called “Christian” viewpoint of God or the so-called “Muslim” viewpoint of God or “Hindu” viewpoint of God now, many of these viewpoints have been around far longer than those particular religions have ever been established, for literally hundreds of thousands of years these viewpoints have been around on the planet. And as a result, the viewpoint of God has been just imposed upon the planet over and over and over and over and over again. Other impediments to our relationship with God